Mousavi-Karroubi Press Conference

On election anniversary

AP: Word spread that the two main opposition leaders had called off protests for Saturday because of worries about violence. Then a student group turned to the Web to post a six-minute video revisiting the slaying of Neda Agha Soltan — whose death on a Tehran street last June became a global symbol of the postelection battles. The two events appeared to reinforce the overall narrative of the past months: The intense crackdown and threats by authorities have intimidated the opposition leadership and — without the stomach for more street confrontations — their followers have few other outlets besides the Internet >>>


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Taking Tehran’s Temperature

by Fatollah on

thanks for the link. I found Dr. Miliani's assessments most sensible.


The Green Movement

by Javan on


Speaking of Con-Artists...

by Javan on



by Proud on

Here is your green movement leader:



"Particularly aborad"?! Yes of course, why didnt I think of that

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


For someone who was never

by benross on

For someone who was never part of so called 'green' movement, it's easy to say. But I think Khar is right. The movement is no longer green. It's a national movement with national flag. As long as it stays green, it fails. Particularly abroad, where freedom of expression is possible.

You are right. The credit goes to these two who stayed with the movement. But they are not leading it anywhere. They can't. Even if they wanted to.


Listen to the whole press conference!

by Anonymouse on

I know it is 1.5 hours but if you want to dismiss them based on looks or the Shah's picture behind them, go ahead.

For those who listened they talked about the same things and in the same format and talking points that galvanized millions to come to the streets and demand what is rightfully theirs.

They actually talk about separation of church and state.  However, those who speak of this separation but do not have the guts to say it in public where it counts (not on ;-) they are irrelevant.

For as long as Mousavi and Karoubi stick to what put them in this position and risk their lives to talk about political prisoners and dictatorship and the basic things that average Iranian talk about, they have my respect.  Whenever they abandon it they'll loose respect, but not yet! 

Everything is sacred.


The Green movement is dead, Long live the movement!

by Khar on

The movement in its current form is dead, but what have we learned as a nation? Our take away from the last 12 month must be; that any movement for freedom and democracy in Iran, will not survive unless it is organizationally strong and possesses a leadership (not A leader) on the scene in Iran who are 110% dedicated to the freedom and democracy for Iran, outside the framework of the Islamic Rapist Republic. The movement (we) must not put all the eggs in one basket and hand them over to the “leaders” who are part of the problem not the solution. Iranian nation needs and deserve a leadership who will not compromise on the basic principals of Freedom and Democracy for Iran at any cost.



by Majid on


این خارجی ها همیشه  و همه جای دنیا از این کارهای خیر خواهانه میکنند ، فقط  بخاطر رضای خدا با یک بمباران دقیق و جرّاحی آسا  سر میرسند و فقط و فقط هستهء اصلی فساد رو ریشه کن میکنند! نه آدمهای بیگناه میمیرند نه سر زمینی اشغال میشه و نه کشور و منابعش به غارت چندین و چند ساله میره! از هواپیماهاشون تلپ و تلپ سیادت و سروری و آزادی میندازن و میرن پی کارشون......... همین و همین!

میان و چند تا بمب محضاً لله میندازن و میگن............ بفرما ئین آقای محمود آقای غفّاری، چون شما آرزو کرده بودین اجابت شد! ما نه طمعی داریم و نه نقشه های دراز مدتی! فقط محض خاطر گل روی شما ایرانیها  اینکار رو کردیم!

از این خیالات دست بردار  دوست عزیز، آزادی، رهائی و عزّتی که بدست خارجی فراهم بشه بدست خارجی هم بیغما میره!



Sorry - U are too extreme for our taste.

by Azada on

Sorry – some of these opinions are too extreme. Little modesty might suit you all better.Thank You!


الان فقط اتحاد و دیگر هیچ


این رژیم رفتنی است و شکی در آن نیست. این آقایان هم با اطلاعاتی که از درون نظام به آنها داده میشود می دانند که رژیم مانند گرگ زخم خورده شاید به جان مردم بیگناه بیافتد و از این رو فراخوان راه پیمایی را پس گرفتند ولی نگفتند که در خانه بنشینید.  به هرحال مردم خواهند آمد و با تمام اشکالاتی که به این آقایان میتوان گرفت در حال حاضر بودن آنها در کنار مردم سودش بسیار بیشتر از نبودشان است پس بیایید کار خودمان را بکنیم و با اتحاد تا نابودی این رژیم جنایتکار پیش برویم


Lets not equate hatred of an illegitimate regime &

by oktaby on

bunch of foreigner islamist criminals, with  wanting western support via a military attack. I for one, under no conditions condone or support a foreign attack. In any way, shape or form.

Foreigners invaded and took over our country via these islamists thugs. We don't need a second foreign attack to replace one set of scum with another. 

Either we free ourselves of these thugs with Iranian brain, sweat and blood or we suffer them until we find a way to do it. 




rofl complete failures

by amgw4 on

who humiliated themselves with their hubris.

"Go riot and protest until they put me into power!"


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

100% agreed! The only way to get rid of the Islamic Republic

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

is through a military strike! And if in the process a few million supporters get killed we would say all the better!



Bull shit artists

by mahmoudg on

They finally realized their own survival depends on the regime staying intact , so they are backing off.  They know with the fall of this regime these two will be among the first batch to be arrested and brought to trial.  Therefore, kiss this green movement good bye, our only salvation is to convince the world community and the US and her allies, that we need to surgically attack Iran and remove these leeches.


"یکی‌ از نعمتهای الهی این بود که امام..."




اینا زیر عکس خمینی قاتل ضد ایران نشستن، یکی‌ با عمّامه یکی‌ بدون عمّامه ولی‌ فامیل خامنه‌ای، و حرف از تغییر میزنن

تنها کسی‌ که هنوز نمیدونه اصلاح طلبها به درد لای جرز میخورن، خواجه حافظ شیرازیه.

"اگر حضور مردم ادامه پیدا کنه....اگر مطالبات (مردم)مطالبات درستی‌ باش"

"کمونیست و اسلامی...نماز خوندن و نخوندن....عقلانیت جامعه....انتخابات...منافع ملی‌...حرف "حضرت امام" ..."انقلاب اسلامی هم به سختی به دست آمد"...

ملاّ جماعت که اینا جزوشونن با همون جمهوری و قانون اساسی‌ ننگ و بدبختی به مملکت آوردن. تازه این دو تا به کارهای فاشیستی جمهوری جهل رو `کارهای نا‌ عاقلانه ` می‌خونن. حل مشکل رو هم تو اجرای قانون اساسی‌ ارتجاع می‌دونن.

"یکی‌ از نعمتهای الهی این بود که امام..."

همش دروغ و تزویر و چاخان و آرتیست بازی. تیر آهن که مالیات نداره.

اون امام پدر سوخته اگر مردم عین خیالش بود که کشور رو به این روز نمینداخت.

ان الله کس شعر فل تیر آهن ال مزخرفین و خائنین و رحمت به هر چی‌ گوساله الله






Darius Kadivar

FYI/Abbas Milani, Gary Sick, Karim Sadjadpour, (VIDEO)

by Darius Kadivar on

Taking Tehran’s Temperature: One Year On

Abbas Milani, Gary Sick, Karim Sadjadpour, Steve Inskeep