Mana Neyestani

Cartoonist receives courage award Four years after he was jailed in Iran for putting the wrong words in the mouth of a talking cockroach, Mana Neyestani was awarded by 2010 award for courage in editorial cartooning by Cartoonists Rights Network International. Neyestani was honored in a Friday night ceremony at the Heathman Hotel, held in conjunction with the 54th annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists in Portland. In 2006, Neyestani drew a cartoon depicting a cockroach responding to a question with the word, "Namana, a Turkish Azeri slang phrase meaning, "I don't get it." Because the cartoon appeared in a government newspaper, Iranian Azeris decided they were being harassed and classed with cockroaches. In ensuing riots, five people were killed, and Neyestani was jailed for two months. With help from Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI), Neyestani eventually relocated with his wife, Mansoureh, in Malaysia. He is currently working on a graphic depiction of those two months in an Iranian jail.


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He is amazing! Is he Azari? Then, why the protest?

by obama on

Well deserved! Congrats!


Great artist.

by benross on

Great artist.


I'm glad he got well deserved recognition

by oktaby on

For his creative activist & meaningful work. I have found his cartoons to best represent the emotions & demands of the Iranian movement.




کارش حرف نداره.


تبریک میگم.