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Dec 02, 2012
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فراز هائی از سخنان بار جناب




«من خیلی متأثرم به حال اینها که بازی خوردَه اَند از آنها»

«لاکِن اینطور نباشد که آنها بگویند چِه و چِه و چِه و اینها بگویند چِه و چِه و چِه، این بضرر اسلامَه»

«و لاکِن من خودم دولت تعیین میکنم، من تو دهن این دولت میزنم»

« گوشت یخزَدَه نخورید...گوشت یخزَدَه کودَه»

« اقتصاد مال خَرَه»

«اسلام همان چیزیست که همهء ما باید فدا بشویم تا او تحقّق پیدا کنَه»

«این آقای منتظری را من بزرگ کرده ام و او را مثل فرزند خودم میشناسم»

«من از اوّل هم میدانستم این آقا آلت فعل ضدّ انقلاب میشَه»

«اینها که مجاهد میخوانند خودَشان را، و خلقی میخوانند خودَشان را، که من از آنها اسم نَمی برم دراینجا....باید توبَه کنند انشاءالله»


You may have no choice who

by abusaleh on

You may have no choice who rules of over you, but you do have the choice to try and make your life the way you want it to be....stop blaming, stop pointing.....if you want something to happen in society, let it happen within yourself first. Don't expect justice, when you are not a just. Don't expect foul mouthed stupidity to cease, when all you speak is foul mouthed stupidity. Wake up, wake up before its too late and you have wasted your life on " only ifs".


Product of Despotism and Price of Ignorance

by Ahura on

It is mind boggling that this man is holy of the holies to millions of Iranians either in earnest or for show. It is equally heart wrenching to witness millions of young bright minds in Iran be nurtured with bigotry, misinformation, prejudice, and regressive religious doctrine by IRI mullah culture. Of course the majority of Iranian masses are believers and any future secular government that replaces the IRI dictatorship cannot hope to eliminate the religion from peoples’ lives. At best it could moderate it.

How did we get here? Despotism of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi that let mullahs have a free reign, but censored the press, curtailed any political activities, expanded the corruption, and kept the populace subservient and ignorant.

How do we get rid of this IRI plague? We do so by opposing IRI interests, domestically or abroad, individually or collectively, overtly or covertly, and in any manner possible. It is imperative for patriotic Iranians abroad to expose and neutralize IRI supporters who advance the interests of that diabolic regime. The fall of IRI is inevitable and will be done by the growing domestic opposition movement with the help of Iranians all over the globe.  Mullahs will be removed from the seats of power and sent back to the mosques and cemeteries.


Mardake Keenei

by statira on

Oghdeio mariz o beesavad bood. ye melat ham eenghar khar misheh?

I wish he was still alive, so I could pull out every single of his dirty beard.


"onlyinamerica" what What a Mistake you are making!!

by dhhcfo on

American (westerners, as you name them) is grappling for 200 years with their mistake of instituting slavery in this country.  They still are struggling after 30 years how the Watergate could have been avoided.  The England still has not reconciled with itself for Neville Chamberlain appeasement policy that started the World War II.  Do you want more examples? 

Now you are telling us that we should forget the disaster to our country?  Then how could we make sure that we are not making the same stupid mistake again? 


Khaak Aalam bar sar oon

by Arthimis on

Khaak Aalam bar sar oon mardom ke be yek marteekeh Maalikhooliayee, yek Mareezeh Zangiri va serial killer mesleh oon haromzadeh del bastand va donbaal kardand!!! Yek mosht marrez, hamaal va beesavaad ...!!! Khaak aalam bar sareshoon va badtar oonhayee keh hanooz ham aghideh daarand...!!!!


People please. Stop this akh o oof.

by onlyinamrica on

Don't blame yourself for any of this. At that time, we thought we were doing the right thing. Think like westerners, they never carry a 30+ year old chip on their shoulders and keep pounding themselves for something that happened in the past no matter how horrific it was. We need to learn how to rid ourselves of this sorry ass attitude.



Melat khar shodand

by statira on

I was in 9th grade( sevoome rahnemayee) when this idiot came to power. In our class from 39 student 37 were pro-khomeini. Har chee be saremoon miad, haghemooneh. Een mardak beesavade divooneh, ye kalameh harf ham nemitonest bezaneh vali ye mosht mardome ahmagh mesle khoda oono bozorgesh kardand.


Well said dhhcfo

by Bavafa on

"As must ke bar must"



A True Icon of Idiocy

by dhhcfo on

This is a shame of a society and a national calamity.  He and his damn cronies are good for those people who welcomed him with open arms to take away our country.  Shame on us.  As they say:  az must ke bar must.


ما آدم بودیم، حیوان شدیم




استقلال، آزادی، جمهوری ایرانی‌.


امیدوارم که اگر جهنمی هست این مرتیکه در بد‌ترین قسمت آن


more like diarrhea of the mouth

by mahmoudg on

for this diablo, i mean cleric.



by Benyamin on



he is back

by mehrdadm on

He is back...