Iran & Cinema

Shane Smith travels to Iran for the 3rd Annual Urban Film Festival

Between their Nuclear programs and president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disdain for diplomacy, Iran posses a legitimate threat to the rest of the world. Despite all this, or perhaps because of it, Iranian filmmakers are among most prolific and influential in the world today. In this episode, watch Shane Smith travel to Iran for the 3rd Annual Urban Film Festival in Tehran. We take you to film sets and sound stages where we meet Iran’s top directors, actors, and clerics.

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by yolanda on

I am glad to see Yanni's DVD in Iran......he is my favrorite New Age composer!


This is a great documentary

by ramintork on

I thought Shane Smith and his crew did a great job.

This was a great post, I have a small collection of some these films and really enjoy the style that has evolved.

Thank you for sharing.


what movie?

by monicazandi on

does anyone know what movie with the scene that features the girl in the white scarf and big gray eyes? it seems so compelling 


Very Entertaining :)

by R2-D2 on

The part that attracted me the most was the mention of director Dariush Mehrjui, and his famous film Gaav :)

When I was growing up, Dariush's sister taught at the same highschool for girls as my Mom did - There was a steady stream of discussion about him, and his talent :) - !

Tks .....




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by Abarmard on

"If people were not fools to go for the propaganda"

It's happening here and the person who made that comment. My point exactly.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

World powers and

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


so on and so forth. The world powers would not be able to change governments. If people were not fools to go for the propaganda.  The reason so much manipulation happens is ignorance. People gobble up propaganda and behave as told. For example Iranian people got manipulated by BBC and the West into overthrowing the Shah. Now American people are manipulated by Fox into wars that hurt them.

Big money buys governments. If people were not ignorant they would not vote for money. As simple as that.



by yolanda on

I really like this documentary 'cause it is fast-paced and informative.....the host is knowledgeable and warm!

Thank you for the great selection!


It is very interesting-Zandi

by Abarmard on

That the world powers who change governments, start wars, kill and change lives for small trophies such as oil well are left out and Iran is a danger to the world!

This is the kinds of misinformation that is hard to swallow. See it's simple, some people take advantage of seeing an evil system in a country and dump the world's problems on that system while ignoring where it all starts. Without careful works, plans, and strategies to demolish movements, none of these would have taken place. So back at them again!

Now suppose that we got a horrible system in place, to forget that hundreds nuclear weapons and war ships, military personnel and killing machines are all around the region ready to create a bloodshed, unconcern about the consequences since it's far away from their own borders...

And we got this individual who says "Iran posses a legitimate threat to the rest of the world". It's shocking to see the amount of nerve carried by some.

If people stood strong for where the problems start and point fingers at countries that pose a danger and create wars, Iranians would be living in a democracy today and there would be no Taliban, period.

Final analysis is correct without the conclusion. Iran does create great arts and that is because we have the culture and strong background to do so. It takes a genius to work with the limited lighting and camera, and provide the viewers with the most complete frame of work. that's nothing to do with Iran being a dangerous country, on the contrary the minds so small that perceive this beautiful art at another end point must examine their own upbringing and warmongering mentality.

To this individual I would say, go educate yourself or throw these kinds of cheap shots at Fox news viewers, where most of their audiences are as politically educated as yourself.



by BiVafa on

that was great to watch, thank you 


Amir Naderi's "Davandeh", aka "The Runner"

by Marjaneh on

That's the long pan shot in the intro , right? I LOVE that movie.

((There is a 'theory' that censorship and dictatorship (duress) creates greater art. (Sorry, I can't remember whose, at this moment, but it had to do with Shostakovich and his 'messages' in his music... ))


Thank you Shane Smith for such a concise view of the Iranian film industry ....Really...

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin