Cima Sedigh

"Bakhtiari Alphabet"

Cima Sedigh the producer/co-director of "Bakhtiari Alphabet" was the recipient of the first prize "Extraordinary Achievement Award" on April 24, 2010. The attached photo was taken at the Award Festival. Please check: A professor of education at Sacred Heart University since 1999, Sedigh’s work has been inspired by the resolutions of the United Nations on Peace Education and Equity Education. This film, which took more than 7 years to make, brings to life her on-site research on tribal life and education among this proud and beautiful people. We are proud of her, Alireza.




Mona 19

seems like a great documentary

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Beautiful & hard working people.

Tribal Migration - Tribal Life - Tribal Land - Tribal Education






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For me Bakhtiari is equal to Brave and always reminds me Shahpour Bakhtiar who truely was one of bravest.


Such a hard and wonderful life.

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I envy them.


I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Sedigh

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A wonderful lady from Kerman, at her seminar in which the Bakhtiari Alphabet was shown in its entirety. You must watch the whole film it’s awesome! I bought a copy at her meeting. This film was released in 2009.


Bakhtiari &

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Kiaani Iran are inseparable. Every Bakhtiari house has a shahnameh in it. After all, these are the folks whose seeds gave us Cyrus of Anshan. They are his hamshahris & trusted knights :). God bless free men/women of the mountains of Parss. Thanks AT & also Ben for these cool videos.


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //



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Very dynamic film with beautiful colors. The kids look cute!


One for all or one is nothing at all

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The core Iranian question which is going to find its answer in one's.

Thank you very much for posting this. I look forward to an opportunity to see the film. When I was viewing the video in YouTube, I stumbled on this video which is not related but it is a music reciting Shaahnaamé, Bakhtiari style.