Amir Farshad Ebrahimi

Former basiji, current refugee in Germany, says he's going back to Iran

Berlin Iranian TV interview:

Part 1:(fast forward to 1:50)

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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Here is his blog on his return

by پیام on



From what I made up the video's he should be in Iran by now. His blog hasn't been updated since his return. I reaaly hope to see and more of him in coming days.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Give the guy a break

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I agree with Payam and Shifteh.  I hope Iranians in Germany give the guy a break.

If anyone who is a supporter of the regime changes, then he or she should be forgiven and allowed to integrate with our community.


Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

I agree with you.  From what I have read, Amir Farshad Ebrahimi feels lonely because he has been unsuccessful in integrating into the Iranian community abroad.  I wish he would not go back to Iran where his fate cannot be any better than that of Hossein Derakhshan's.  The Iranian authorities were particularly harsh to Mohammad Nourizad, formerly of Kayhan Newspaper, who was "one of them" turning against them, demanding justice for Iranian people and holding Ali Khamenei responsible for the post-elections murders, tortures, and rapes. 

I think labeling people and calling them names is not productive.  I don't believe Ebrahimi is a spy. 


Last part

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He suffers from a serious case of depression.

by پیام on

Going back to Iran will not help him. We as a divers community of Iranians abroad should accept and embrace those who show remorse of their past actions. Just shouting traitor this and spy that will not help us a bit.

G. Rahmanian

If You Haven't Heard!

by G. Rahmanian on

After thirty-one years, the government of Germany, has realized that there are IRI spies in Germany and has decided to do something about it. So they have told the very obvious ones to pack and go back!

The rest we may read in history books.



حیف ..........


انا الا الله و انا الیه راجعون  ...  مصاحبه گرهم گفت: اینهم نوعی خودکشی است .. شایدم عقوبت کارهایی رو که کرده خودش داره جواب میده.. به هر جهت چیزی که مسلمه اینه که "خود کرده را تدبیر نیست" و همین روزها (اگر خیلی شانس داشته باشه) یا عکس یا ویدیوی توی دادگاهش رو ناظر خواهیم بود که به گ .... خوردن افتاده و از آنجلا مرکل تقاضای عفوو بخشش میکنه!


گرگی در لباس میش


کثافتکاری هاش را راست میگه، اما اشک تمساح می ریزد.هیچ اطمینانی به این شخص نیست.دروغ می گوید مثل ابو جهل.جاسوس است.

khaleh mosheh


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