America's Energy-Independent Future

Eight presidents promised move to end dependence on foreign oil


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Who's fault is it?

by Escape on

It's called the Motor City.Some call it the 'Murder City'...There's not much difference..


it's all about maximizing the profit for the oil companies!

by obama on

If you can steal it, why pay for it? It just makes economical sense! Never mind that we iranians get f...ed by it ending up homeless living all around the world! We are all victims of our oil!!



by pas-e-pardeh on

sums it all up



by hamidbak on

This has nothing to do with "dependence" on foreign oil. They talk as if we're addicted to heroin...

No, we're not dependent on foreign oil, we're, and actually YOU are...Mr. Presidents, addicted to cheap oil coming from abroad.

This cheap oil, which US has never really paid for but exchanged bullets and fighter jets for, comes at the expense of blood and sweat of Iranian, Phillippino, Pakistani, Indian, and Kurdish oil workers.

They don't get paid 50+ dollars an hour like American oil workers do. They don't have health insurance and dental plans and retirement accounts like BP and Mobil workers the oil costs very little to slurp out from beneath my soil.

You are blinded and addicted to the oil you don't pay for. That's the dirty truth.

Besides, in the US, any environmental disaster or potential disaster is met with fury of public attention. In countries like Brazil, Iran, and parts of Russia, you can clear land and destroy anyone who stands in your way. Mess up the land and water; destroy plant and marine life with no one making a peep. Those who do are dealt with.
So, don’t bull shit me.


Whose fault is it?

by John on

It's not the fault of the presidents; it's the fault of the citizens who continue to buy big, inefficient cars and big, high energy-consuming houses.  The presidents just follow the public mood in the never-ending quest to be re-elected.

It's the same thing with global warming.  Nobody forces any individual to drive everywhere instead of occasionally walking or cycling, or to fly to the Caribbean every winter (or to Iran every summer), or to exist on an energy-intensive carnivorous diet.

Everyone likes to complain, but nobody likes to take personal responsibility and modify one's own behaviour.


Don't to laugh or cry

by Bavafa on

what a great piece and how sad it is.


Jahanshah Javid

Oil dependence

by Jahanshah Javid on

Brilliant piece. That's the truth. President after president promise to cut dependence on oil and every time nothing gets done. Nothing. And no one cares... they just go to war when they need it. It's a lot easier.