Alinejad: Green Victory

Masih Alinejad's speech in London on June 12 anniversary


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David ET

Many great points but

by David ET on

But I don't understand why Masih feels obligated to always market likes of Rafsanjani (one way or another). Don't we have enough people who talked and stood for Iran vs the half azz sel serving comments of Rafsanjani and alike?... 

If it was not for likes of Rafsanjani we would not have been in this messy IR to begin with.

Masih is young and will learn and experience . The fact that she is  becoming more critical of Mousavi et al versus the past that praised to the point of making an idle out of him is a great improvement...



She is absolutely lovely!

by Marjaneh on

Intelligent, caring, energetic... I'd vote for her .

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


never heard of her....china model of iri best way forward

by i_support_khamenie on

maintain the ideology, focus on economic development

G. Rahmanian

Great Speech!

by G. Rahmanian on

Thanks for posting!

The murderous regime of the terrorists must go!


Her website: //

by oktaby on

Best way to know her is thru her writings


Darius Kadivar

Restoration MEANS Reconciliation and Only Constructive Path

by Darius Kadivar on

towards  and ACHIEVABLE Future.

Democracy is about being PRACTICAL and NOT PERFECT !

Given that democracy by definition is Imperfect and can ONLY be improved generation after generation.

A PERSIAN CAMELOT is the Perfect Metaphore to all these discussions and debates going on in the Iranian Diaspora and inside Iran.

I believe we are getting there Slowly BUT Surely !

might for right, right for right, justice for all :


That said like in everything patience is the key. I believe that this movement will evolve like Solidarnosc did in Communist Poland. Leaders will emerge bolder and wiser as time goes by but the key is also flexibility.

Something we Iranians are not always good at.

But I believe that the pandora box is now open and that the Diaspora can now play an influential role in shaping interational public opinion and therefore world leaders in consenquence. But that will demand a much more coercive and united front than the one displayed to date particularly as far as the secular opposition is concerned.

More than ever a common platform is needed and a coherent political project that could propose a viable and constructive alternative to the current situation. We cannot merely speak in terms of "Where is My Vote ?" or "Illegitimate Government" Or "Coup Government" as if this regime was democratic in the first place ...

We need to get out of this vicious circle that encourages ambiguity and lack of initiative.

Regime Change is the Only alternative to this UN-IRANIAN entitiy called the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Ball is more than ever in our court Not in that of the IRI.

We have to be coherent with our democratic aspirations but also national identity ( denied on a daily basis by this regime). The key is to find that GLUE that can rally ALL democratic forces under one Banner.

Can THAT GLUE be the 1906 Constitution ? I think so ONLY if it is explained, scrutinized and analysed in full transparency for all to undersand it's EXACT GOAL and OBJECTIVE as a Fundemental and necessary step towards what I like to call NATION BUILDING.

But More than the written Draft in itself IT's THE SPIRIT of that Constitution that needs to be understood and REVIVED so as to Resonate with the SPIRIT of the Founding Fathers of the Constitutional Revolution.

We are simply Inheriting the Noble Task of Implementing What their generation failed to achieve. They have transmitted to us the Flame revived after 30 years of Islamic Hybernation. Up to Us to Live Up to that Expectation.

Never in 25 centuries did we have a King or Royal Figurehead Commited Publically to being accountable to it's subjects as the Current Heir to the Peacock Throne has:


He will never be able to renounce to such a commitment in the future without ever being publically contradicted given that it will be in his report card that his legitimacy is constructed upon this Understanding and MUTUAL CONTRACT Upon which he will be Reigning and NOT Ruling over us.

The Constitution of 1906 is OUR MAGNA CARTA !

No King of Queen will be able to Overlook it because we as a nation know the Price we paid when it was broken !

An IRREVERSIBLE Turning Point in the political history of our nation.

The Revolution of 1979 and the Turbaned Dynasty that Resulted is a REIGN OF ERROR !

It was an ACCIDENT, and like in all things Human, Accidents Do Happen ! Sometimes for good reasons at others for bad. But Men Can Mend it by Refusing FATALITY !

The Revolution of 1979 and the experience we have aquired as a result have educated us to the realities of the world and those to the vital importance of Political life.

I would even argue that the Strongest and Greatest Asset to the Constitutional Monarchy are precisely Iranian Republicans, as opposed to the Shahollahis or Orthodox Nationalists we tend to immediately associate to the Royal Institution and the Spirit that is supposed to sustain it.

Not because Republicans Love the Monarchy but because they are like his Conscience aimed at reminding him of his duties.

Actually The Constitutional Monarchy is By definition a Republican Ideal within a Royal Framework.

Reminding the King or Queen of his duties and obligations in exchange to the Honor of Representing the Nation Symbolically is what defines a Constitutionalist.

Is it a coincidence that ROBIN HOOD WAS ALSO GREEN ? ;0)


A Nation's Political Maturity is defined in it's Ability to Compromise in order to achieve a much Higher goal: One of Freedom and Collective well being that would guarantee our individual rights and offer an equal opportunity for each and every individual to achieve happiness and personal emancipation.

Never in more than a 100 years since the Constitutional Revolution has the Iranian Civil Society been at the forefront of political maturity and awareness of what it aspires to.

That however is Impossible without Some form of National Reconciliation be it amongs all democratic and nationalist forces including prominent members of Iran's Civil Society both inside and outside Iran.

The late Shapour Bakhtiar best outlined that Blue Print for Change in his very last Public appearence before his assassination by the current thugs ruling Iran back in 1989 two years prior to his cold blooded assassination:


It is Up to US ALL to Take the Mantle where he left it ... 

Will we have the wisdom and necessary flexibility to achieve such a coalition ?

I hope so but That will truly depend on everyone's good will and mutual understanding ...

"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Reza Pahlavi

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am fine with RP as King in the figure head form like UK or Japan. Not because of any "right" but for the reasons you said.

We need someone for the followers to worship and he would do.



by benross on

You need a king -even in modern Iran- to dump all those 'cult of personality' derive on him, who -in a modern Iran- would not take it as a cult of personality, but as a JOB.

Then the rest of us, go about our business and actual country building, without being exposed or accused or under suspicion of cult of personality.

Monarchy provides us an opportunity to be free individual citizens. The presence of the king sets us free. We have no time -nor we can- build up a modern culture which is developed over hundreds of years in the West. We have to use all elements of our culture to facilitate the process.

Monarchy is above political partisanship. It's not a political party. It's a historical and cultural element of our country that Reza Pahlavi is putting fully and completely in the service of a modern Iran.

Those who don't see it, are not ignorant. They are anti-modernity.

All these should be put in this historical context that HE IS THE LEGITIMATE KING OF IRAN, unless you support IRI. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Doctor X

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The problem with individuals is that they get puffed up. They may start nice but they get arrogant and power hungry. It happens to many initially good people. In Iranian history many leaders started alright and then got worse as they got more powerful. One example is Nader Shah who got so bad his own people had to kill him! 

I am very mistrustful of individuals specially charismatic ones. They are the most dangerous.They may motivate people but to me it is not worth it. They end up getting told how great they are for years. Then "amr beheshoon moshtabah mishe". Then you get a dictator. That is why term limits on top positions are a good idea.The US system with 8 years max on Presidency is good. I knew no matter how crazy Bush is at least he will go in 8 years. I rather have a nice boring leader with no charisma.

Regarding how Iranian people respond to Ms. Alinejad I guess we shall find out. I liked what she said. You may think the bit about Revolution not meaning freedom is obvious. But there are plenty of people who do not see it as obvious. I am not joking or being funny.

We shal see whether she will become more prominent.



by Doctor X on

Ideas Come about and are espoused by individuals. It takes an Individual to ignite passion amongst a group of people and By extension a nation.

If someone  thought that we were actually led by whomever, Would you take that person seriously? In fact, Cults of personalities are created and come to life Because of the strenght and vigor that is behind a certain idea where a person is worshipped and praised Because of that particular ideology.

I think that iranians in general have got an earful of what this young women is preaching and They really do not need anyone telling them that for example Revolution does not guarantee anything much less freedom from dictatorship, I mean Duh!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is a speech that I hope all Iranians get to listen to. There are very good points in her speech. Specially regarding how a revolution does not guarantee freedom from dictatorship.  I am glad we have people like her.

For a very long time we have been led by individuals and not ideas. It was Mossadegh; then Shah; then Khomeini now Mousavi.  We need to get away from cults of personality and move to ideas. People get corrupted but ideas and concepts have no ego and do not get bought out; murdered; put in jail or corrupted by power.

I wish the audio was a little better. Next time she speaks I hope someone gets a professional recoding of it done.

Good for Ms Alinejad. One more step towards freedom and Iranian restoration.



Masih is Typical of the Post Revolution Generation of thinkers.

by faryarm on

Masih is Typical of the Post Revolution Generation; as an outspoken Journalist , she has been in the trenches amongst the people.

She represents the grass roots as a daughter of the "Rusta";representing  the millions born following Khomeini's plea for a 20 million Islamic Army.

Any one who doubts, that something is astir in Iran, is not looking yond the horizon..This rising tide (that has become known as the grren movement; this 

 Undoubtedly This palpable demand for modernity and progress will eventually drown out the forces of repression.

It  will take a long time for Iranians to realize that for true democracy we need to get away from politics as usual and the cult of egos ,personalies, dueling personal  powerful interests and the vicious circle of party politics.

What we need is to learn a new culture of competitive cooperation as the basis of governance; where all ideas are respected and  welcome and given and considered for the benefit of all society.

This of course may be decades away, perhaps even more in the future, but it is no doubt a more promising, fruitful and sustainable model for Iran ; if Iran is once again regain its ancient glory.


khaleh mosheh

Fantastic speech

by khaleh mosheh on

Such a great orator and definitely someone who  is taken very seriously.



you can't be taken seriously if you wear a silly hat everywhere

by amgw4 on

i don't know who this is but i've seen her picture in a few places, always wearing that absurd hat. seems like someone who wants attention from someone and this is her way of getting it.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree  EU is an excellent example. 

  • First, it is not a religious union. It is based on a secular system. I do see a possibility of a Middle East union. Specially if it were to include Israel. You may laugh at this but I would say including Israel is a requirement for a successful one
  • It is also a weak union. Even so many countries were dragged kicking and screaming into it. Many nations do not want to give up local control.
  • The EU government is notorious forbeing out of touch with the people. Arrogant and unresponsive.
  • In addition EU is failing in front of us. The single currency has been a disaster. The most recent situation in Greece is just one example. But by no means the only one or the last one.
  • The EU is mostly among similar cultures. See how they resist including Turkey. I said the Suni Arabs may pull something off. But do not expect non Arab non Sunni to join.
  • I suspect EU has a lot of reforming to do. Make the Brussels government be even less powerful than it is. In general local governments are more responsive to people's needs. 


Regarding the jab about Islamophobe: Yes I do fear Islam who in their right mind does not! After all by Sharia they are supposed to kill anyone who leaves Islam. Do you or do you not approve of that.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


This is a fascinating topic. I suggest you start a blog on it. Seriously I don't see Iran joining it but I do understand where the thoughts come from. I would not put a mini-Islamic state made up of mostly Arab Sunni nations beyond possibility. But I definitely do not see Iran as a part of it. 

As I said before it is not new. Both Saddam and Naser wanted it. The Saudi and Kuwat royals  want nothing to do with it. They are too rich and like it that way :-) But their populations may opt for it. Plus count on Israel doing everything possible to thwart it. But I think it makes an interesting topic for a discussion.

Vote: VPK for Khalife.


Is the European Union Anti-Nationalist?

by Javan on

So we should reject the Euro and the EU?  The IU would be like the USA, EU.  Federations of Free countries within a commonwealth of nations spanning from Morocco to China.

You can talk all the smack you want, but this is even seen as a balance of power for the USA vs. China/India/Russia.  It is the only way the USA can guarantee smooth oil flow.  It is in the best interest of the USA to help the IU.

You guys unfortunately have become fossilized due to many years of being Islamophobics. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

More on Islamic Union

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The dream of an Islamic Super State has been around for centuries. Some people think of reviving the khalifat as it existed in the beginning of Islam. These people put Islam first and tend to be anti-nationalists. To them the uniting force is Islam and nationality is non existent or less important. Khomeini was a classic proponent of this dream. He wanted to use IRI as a springboard. Export the revolution to Iraq; Saudi and so on.  You saw what happened.

The attempt was understandably met by resistance from existing powers. Put simply it failed. The existing powers won. 

There are many reasons why this is not going to happen:

  • There are many existing powers that won't allow it. USA being the main one but also Russia and pretty much everyone including governments of big Muslim states. No government is going togive up its sovereignty.
  • There are too many cultural differences.
  • Wealth differences. Nations like Kuwait and Saudi have lots of money they don't want to share. The population knows this and has no intention of giving it up. Why would they share their wealth with say Egypt?
  • Nationaliism in countries like Iran trumps religion. Most Iranians  put nation first. Just read the posts here and read Iranian literature and history. There are countess examples of Iranian putting nation first. As it should be.
  • Islam is not united.Many Sunni don't even accept Shiite as real Muslims.
  • The IRI experience has shown people how bad an Islamic state gets. I don't see Iranians opting for another one any time soon.


The Islamic Union

by Javan on

Believe me, the chatter among world Muslims regarding this is growing, already the gold dinar has been minted and the paper has been printed. 

The Gold Dinar of the Islamic Union:




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


In order to have a democratic state is has to be secular.

However secular does not mean anti Islam. It most definitely will include Muslims. It just means that the government does not put one religion above others.

Regarding an Islamic Union you can forget about it. Never going to happen. The region is run by America.

  • Iraq occupied and run by the USA
  • Afghanistan same.
  • Pakistan run by the USA.
  • Arab states same.
  • Saudi same
  • Jordan same

The USA runs it all and you think there is going to be an Islamic Union? 


No National Treasure,

by Demo on

rather an icon for the Green Movement “A Lady in a Funny Hat.”



The new Islamic Union...

by Javan on

You guys are really funny, the region is moving towards a new ISLAMIC UNION and you talk of a secular Iran?  

If you want Iran to be free and democratic, you can not exclude Islam and Iranian Muslims.  Just look at Iraq... 

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ms. Masih Alinejad is correct in her analysis and she is truly a wonderful leader.  I hope to see her as our President in a secular democratic republic in Iran.




She is a national treasure

by cyclicforward on

When I hear her talks, then I realize there is great hope for IRAN future.


Here is the thing. If the

by benross on

Here is the thing. If the movement abroad doesn't come under national flag, 'green' will never spread south of Tehran, small villages and all around Iran. It will remain in tweeter land for ever. That's a promise.


She is correct when she says...

by Khar on

"the movement is pulling Karubi and Mousavi (not the other way around) and has is eye on one step beyond IRI". Mouasvi and Karubi never intended to be leadership of change they are what I call accidental leaders. As long as they are echoing some of peoples demand they have to be respected, but they are not the leaders of this movement and they never meant to be, and people of Iran have come to that realization.   

Any movement for change, freedom and democracy in Iran, will not survive unless it is organizationally strong and possesses a leadership (not A leader) on the scene in Iran who are 110% dedicated to the freedom and democracy for Iran, outside the framework of the Islamic Republic. Iranian nation needs and deserve a leadership who are not part of the problem but part of solution. A leadership who will not compromise on the basic principals of Freedom and Democracy for Iran at any cost.


So focused and determined!

by Milan on

God bless the Iranian spirit for democracy.


نادیده گرفتن جامعهٔ سنتی و مذهبی؟


چند درصد ایرانیان به مسجد می‌روند؟ چند درصد از حاضران در همین تظاهرات به مسجد می‌روند؟

این گرفتاری شماست. مفاهیمی را که تنها در چهارچوب فضای سرکوب رژیم اسلامی قابل تعریفند، با رنگ سبزش به خارج از کشور و فضای آزادش، بدون دخل و تصرف صادر کرده‌اید.  این شاید دوایی برای تسکین درد نوستالژی نومهاجران سیاسی جنبش سبز باشد ولی رهنمودی سیاسی نیست. زیرا این، صدور ابتکار و زیرکی ایرانیان داخل کشور به خارج از کشور نیست. صدور دورویی و ناراستی است.



by Demo on

Here we go again. Nothing short of a Brazilian annual carnival: colors, jubilant crowd, a lot of noise, balloons, rhetoric speeches, & a lady speaker in costume. Viva Brazil!!!!!

Maryam Hojjat

VoW! Such a brave Young woman!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Such a speech!  wonderful!