Aliah & Maruf

California Big Sur wedding

"A feast for all of the senses was what our California-Persian-Diva Bride Aliah had in mind, a wedding festival if you will and celebration of dance. Aliah and Maruf met dancing so how else should they celebrate their love but with music and merriment on a dance floor under the stars and moon? Picture yourself at the top of the edge of the continent, otherwise known as Pfeiffer Ridge, Big Sur overlooking the vast blue Pacific. The Bohemian fantasy enclave is a random collection of structures both stationary and mobile, once a home to Aliah in her single days."

Aliah & Maruf's Big Sur Wedding Extravaganza from Peri Basseri on Vimeo.


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The best wedding clip posted on so far.

by پیام on

برای دو تاییشون آرزوی خوشبختی‌ می‌کنم.


How beautiful...

by Solitude on

And different! An all outdoor wedding
 انشالله مبارکشون باشه



by yolanda on

The dancing part is great.....the bride is a great dancer! A very good-looking couple!