Tabriz: disappearing peddlers

One charity's very positive story

ثمانه قدرخان, جديدآنلاين: تکدی‌گری چهرۀ عادی بسیاری از کلان‌شهرهای دنیا شده‌است. چه فرقی می‌کند در کجای دنیا ساکن باشید. مهم این است که هیچ کس چهرۀ شهرش را زشت و دردمند نمی‌پسندد. در میان کلان‌شهرهای ایران، تهران و مشهد بیشترین آمار گدایان را به خود اختصاص داده‌اند، اما شیراز در ایام نوروز میزان قابل توجهی از این آمار را سهم خود می‌کند. اصفهان همچنان در ردۀ سوم جدول قراردارد و تبریز تنها کلان‌شهری است که به بی‌ گدایی شهرت یافته و به عنوان شهرموفق در مبازره با تکدی‌گری درایران مطرح شده‌است>>> جديدآنلاين


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Tat root

by Fatollah on

funny, everyone's become an expert on ethnology or ethnography if you will, these days!


No federalism please

by Iraniandudee3 on

Absolutely not, the second Iran turns into a federalist state
we'll be defensless against the Turkish and Arab nations, or any nation
for that matter, most Iranians know this. Most Azeris can't even speak
Turkish anyways, and most consider theirself Iranian/Persian, so I say
let the persification process continue specially when they themselves
want to be part of our people. They got Turkified by the Toorkish
ottomans, and we're just showing them their true Persian tat roots


Don't shoot yourself in the leg!


Isn't it  the time to let

by benross on

Isn't it  the time to let them read, write, and live in their own language?

In free Iran, I don't think it will be about 'us' letting them to do anything. It will be about a social discussion on how to go about it. I personally think Persian language as national language should stand. And minority languages should have a real presence in schools for Persian speaking kids. 


والله بیلمیرم


Isn't it  the time to let them read, write, and live in their own language?



Be Careful Tabriz

by divaneh on

Doesn't it increase the threat of earthquake? I thought apart from women's dress, it was through giving money to the beggars that we could avert such natural disasters. A city with no beggar is asking for the trouble.



by IranFirst on

Afarin be mardom Tabriz va sazmanhay-e komak be mostamandan dar Tabriz


Somehow Tabriz is diffrerent from other Iranian cities.

by پیام on

I've lived there for almost a third of my life ( during the war years). Tabrizis are devoted people and love their city. It shows in how Tabriz has developed itself in past two decades. It has turned into a modern city with lots of improvement in it's infrastructure.