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Gives marriage advice to her brother


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And as a father

by Abarmard on

I agree with statira. It's not appropriate behavior. Reminds me of interesting quote:

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.



Tip of the iceberg

by statira on

As a mother of two daughters, I can't understand why anybody especially a woman watch this video and thinks it's  cute.

The guy in the video sounds very creepy and might not even be her brother.He sounds more like a child predetor to me.  


Iranian culture

by statira on

It's just part of our sick culture that we consider an aggressive, bad behaving person smart( zarango poroo) and a nice, well behaved individual a stupid one( ahmagho khejalati).


Hey PHd boy/girl

by Doctor X on

18+ years of experience and you still do not GET the very basics? What a disaster. Just where the hell got your PHD from?

You are so confused and twisted in the head that you can not even tell the difference between a CHILD's Love for an adult , than a REAL woman's love for a man and how TOTALLY different they ARE in showing them?

A LITTLE GIRL, since SHE IS ONLY  A LITTLE GIRL you know, would not know any other way to show that love, and sometimes takes this route not THATshe would necessarily mean it, OR SAYS IT INTENTIONALLY.

I guess you fell sleep while in class and miss the prof's lecture on How we are supposed to differentiate this from other types of love. Sometimes Bragging about your degree and wondering if there is anyone out there who has done better or worse than you, just won't cut it. Common sense is THE way to go. 


shaayad keh

Kids are kids

by shaayad keh on

What if this kid was talking about an adult subject, something over her head like sports, technology, politics or....

Would we still react to her the same way? Our antennas pick up on "soozan to ghazash mirizam" or "ba chaghoo mikoshamesh" and then we forget that kids her age are not capable of acting on it. I know some may say that if this mentality keeps growing in her, she will become a criminal when she grows up. But I think not. Kids her age have the shortest memory spam and the day after, they wake up with completely new attitude toward life since they are recording everything happening around them.

I am surprised no body has picked up on her self expression. Something that has been killed in specially girls her age in most of Iranian families. Girls her age are not usually counted as human with capability to decide for herself.

And while she probably needs more coaching on her "dis-appropriate" comments, still I am surprised nobody has picked up on what Hassan, the male figure told her that "akheh man dosesh daram" or "akheh to chetori mitoni in karo bekoni" or am I to understand that guidance is harsher reactions?

She would not even remember her conversation a week from now and I look at this clip as something fun that happened in a moment would would not read into it more than just play time...

take care 

Shaayad Keh


Payam s

by IranianAsylum on

I can't speak for others, but since you brought it up,,,this 'wanna be therapist' has a PhD and 18+ years of reasearch and experience in Social Anthropology. What is your qualification?

And to the honorable Doctor X  I think he only way for you to understand might be if a 'woman loves you too much' and decides to 'show it'. I hope for your sake it won't come to that.

Good day.


Children need guidance

by Abarmard on

This kid is not a bad kid and certainly says what she has learned at home. However if not guided, her mind is not using the correct way of thinking about things.

In old Persian stories a thief who was being punished for his crime ask to kiss his mother. When mother came close he grabbed her and bit her tongue and said: If you didn't encourage my wrong doing, I would not be here today.

This is the case here. Parents need to sit here and talk to her. She is cute but things she says is not appropriate and at most dangerous.


Souri jan

by Doctor X on

Man osoolan az Tar zadan khosham miad. That is why i change my AVA and TAr so often:)) This one is the sign of my boland parvazi.

I am not saying that these ladies are necessarily being treated a whores per se, But i am against this sort of provocative dancing and gestures. It is just that for me it is hard to see anyone, even male stirppers, would even imagine working in that field, as bad as they may need the money.

I also don't see it as a tradition, based on the traditional meaning of tradition. It has the potential to trigger so many "wrong" and "improper" sentiments in certain people.

Morally inappropriate:)

payam s

"Too ghazash soozan mirizam" LOL

by payam s on

This girl is hilarious, and extremely smart. You would never hear a boy her age speak this way. She is a little spoiled but that's another story. And all you wannabe therapists, just stop sharing your expert opinions. Let a child be a child. It is you who needs serious help.


Doctor jon, salam

by Souri on

(Since you changed your avatar, I can't find you among others, lol)

Why you think they were right? What's wrong with this tradition?

Plus, the young girl was a student, I'm sure it would help her in some way.

My sons reasoning is this: The tradition comes from the time of the Arab kings (Khalifeh) who were giving (khal'at) to the dancers during the royal ceremonies. According to the sons again, those dancers were treated as the "whores" by the king and his guests!

But I don't agree with my sons and don't buy this version. How about you?

Azarin Sadegh

Pretty scary!

by Azarin Sadegh on

The guy sounds so creepy...I could imagine him as a child molester, especially with the kid acting like adult/"khaleh zanaks".

Pretty scary! Some parents should never produce kids! 


Too harsh

by Doctor X on

I am amazed at the amount of deep psychological introspection that is being thrown at this poor girl. Anti-social?? please. Get a grip already. She juts loves this guy soo much, and this is how she is showing it. That is all that there is to it.

I know a ton of girls who when they were at this girl's age, would sound. excuse my language here, like a Pache var maalideye taamam ayaar, yet you'd be surprised to hear what career paths they embarked up on later on in their lives. Let kids be kids and loosen up azizan.

Souri jan.

Asa ghoort dade or not, I think the two young gentlemen were absolutely right, although they may have gone a little overboard showing how they felt about it. That is all i am gonna say:)


This kid is merely repeating

by JavoonDeerooz on

what she has heard from another family member. hating yout sister in law is not an instinct.

Louie Louie

I'm sure she'll grow up fine

by Louie Louie on

One thing is for sure she is not going to take it, just one stare at a pasdar, akhound he's going to piss in his pants.

Anahid Hojjati

This cute girl possibly got these dark ideas from stories

by Anahid Hojjati on

I can see why some on this thread call her cute and admire her ouspokenness and I also see why some are worried about her words.  But she is really cute and her assertiveness is great. Also remember that at this age, kids are read many stories and children's stories usually have dark elements in them. Quite possibly, she got the ideas from stories.


Psycho in the making

by deev on

سالی که نکوست از بهارش پیداست


Bavafa and Shayad keh

by Souri on

I'm glad you understand me! I was becoming desperate reading some of those comments below.

What attract me is not really what she says, but her courage and daring way of expression. I don't have a girl, but if I had one, I wish she would be as daring as this girl! My two sons although very nice and smart, but they are both very "assaa ghourt dadeh" and shosteh o rofteh.

To share an anecdote with you:

Once we were at an Iranian gathering. There was that young woman dancing Arabic (belly dance) so beautifully that suddenly one guy got excited and have thrown some dollars at her, as people do it usually. Both sons, got irritated and left the room! I run after them and asked what happened? They said that was rude and offensive to the lady dancer!

Can you believe it? I don't know where they've got that idea? I said: But this is a custom! They replied: Well, this is a bad one!

Obviously  I failed in transmitting our customs to my children.


Shaayed keh

by IranianAsylum on

Yes I am a. 3 children ages 11 to 16.

This is really very serious. Please read about Social and Affective Development. We live in a society with various forces that work to normalize violence amongst kids already. As parents we should be more diligent. As Iranians we should try to shed the fatuous beliefs we hold that do nothing but hurt our children, their future and our future as individuals, families and a nation. We have a perfect example here where we use words like 'seeteh somaghee' to suggest this anti-social behavior and the dangerous forces behind it are OK ('cute' and desirable even)

Yes 'Kodans' need to be lead but no true leader wants a bunch of kodans to lead. Those that do, are the Shahs and Mollahs we have had the pleasure of being lead by. Not surprising. is it?


shaayad keh


by shaayad keh on

Just curious if you are a parent?

Thanks for your comments but I always thought "kodans" needed to be lead. I apparently was wrong.

And again thank you for advising me to study more about my children's behaviour. I have done so but I am sure it has not been enough.

Take care,

Shaayad keh



souri Jaan, I am with you

by Bavafa on

she sure is cute and funny.  She is a child and no need to take her words seriously as her [apparently] brother is not taking it seriously.


Fish Here

سیته سماقی

Fish Here

The kid is cute and spoiled! 

LOL Souri!  Yes, if Can'tThinkOfOne was the child's father, she would be a lot more well-behaved and ba-tarbiat, no doubt!  She wants to poison a woman her brother might choose without her blessing and this guy would call another user a pedophile (misspelled, of course) for a comment, and use profanities with another.  He'll make a perfect dad to a perfect child no doubt!



ای بابا واقعا که..


کیوت؟ شای؟ اکسپرسیو؟ جداً این لغات با دیدنه این ویدئو به ذهن شما‌ها میرسه؟؟؟

شاید که...براتون خبر دارم. خجالتی بودن مشکله روحی‌ روانیه. توصیه
می‌کنم خودتون در مورد پرورش فرزندتون کمی‌ مطالعه کنید و برای اونهم کمک

سوری خانم، از شما حیرت می‌کنم. گمونم اینه که یک مادر، یک زن، سخت
میتونه همچین عقیدهای داشته باشه. آزادی انتخاب و زور گوییشو بذار کنار،
آدم کشی‌، چاقو کشی‌ و سوزن در غذا ریختن و لتو پار کردن از کی‌ تا حالا و
واسه کی‌ 'کیوت' بود که واسه یه دختر بچهٔ ۵-۶ ساله باشه؟

در ضمن شاید که دلیلی‌ که آدم حسابی‌های انگشت شمارمون به رهبری پا نمیشند اینه که نمیخوان یه مشت موجود کودن رو رهبری کنند.



I really loved that child

by Souri on

I found her very cute and the way she express herself is very unique for a girl at her age.

Now, if you don't agree with that, it's okay. No need to go through insulting others  to prove you are right! Hope you will be smarter in the matter of education of your children. I'm sure you are:

Mosht nemouneh kharvar ast!

shaayad keh

I am srurprised

by shaayad keh on

 I am surprised that this clip is causing so much argument and name calling.

Please relax. This is just a video of a kid showing of in a home video. To me it is cute and funny and when you have children that are shy and quiet, like mine, then this girl looks great. And so may not like it. But this should not become a subject to disrespect others for a different view point.

No wonder there is a lack of leader in the Iranian movement these days, it really requires balls to come forward.....

Sorry if I sounded like grand pa. 

Shaayad Keh



by statira on

Ya, that kid needs to wear a pants or shorts not underwear and her parents need to see a psychologist.


frightening ...

by Fatollah on

not funny, a kid her age should be preoccupied with stuff reflecting her age. nonetheless, a "misused" adorabel kid.


Bachehe Chagookesh

by statira on

Che ahmaghieh oony ke een video barash jalebo khandedareh. Bayad be hale oon pedaro madar geryeh kard.

Az ghadym goftand, bache ayenehe tamam namayeh pedar va madaresh. Stuff she says is what she hears at home.


Do you hate children?

by Dale_Husband on

People's children are cute only for their mommy and daddy.  So keep
these videos to yourselves, you proud parents.  Others don't find your
kids to be adorable. 

Speak for yourself, lame troll!

Dale Husband, the Honorable Skeptic


here we go again....

by CantThinkOfOne on

...and I mean this with all due respect.....People's children are cute only for their mommy and daddy.  So keep these videos to yourselves, you proud parents.  Others don't find your kids to be adorable. 





by Souri on

Soooo cute!

This girl is really someting!