Persian Harmony

From eHarmony to pHarmony: A parody of a dating service, Persian style!

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Need a Change

by karanh on

haha een dotah cheh banamakan!!! I can't believe they met online! I've tried so many different dating services and I still haven't found anyone :/  It's really tough going on general sites to meet people cause I still have a lot of my persian culture that other people don't understand..PLUS my mom can finally stop drilling me to date a persian guy :p



LOL! That's what I call a

by karanh on

LOL! That's what I call a crazy relationship. Anyway, the idea is what counts. I don't think dating is bad but it's just not for everyone. Some people take it to heart and make it their lifestyle while others refuse to recognize its value. There are still real couples who meet on these sites (Yes I myself know some of them) so no matter how small their value to society is, they are still important.
dating sites



by Latina on

They sure had fun making the video.

I think that if someone wants to date then they should and if they dont want to then people should just back off.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are absolutely right. Americans are obsessed with dating. Recently  my ex-wife told me I should be dating or I am mentally sick! I told her I rather pay attention to our children and do not have time for dating. She thinks I pay too much attention to my kids and not enough to dating.

The whole society runs on this. It is all about dating whether you want to or not.  People push aside their children to open room for their dates.  It makes me sick.

Jahanshah Javid

Get it now?

by Jahanshah Javid on

There is no pHarmony. They are making fun of the idea.



pHarmony is taken

by IranFirst on

- Online Dating for Polygamists

see for yourself



Why do people

by Iraniandudee3 on

Think that they constantly need to date or there's something wrong with
them? This is especially the case with my American friends, both the
girls and the guys


نون بيار كباب ببر


اسم ِ اين بازى نون بيار كباب ببره

!Not Kabob Daagh or Hot Hands


هدف از بازى هم اينكه دختر خانم هاى خجالتى يك كمى خجالتشون بريزه

البته در اين مورد خيلى احتياج نيست. آقا داماد هم كه مثل اينكه حواسش جاى ديگست!



by Doctor X on

The amount of Crappiness that singles nowadays would have to deal with! Gee. just live your own lives and be happy with it.



by yolanda on

The dancing part is fun!



by پیام on