Parazit: Hassan Shamaizadeh

Interview with veteran popular singer/songwriter & more

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The radio was playing an old

by benross on

The radio was playing an old tune of Elton John. It brought memories. It also occurred to me that the commercial path of Hassan Shamaizadeh is all too familiar and all too common. Look at Elton John, Phil Collins of Genesis, and many many other superstars of 60s and 70s. They all had the same path as Shamaizadeh. The only difference is that they didn't have to deal with a dysfunctional society.


Great programme

by Fatollah on

talentet people ...

liked the interview with H. Shamaizadeh.

Little Tweet

Good job!

by Little Tweet on

These guys are too good for VOA


Their theme song is performed by

by پیام on

Radio Tehran. The song was featured in couple of days ago:




by benross on

You gotta love this guy!

Darius Kadivar

Loved the part on the Hair Styles ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Kambiz Hosseini and Saman as Excellent as Ever ...

Shamaesadeh looking more and more like Ricardo Montallaban ...


PS: Monarchy is Not an Ideology ... It's A political Institution Just like for a Republic is a Political Institution ... That the person who runs the institution be it as a Prime Minister of a Constitutional Monarchy or a President of a Republic because he is a Socialist, a Right Wing or Left Wing is of no consenquence on the nature of the Institution which is the State.

Another IRANICAN Misconception ... Sigh ...

But I won't hold it against Shamaezadeh (who made a career under the previous regime and it's State Television which promoted him like all other artists ) the fellow already looks so broken !

Bebin TV Reviews Shamaezadeh's Works and Career:


Just can't understand why all these people are so Apologetic for being Monarchists or associated to an Era during which they made a fortune and that made them who they are or ... Were ...

Pathetic Political Correctness ...

Recommended Reading:

When Giants Meet by DK


Nice niche!

by comrade on

I don't watch TV (why should anyone care?!!). By judging whatever has been posted here, this show seems to go steadily wittier, and funnier.   


hamsade ghadimi

eyval parazit

by hamsade ghadimi on

thanks kambiz and saman for another great episode for those who hate to listen to bad news.  i especially enjoyed shamaizadeh interview.  he came across as very honest and well-spoken.


Does anyone Know?

by Doctor X on

Which band sings that Remix of sheesheye Gham... Song at the end?

I enjoyed this episode so much. Best so far.

Could not believe Shamaei zade got forlcosed on three times...


Jahanshah Javid

Another home run

by Jahanshah Javid on

All the bits were amazing and your "special effects" are more effective than ever.

But the greatest praise should go to Kambiz Hosseini for another excellent interview. He brought out a side of Shamaizadeh which people have never seen.

And he asked the toughest question one could ask a veteran artist: why has your art gone 180 degrees in the wrong direction?

Even though Shamaizadeh's recent work is pretty awful, his candid answers gained him a lot of respect.

Kambiz, Saman, great work.