Much Love From Bandar

Audio/visual performance, Kashan Art University

Ahmad Ravan (backing Vocal, Jahleh, Dohol), Ali Arab: (Vocal, Jahleh), Arash Salehi: (Laptop, Lemur).

Much Love From Bandar - Kashan Art University June 2010 from Saroseda on Vimeo.

The location where this Tehran-resident electronic artist inhabits is least likely to spread the word of music perhaps. Though YAZZDA refuses to be a desperate eulogy vibe generator with political tendencies and easy-to-reach approaches, no. Instead of all that nonsense, Arash Salehi (the head cook) is the man who’d rather strive out in the midst of the deepest deserts of Southern Persian dust just to dig out the pure long-time-interred melodies merely for inspiration. Currently, YAZZDA is about to make the next giant leap i.e. his inspirational trip to the southern Iran, Bandar Abbas to collaborate with a local independent percussionist Musa Kamali with his signature self-made instrument called Jahleh on a project known as “Much Love From Bandar” which according to Arash Salehi involves poly-rhythmic beats, unique and soulful lines of the vocal, singing the myths of the past. Much Love From Bandar will meet elaborate visual representations coming bundled with their live performances. But what probably separates YAZZDA from his contemporaries is its firm insists on the free music issue. May the rotten six feet underground music talents of Iran come at least somewhere near these stuff. But for now let’s just have high hopes for this experimental electro act.


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