Persian-Swiss belly dancer



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by Majid on




I am going to Istanbul!

by Solitude on

It is worth every penny of the $$ to go see this Wonder woman!

Watch this and tell me if you don't agree...

Or this:

Or even this:

Hundreds more like these videos are online. But I think seeing her in person would be amazing .. 

 :-)واقعا که خدا
حفظش کنه


Was this a Bellydancing OR a Strech of some sort?

by Solitude on

If that was a bellydance! then what would you call this??


You will NOT look at anyone else after seeing this 8th wonder of (at least the Dancing) World! ;-)Pay attention to 3:38 ... . you would think there is an earthquack shaking this beauty!


Kh. Moshe, Sargord OGHDEYEE's cousin has Tabrizi accent!

by obama on

Sargord, which village are you coming from? KAT DAN NA KHABAR GHARDAASH?


More like the Ferdosi Statue Than a Belly Dancer

by HHH on

Move please!

khaleh mosheh

oh yes Sargord

by khaleh mosheh on

I think I met your cousin once as I was getting a prescription. Does she have an esfoohoni accent?


not bad looking but

by fidelio5 on

too much of a stick figure to belly dance. Need some kardashian style curves.

Her dancing is weak, without soul or passion. Great Belly Dancers are fluid yet have the crisp edge of break dancers. At least she's no fatty.


Sargord does/did your Persian-Swiss cousin ever wear hijab?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


منم يك پسر خاله سويسى دارم



والله منم يك پسر خاله سويسى دارم

البته رنگ و روش يك كمى تيره ست ولى خوب ميرقصه

اين پسر خاله ما از بچّگى 
همش ژست ميومد واسه همين ما ميگفتيم بچه ناف سويسه


not a very good dancer

by ahmad_ on

needs more practice to tie up moves together without hesitation to think what is her next move.


All in the name of freedom

by Doctor X on

Shaking and twisting it around. I think the Human rights organizations should pay attention and use this as their slogan to get the attention of despotic governments...i wish them luck.



by Guilan on

Enough to see arabic bellydansers. I prefer persian dansers.

hamsade ghadimi

not my cup of tea

by hamsade ghadimi on

not my cup of tea.  but well done for belly dancer or should i say persian swiss arabic dancer.  cantthinkofone, mage nemidoonesti, jad o abad groohban sefr az sardaran va ashraafian iran va faranseh-and.  ya oon ya vagina nut-eh. :)


"Persian-Swiss cousin" Good one!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Sargord Pirouz

by CantThinkOfOne on

And the point is?  You have a Persian-Swiss cousin??? Wow....what an accomplishment!!! Do you put this stuff on your job resume?

Sargord Pirouz

I've a Persian-Swiss cousin

by Sargord Pirouz on

I've a Persian-Swiss cousin with similar coloring and body type (25 years ago). She's a pharmacist in the French speaking section of the country.