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by yolanda on

Is the lady single or married in the video? It is kind of odd that the lady was so emotional while the reporter guy was so calm and stoic.....he was probably smirking inside!

Uh, oh, Khamenei's wifey got a rival!

I can't believe that some of women did not shed a tear over their husbands' and sons' losses....I can't fathom that at all! I am sad that 800,000 people died in the I/I war!

Is this IRI's goal that they want the absolute loyalty of the people? They want people to sacrifice willingly for IRI without any complaints and without even sheding a drop of tear!


No Fear of Embarresment

by thexmaster on

What kind of deranged parent must you be to not shed tears for your child who was killed because of a plastic key to heaven?  What about the parents of children who were kidnapped on the streets and sent to the front lines?  How do you know there are millions of these type of lunatics? 


You talk of devotion as if youve ever sacrificed anything other than your time spewing blind ignorance on this forum.


Also, can I request that you  change your avatar back to the head with the giant jaw?  It's far less disturbing than the avatar you have now.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shear dumb

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

When someone loses a person they love they should cry. It is normal humanity. But Islamists are subhuman and have no feelings. No wonder they do not shed tears. Just like bugs with neither feeling nor humanity. Why am I not at all surprised at Islamist.


Amir, it never did, I must say

by fooladi on

But would make a lot of sense. Thanks:)

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

and moist with anticipation or just a fake?



She doesn't know any better

by cyclicforward on

She doesn't understand the economy of Iran is down the drain. She doesn't understand that Iran is one of most hated form of government in the world and she doesn't know that things will get worst for her and her kids over time. 

I guess she must be stupid. Like the rest of IRI groupies everywhere. 


Dear Fooladi: did it occur to you?

by AMIR1973 on

Did it occur to you that perhaps the "naneh joon" in the video was the one who objected being compared to Khahar Niloufar P?  :-)


How does that saying go?

by Bavafa on

"Khoda daro be takhte khob joft meekone"



Badbakhtie Ma Hamineh

by HHH on

Bisavaadi, Bisavaadi va Bisavaadi


Mola Nasredeen

خامنه ای هم خب تو آخوندا خیلی خوش تیپه

Mola Nasredeen

از پاپ خیلی خوش تیپ تره.

خدایشو بخوای

شاه هم از  پاپ زمان خودش خوش تیپ تر بود.


Rosie: You need to change the logo of this site to...

by fooladi on

 " - nothing is uncensored"

So why was my comment saying this woman is niloofar P removed? Did she complain? Which part of my comment  was offensive? 

pastor bill rennick

VPK, ok maybe nuke is too consequential

by pastor bill rennick on

environmentally speaking! How about loading up planes full of mullahs and supporters, flying them to high altitude and push them off the plane right on top of the of Khomeini's shrine? Without parachutes of course!


VPK: Please don't confuse

by Bavafa on

VPK: Please don't confuse your sense of "vatan" with others who express nothing but wish genocide for other people, Iranians in this case.

lunacy is not a monopoly of IRI agents on the streets of Tehran.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IRI groupies

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I suggest Iranians in the West specially USA do something about them. For example we should lobby our representatives to get these parasites deported. Right now it is very hard to get a USA visa for Iranians. Why not kick out these ungrateful gropies and replace them with real Iranians? 

If they hate West so much then it would be great to have them leave. I plan to write my congressman and at least plant the idea. In time it will take hold.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Please, nukes are very dangerous dirty and I would NEVER want them on any soil. Much less the land of Iran. The land of Iran is sacred. Never to be polluted.

There are much simpler and more effective ways to dismantle this "Shrine". For example a bulldozer will do well. Plus I rather keep it as a sort of Shrine of Shame. Or better a public toilet. Maybe a pig farm.  The latter will make his pig spirit be right at home.


pastor bill rennick

Is this Khomeini's shrine between Qom & Shabdol Azim

by pastor bill rennick on

Given the chance, I would drop the most massive nuke on this place!


as my great great grandfather used to say

by mahmoudg on

Khar hameh ja hast.  I guess she is a khar of the female kind.


خداوند به ایشون و امثال ایشون عقلی


و به ما مستضعفین هم مال و منای اعطا بفرماید انشأ الله.

Ali P.

I just hope, some day,...

by Ali P. on

the liberty enjoyed by her, to freely and openly display her love or dislike for anyone she chooses, is extended to all of us, no matter how popular, or unpopular, that point of view is.


No Fear: No Worries

by AMIR1973 on

It's a free country, even for IRI Groupies, and there's no obligation or your part or anyone else's to respond. is a public forum, and my comments are just my way of expressing my opinion so that others may read it, if they so desire. If I had specifically wanted your response, I might have left your name in the previous post's subject line, which I didn't.

Tata, and keep on keepin' on the good work of being a West-residing Groupie of a certain regime (you know who I mean)  :-)


Well, I'm glad

by Onlyiran on

that you finally put away your "polite" argument persona and showed your true colors by using profanity in your comment.  First, can you post a link to show that the IRI used child soldiers because there was a lack of adults who could be recruited for the war?

Second, I stand corrected, the officially sanctioned child sodiering age for the IRI was 12:

The first modern use of child soldiers in the region was actually during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Iranian law, based on the Koranic sharia, had forbid the recruitment of children under 16 into the armed forces. However, a few years into the fighting, the regime began to falter in its war with its neighbor, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. So it chose to ignore its own laws, and in 1984, Iranian President Ali-Akbar Rafsanjani declared that “all Iranians from 12 to 72 should volunteer for the Holy War.”24 

Here's the link:


Page 5.  

BTW, can you read English, or are you illiterate just like the rest of IRI clowns?  Of course it's not the children's fault, as I mentioned.  It's IRI's fault and the fault of the parents who sent those children to war.

And, my idiot IRI friend, I never backed down on the execution claim.  Are you so stupid to think that we would believe the ridiculous claim that only 50 people were involved in the execution of almost 20,000.00 people?!!!  LOL.  :-)))  It takes more than 50 people to run one section of the Evin Prison where some of those victims were kept. The truth is that thousands of people, from prison guards to executioners, to IRI's "revolutionary courts" (hold on, let me finish laughing at the thought of IRI and the word "court"...OK, I'm done laughing) were involved in the executions.  And most of the foot soldiers, the Paasdars, Basijis, and other assorted Shaaban bimokhs who arrested, jailed and carried out the execution orders were devotees of the regime.

Now, tell us, did your chickens##t parents fight in the war?  

No Fear


by No Fear on

Sorry if i ignore you in this debate. You have left a few of our exchanges unnoticed , but you pop up to make a comment in any new topic. I just don't have the time. Sorry.

No Fear

It hasn't sank in yet , i suppose.

by No Fear on

Why is it so difficult for you to stay away from "generalizing" ?

I repeat again, you arguement is flawed simply because you label an entire segment of the population ( The blindly devouted , in your words ), and blame them for all the wrong doings.

While in your first post you tried to pin the executions on them which i refuted you, now you are trying to sell the " child soldier crime of humanity" arguement.

First of all, young baseejis dying at the front lines, is not a crime which is commited by them ( Young baseejis ).  If you have a mere arguement, it should be with those who issued the call to arms, not those who responded to the call. Are you capable to understand the difference?

Did you say we had soldiers as young as 10 years old??  wow.... thats new to me. Please provide a link or proof because i believe you are full of it.

And last, maybe if you or your parents weren't scared as chicken shit to leave Iran during the war, maybe then,  were no need to have soldiers as young as 16 years old to take your dad's place to fight against the enemy. Any thoughts? respectfully...

PS: I believe Hossien Fahmideh , one of our war hero was 14 years of age when he throw himself under an Iraqi tank with a gerenade belt around his body.


Disturbing and amoral: the quintessential Islamist

by AMIR1973 on

The type that never shed a tear when they lost husbands or sons in the Iran-Iraq war and were happy that their son is with God now.

If true, this is a disturbing and amoral endorsement (much like a regime that would give a 12 year-old boy a plastic key to heaven and have him act as a human minesweeper is also disturbing and amoral). Needless to say, the West-residing IRI Cyber Groupies amongst us didn't step on those landmines--that's why they're here to grace us with their psychotic "insights".


No, It's not "non sense" dear No Fear

by Onlyiran on

Executions were just one example of blind devotion and crimes against humanity that "highly devoted" people do.  That is a crime against a group of people (those who the "devotees" considered to be againts their divine regime.

Another type of crime committed by blind devottes is crime against the person him/hesrself or their loved ones.  "Devoted" mothers at Jones Town gave cyanide laced fruit punch to their children and even injected their infants who could not drink with the same poison.  Those mothers were no different than mothers in Iran who allowed children as young as ten to go to battlefront when they knew that they could get killed.  Now, you can glorify the crime of child soldiering any way you want, by calling them martyrs, defenders of the nations, etc. (BTW, that's what they do in other parts of the world that they use child soldiers, such as conflict areas in Africa).  At the end of the day, they were child soldiers who should not have been on the battlefield.  That is why child soldiering is a considered a crime against humanity.  They were no "war heroes".  They were child victims of a brutal and inhumane ideology that you are a part of.   

No Fear

More non sense ...

by No Fear on

Most of those who died in the war and were highly devouted ( the type i am refering to in my early post ), gave their lives defending Iran. They did not commit any crimes against anybody and most of them died at the front line of war. The mothers received a quran and a flag of Iran in exchange for their sons lives.

To assume the mass executions were carried out by this bunch is far from the truth when in reality, mass execution did not happen overnight to require a huge force to carry it out. I believe less than 50 people were involved in the entire mass executions, from decision making to carrying out the order.

To label an entire segment of our population as responsible for mass executions, to justify a weak arguement, doesn't fly with me or anyone with an objective view.


Thanks God

by divaneh on

that she didn't fall in love with me.


Sorry, but I just had to laugh so much!

by Marjaneh on

but also,

I wish there were a follower/worship gene, for it to be eliminated....

"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."


No Fear

by Onlyiran on

Followers of David Koresh, Pol Pot, Jim Jones and Charles Manson were also devoted, and didn't think twice about sacrificing themselves or their loved ones for their cult leader.  

Having a blind devotion to any person or cause is nothing to admire.  It is a scary thing that causes human beings to commit unforgivable crimes against other human beings...such as happened already under the IRI...when they executed tens of thousands of Iranians while shouting "Allah-o-Akabar". 

No Fear

Shear devotion ...

by No Fear on

There are millions like her in Iran, especially in religious cities and districts. The type that never shed a tear when they lost husbands or sons in the Iran-Iraq war and were happy that their son is with God now. (Note how she talks about Khomeini).

Many of these women are mothers to war heros.

Call them stupid, stupid.