Kamal Shalorus

Mixed martial arts, kick-boxer


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Sargord is happy that his HAMSHAHRI is here!

by obama on

More power to him! I know, it is very hard work indeed. Takes a lot of dedication. Of course, he is not here for the money! No! I feel bad for him to go through all this punishment and coming here in order to escape from the poverty!

I am glad my fighting days are over! Good luck to him! Stay safe please!


Love the Aazari accent.

by پیام on

I saw him on VOA once where he told that he used to be wrestler, that explains the ears.

Sargord Pirouz

Check out the cauliflower

by Sargord Pirouz on

Check out the cauliflower ears; the guy's for real.

You have to watch out for those small, quick fighters. Many times, they'll bring down a larger, stronger opponent.

I certainly wouldn't mess with this young man!