Bandari Dance Show

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?



خوب بود، ولی منارجنبان سریع تر می جنبه


So does the pendulum on our Grandfather clock!


so wonderful ,i like it

by iduerw on

it is supposed to be funny! i like it.just like the ffxiv gil in the game.


Just tried to copy this - too embarrassing to describe

by Marjaneh on

I have a feeling that all vermin have left the building (too embarrassed to watch)!

"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."


in  chiey  buod  in 

by payam_kh200 on

in  chiey  buod  in  khanooma  ham  ke  raghso  goftan  zekiy  in  na  bandariy  na  hendi  na  che begem  harkiy  miyad  mikhad  ja  khordadiyan  ra  begireh lolololol


Good point Comrade. But

by benross on

Good point Comrade. But maybe it shouldn't have been featured in IC.

Sargord Pirouz

Too too funny, and

by Sargord Pirouz on

Too too funny, and embarrassing at the same time.


A dance to the tune of the Persian Gulf

by comrade on

They probably know by now that their choreography sucks. However, some of us  should know that their national spirit rocks. I just simply thank them for choosing a folklore theme of our own.

The mere fact that the younger generation links itself with nationalistic themes is heartening to me.    



this is just as close to

by Bavafa on

this is just as close to the original dance as me speaking English (with my accent) trying to pass as a native.



This is Norooz program at a US University! poor parents!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Post-political discussion Party

by Doctor X on

I am sure they have had so many disagreements over different issues and decided to reconcile as such...

Hala dast...


It's hilarious as a joke

by benross on

Coming from California, the problem is that I'm not sure it was a joke!


Perhaps you are right

by divaneh on

I don't know the context of this video. If it is taking a piss of all these new bands who are so bereft of any talent, then it's doing a very good job. Otherwise I stay with my previous comment. With Bandari being the easiest style of Iranian music I assumed this was a real effort.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

یاد تابستان ۱۳۵۵ شمسی‌ به خیر، سالی‌ بود که ما را به شمال بردند و در آنجا بچه‌های آبادانی هم حضور داشتند... عجب مردمانی بودند،دائم در حال عشق و حال !

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Come on... of course it's a joke!


Never heard or seen anything as awful

by divaneh on

Not even a grain of talent in any part of this. And since when Abadan has been on the shore of the Persian Golf?

Ali P.

I am sure they enjoyed themselves

by Ali P. on

That would be me, shaking with the theme of Bandari.

Now if someone shoots me dancing, and posts it on the intertnet, and some folks take time out of their busy schedules to watch me move,...well, that's on them  :-)

These "dancers"? You can't really blame them for trying...

Azarin Sadegh

I think this is a parody of the Bandari dance

by Azarin Sadegh on

and it is supposed to be funny! Just look at their faces, painted like the clowns! Actually, they were pretty successful in making me laugh! Very amusing!



by fidelio5 on

F minus

Louie Louie

Heno hen, bal bal, par par

by Louie Louie on

What's this? Bandari aerobics?

Very confused and looking for camera constantly!


How does this dance have anything to do with bandari dancing?

by پیام on

No similarities at all, except the music of course. Just horrible. My eyes hurt now after watching this and I now have to consult an optician. I'll mail the bill.