Ashtiani: "Will not be executed by stoning"

12 women and three men still face execution by stoning

The Guardian: Twelve Iranian women and three men are on death row awaiting execution by stoning despite an apparent last-minute reprieve for a mother of two who had been facing the horrific sentence after being convicted of adultery. Human rights groups and activists welcomed a wave of international publicity and protests over the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, 43, who was awaiting execution in the western Iranian town of Tabriz after what her lawyer called an unjust trial and a sham conviction. The Iranian embassy in London said in a statement that "according to information from the relevant judicial authorities" the stoning would not go ahead >>>


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NO a la lapidación!!! NO a la pena de muerte!!

by syl on

Cómo es posible que en el 2010 aún se hable de lapidar o ASESINAR O MATAR a una persona por un pecado o un delito, qién tiene el poder o el derecho de asesinar a  otra persona? QUIÉN? Nadie tiene ese vida nos pertenece a cada uno de nosotros no es negociable, solo la muerte nos la puede quitar...entonces ni un asesino puede ser asesinado porque el que lo puede asesinar ya esta muerto. El que mata o asesina en nombre de Dios, Religión o Leyes es tan asesino como el que mata por robar, droga, venganza o lo que sea...son tan asesinos como los delincuentes!!!! Y si fueramos a lapidar por adulterio ....creo que entonces si que se extinguirían los hombres porque por siglos han sido líderes en ese aspecto!!! Nadie puede tirar piedras , porque el que mas o el que menos tiene pecados , entonces aprendamos a perdonar, la mujer en dicho país particularmente es brutalmente menospreciada y Dios tengo entendido que no menosprecia..nos enseña que nos amemos unos a los otros como si fuera a nosostros mismos...dicen eso... se ha contado por mas de miles de años verdad, pues cuando vamos a aprender , ah? 



by Bavafa on

I totally agree that resisting revenge would be a very hard task and I don't know if I would capable of, though I can always strive for.

Also, one can always argue that we are paying for the brutality that was exercised by the Shah regime, only so many times worse now. So, if there is any weight to that argument, then the nationalist regime (hopefully) might not hold power for long. We got to start some place, and this is just as good as any.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes, death penalty is barbaric and should be banned.

How about we start with Iran. I have no doubt that our group, the nationalist will gain power. Then we will show our nature. Are we willing to not execute the Basiji and IRI butchers? Are we going to have mercy on them. That will be the measure of our words. It will be risky as Shah found out letting people like Khomeini live. But if we don't then all these words are meaningless.

One way to find out: wait and see how we act when we gain power.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • IRI no doubt wants to have control over women. But it goes beyond that. It wants total control over all people. Islam means submission i.e. giving up power. Islam wants total control not just over women but over all people. IRI has executed many men. Many have been stoned to death. This is not just for women.
  • By framing this as a woman's rights issue it divides people. It sounds like the men have it good: they don't. Yes  women have it worse. But it is no picnic for men. Besides as a man I do not want my sister; mother or daughter or friend stoned.  Watching  a loved one killed is even worse than having it done to yourself. 
  • I apologize if I offended you about Europeans. I must be clear I meant the EU and the European politicians. I have spent a lot of time in Europe including: England; France; Germany, andSwitzerland. I do know something about them. I rephrase my remark towards specific politicians.


Sakineh still faces hanging - keep up the pressure

by MM on



by Rea on

Yes, we agree to disagree. Personally, hate religion, any kind of. But this is not about religion. It is about power. Power over women and power over people in general.

PS. it hurts to come to IC and read your comment ref. S. Ashtiani: "f.uck Europeans".  What do you know about Europeans ? What do you know about those of us coming from the so-called Eastern Europe. Whatever had happened in Iran, it's not our fault. Why put us all in the same basket ?


I agree with humanbeing

by Bavafa on

Death penalty is a barbaric act and death penalty by stoning is a barbaric way to carry that barbaric act.

We need to start a new petition/drive to abolish this barbaric act all together, not only in Iran but every where.



Thanks to all of you who promoted and signed

by oktaby on

the petition to save her. It did help along with other factors. Get active. We can and will bring these thugs to their knees. There is an important and creative petition going on now that needs all of our help and support:




Proof that eslam isn't the better religion...

by eroonman on

There are numerous examples in eslam of taking the beliefs, rules and practices of other religions, and claiming it as it's own. Mohammad's travels exposed him to a lot of ideas. One could argue that eslam being the youngest of all organized religions, is an amalgam of all religions before it, merely cleverly repackaged by Mohammad for mass consumption and political control.

The perfect example is Stoning. Eslam has become infamous for Stoning.

Yet Stoning to death as the specific punishment for Adultery is clearly written in Judaism (both the Torah and Mishna), as well as in Christianity (Leviticus, Deuteronomy).

Aside from the Barbarity what makes it really stupid, is the crime.

2) Adultery? In this day and age? Are you serious?!!! To quote the most prolific poet (and my personal savior) of our time Enrique Iglesias,

"...My girlfriend's out of town

And I'm all alone

Your boyfriend's on vacation

And he doesn't have to know

No oh oh, oh oh

No one can do the things I'm gonna wanna do to you

No oh oh, oh oh

Shout aloud, screamin loud

Let me hear you go!


Baby I like it..."

Based on this song alone(never mind 90% of all Hip-Hop songs), applying eslam's borrowed law from Judaism and Christianity, we should all be stoned for dancing too close.

And that separates us from Kevin Bacon by 1 degree.

I am sorry, but if we have reached the day when we actually have the time to put on death-row, then deliberate and debate and then determine to kill people with stones for fu***ng, the whole world is a joke.

Isn't there something else we should be doing? Like maybe fix world hunger or poverty?


What has become of us

by Mehrban on


Farah Rusta

Not a good day for the last 11,471 days

by Farah Rusta on

Sad days began on 11 February 1979.  


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I guess we disagree. I highly respect woman's rights. But to me this is about Islam vs Iran. I do not believe in dividing Iranians up based on gender. We are all in this together. This is about the savagery of Islam inflicted on Iranian people. That woman's children are just as much victims. Losing your mother to stoning is a horror.

All Iranians are victims of this religion and it proponents. Therefore this is an Iranian rights issue to me. We must reject Islam once for all. Reject its curel path.


As of 2010 stoning only applied by i.r.

by پیام on

Wether it is an jewish or eslamic tradition, today i.r. is the only government in world to apply this act of barbarism and make it a legal part of it's penal system. Don't hurt your heads and do not attempt to make this a religious discussion by pointing towards one single religion as the villain. Stoning women ( and men) has been, is and will be a barbaric act and cannot be justified by simply conncting it to some religious tradition.



by Rea on

This is not about Islam, it is about THE WOMAN vs IRI. It is about any woman vs any religion.



by humanbeing on

i am happy she will not be stoned. petitions may work.

but until she is allowed to live, i am not really happy.

a lot left to be done to combat nihilism.

i hope a petition for hoder will also help him.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We should be fair and Islam is definitely not the only one using stoning.  In reality stoning was common in the old days by Israelite. 


The difference is that the Israelite have evolved beyond that and Islamists have not.

The rule of "thou shall not kill" applied to "without a good reason". Basically killing was permitted under many conditions. In fact promoted as a punishment and also war.


To Darius Kadivar

by Raoul1955 on

You are referencing the Judaic deity with is NOT the same as the muslim deity. 

Different religions have different deities despite some folks proclamation that all deities are the same. :-)


As a woman, I'm happy even with this little gesture

by Rea on

Stoning cancelled, let's take it up from there.

"Every action counts, no matter how small".

Darius Kadivar

Will be executed nevertheless ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

"Thou shall Not Kill"

How can a so called Religious Government Not apply God's First Commandment ? ...

Absurd lack of Compassion ...



Not a good day to be an Iranian ….

by reader1 on

This morning as usual, on my way to work, I popped into my local newsagent  and was greeted by our rather over-friendly sales lady behind the counter. As a regular visitor, she greets me by my first name -  well she asked for it the other day.  I said  ‘….’ – she smiled: “what sort of name is that? “… it is Iranian I said. Eyebrows raised with a smile.  On the counter,  there it was,  the Times newspaper, probably the most read in UK, with the whole of the front page dedicated to this story.  Our eyes momentary fixed on the front cover,  she sensed my embaressment and responded with a warmer than usual smile to put me at ease …


How will she be executed now?

by پیام on

Or isn't she going to be executed at all?