Ahmadinejad: U.S. behind bombs

U.S. blamed for Zahedan suicide attacks

AFP: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday accused US forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan of backing the bombings such as the two suicide attacks which killed at least 28 people in southeast Iran. "If (US President Barack) Obama is unaware of actions of American forces, then we tell him that American forces based in Afghanistan and Pakistan back such actions," he told a cabinet meeting, referring to Thursday's bombings in the restive city of Zahedan. NATO and US forces back "terrorists" with equipment and funds to launch such attacks in Iran, he said, quoted by the state news agency IRNA. "Despite this support, the US president sends a message of sympathy >>>



Of course US is behind it!!!

by Anonymous8 on

who else is behind it?

the area has been a part of iran for 100s of years, why do this now? even iri rule is been for 30 years. sunnis of the region they hated the shah even more. its far more likely that cia/saudi money is behind this. its a way to put pressure on iri. only americans are stupid enough to believe there is "ethnic seperatism" in zahedan.

it won't work. it will only show everyone how murderous americans are.

marhoum Kharmagas

obama, it is more like ..

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Obama, they are telling Iran to bend over as you stated, but it seems they are bendin over themselves too! A few minutes ago a U.S official in NPR was explicitly talking about surrender in Afghanistan. As much as I disagree with U.S/Israeli policies in the region, I believe a U.S loss in Afghanistan/Pakistan is very bad......, but, if these AIPAC controlled stooges continue with their obsession with Iran, they may succeed in turning Iran into Iranestan (marhoum Shah's terminology) but soon after, U.S has to bend over all the way to Sunnis equipped with large number of Pakistani nukes. U.S my just have to bend over more but Israelis are in that region, they will have to stick their nukes, and get the hell out.


Of course, US/Israel/Uk were behind it!

by obama on

If IRI would have cooperated like Karzai, this wouldn't have happened. The message is clear: You either bend, or we will make you! That's how the bullies work. Here the issue is the bombing, not the IRI atrocities and so on. I am against any foreign intervention in Iran, since it will never be about our interests, but theirs!

Long live independent Iran! IRI must Go by Iranians!


The crowd in the video

by thexmaster on

This is just a small observation, but they used the same clip of the crowd twice starting at :24 and 2:02 while the speech was continious.  Not really sure why.  The IRI propagandists probably have lazy editors. 


I don't know

by iamfine on

I don't know who did the bombing of mosque in Zahedan, but one thing that he said and it is correct: "our young people will always find a way to avoid the sanction." This is a fact. Young Iranian scientists and businessmen are smart and intelligent.

Hoshang Targol

Islamic Republic is the sole cause of prolonged violence in Iran

by Hoshang Targol on

Make no mistake about it, thought the bombing last week was carried out by Jandollah,the main party responsible for continuation of violence in that area is: Islamic Republic of Terror.

IRI and the unrestrained violence it has had a monoploy on for the past 31 years,(an unrestrianed violence it has always directed towrds the civilian population of Iran, Iranian women or national minorities, whether in Kurdestan, Khuzestan, Baluchestan, Torkaman Sahra,...& religious minorites,..) continues to suppres the Iranian nation. 

The formentioned violence, plus the severe economic hardship of Sistan Baluchestan province, the responsibilty for which again lies squarely at the feet of Islamic Republic of Poverty, are the real causes behind such tragedies. It's very simple, if the population of Sistan Baluchestan lead an affluent life, and had the freedom to live their lives as they wished, no one on earth would be able to foment any discontent in there.

However in real life, everyday lives of the overwhelming majoriity of population in Sistan Baluchestan( probably the least developed area of the country, next to Lorestan), and the rest of Iran is anything but affluent, and free.

Until Islamic Repulic of Hell emplys violence to impose tyranny and poverty on Iranian people, they will harvest what they have sowed: what goes around comes around.

Not to mention that Caribbean philospher's ( Prof, Jimmi Cliff) observation that: " The harder they come the harder they fall, that's what I know."



by Demo on

And guess who is behind the "IRI Bums?"


The Looks on the faces in the Crowd!!

by masoudA on

Says it all - Not only they do not agree with a single word he is saying - they are obviously very uneasy to even be there.   Most of them regret allowing themselves to be used for IR propaganda.