Manouchehr Mottaki

Foreign Minister interviewed by CNN's Fareed Zakaria at Davos conference in Geneva


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by thexmaster on

This is the same tactic you see used over and over again by IRI cheerleaders such Mottaki, Marandi and to a lesser extent, Sargord Pirouz.  They try to divert attention away from the topic at hand by making silly comparisons that can basically be summed up as "...well, since the US does it why can't we..."

Also, what the hell is Mottaki talking about with the 2004 elections.  It was the 2000 elections which were disputed.  And how can Bush appoint a supreme court before ever being President.   


And he is the one of the brightest in the Government!!

by shahabshahab on

Mottaki is not very good at much. But then again, the rest of them are only worse. The foreign minister can hardly speak English. To keep his job, all he is required to do is to defend the regime.

He,, like the rest of them, keeps comparing themselves with other democracies. He thinks that what they did could happpen in Japan o Denmark or Norway, or even U.S. He wants his audience to believe that in America or Germany, if you protest, you could be sentenced to death or killed, ortured, and raped. His unk only flies in his own circle and for his own Hezbollah, and maybe for soem Arabs. No civilized person, Arab or not, wil fall for this B.S.  


It was peepel

by divaneh on

peepel were not flexibel peepel. Houribel peepel were abel to go on de tabel do despicabel to peepel.

Motaki should become an English language teacher.



متكى ِ پفكى و ذكرياى ناراضى


It is such a waste of time trying to have a conversation with these people. Fareed Zakaria was obviously frustrated.

Mottaki never answered why they arrested, beat up and held Maziar Bahari in solitary confinement for months and then let him go when Hilary Clinton started mentioning his name.

Unfortunately, the only language that these people understand is spoken by the "business end" of a big gun.




by Demo on

If you call Motaki’s speaking English “Damned good” then you for sure need a brain surgery. He had probably been memorizing a few lines of English he spoke for the past month or so. But it was so bad & embarrassing that he himself used a translator in middle of the interview with an excuse that Farsi language was sweet enough!!!His studies in India were probably like of his now “dead” colleague Mr. Kordan’s fake Ph.D. studies in Oxford, UK??? Are you sure yourself your real Army rank is not based on a self promotion of “Go-Mush-Teh” to “Sar-Gord?”!!!!



1. Gaza be maa rabtie

by Fatollah on

1. Gaza be maa rabtie nadar-eh 2. Health care and killing Iranians are not the same thing! compare it with something compareble ... as for the Motakki khan! Hammal, don't give shit whether Bush cheated or not! Iran is not America and America is not Iran! stop this BS.


Mottaki's Interview = proof of shame and no more niceties

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


It's useless to interview these people

by XerXes. on

It's useless to interview these people because they think what they do and what they have done is right. They answer everything from one angle and never assume that they did and doing something wrong. Dorus bar Khatami, zendeh bAd Mousavi



by ahvazi on

In martikeh shodeh vazireh kharejeh!!! Enshallah bezoodi bargardeh be soorakhi ke azesh peydaa shodeh!!


Dear readers, you are being played

by AMIR1973 on

"Sargord Pirouz" is in all probability the same character as a person who calls himself Pirouz on other websites and vomits the same IRI propaganda. On the NIAC blog, Pirouz claims to a half-Iranian, half-American man living in the San Francisco Bay area who took part in the protest movement in the US in the 1960s and early 1970s. Neither SP nor Pirouz appear to speak much Persian other than dropping a "meehan" here or a "baradar" there (let's see if SP can respond to comments posted in Persian; I tried doing that in my posting below). Anyway, I thought that readers should know that they are "debating" a guy who is a fraud (at the very least) and perhaps part of some sort of IRI propaganda effort on the Internet. 



by پیام on

That must be the only "good" thing in this interview. It says alot that even you do not come to defend his answers here.

Sargord Pirouz

Have to say, Mottaki's

by Sargord Pirouz on

Have to say, Mottaki's english is pretty darn good! This is the longest I've heard him speak in english.

He was educated in India. 

Darius Kadivar

For Mottaki's Knowledge:'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

I predict Him the Same Fate Sooner or Later:



Interviewing i.r. representative is pointless.

by پیام on

And a waste of time and to Fareed, next time don't even bother. Their clueless and childish responds only gets your blood near the boiling point.



by ThePope on

"you are a total phony by using a handsome photo of an officer and pretending that was you".
Yep, you're right. Except for the "handsome" part!

Here's the real "officer":

Btw, this a "military" university graduation, masalan...  

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

see yet again a classic Sargord sidestep and run tactic. u don't answer zakaria or mention how Mottaki failed miserably in answering his questions. u just rant on why is zakaria asking about domestic issues ?? or why doesn't zakria  talk to the Mexican foreign minister about drug cartels ??? or how come CNN doesn't question Israel ???  or why doesn't CNN grill Pakistan's Foreign Minister ??? IT'S NOT ABOUT THEM !! IT'S NOT ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES !!!---  IT'S ABOUT US !!! IT'S ABOUT IRAN AND IRANIANS !!!!! 

gitdoun ver.2.0

MASSIVE B.S. !!!!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

 i'm so new to politics and the I.R.I and even im about to vomit from the Mountain size of bull$hit this Mottaki is spewing.  this is the kind of bull$hit that one just stands back in awe and says " WOOOOOWW" ~~!!!


It's clear Mottaki's Head will be separated from his body soon.

by AlexInFlorida on

Everything shoud be handled according to law.

I refer you to crimes committed.

What an unjust mother coffee!!!!!!


I guess what Mottaki was

by BehroozAzarin on

I guess what Mottaki was trying to say, was what i just wrote in another blog. If some individuals had not set buildings and cars on fire and try to take over basig building to get their hands on guns and ammunitions, the basig wouldn't be forced to use deadly force, Which is probably true. However, what happened soon after up until now by the government is not excusable.

Zakaria is not getting paid to question western atrocities.  He does what he is asked to do by his masters.  The only thing Muslim about this character is the possible circumcision.  Zakaria himself is responsible for the killings of many civilians.   He is as much responsible for his role in the crimes committed in recent wars as Mottaki is to IRI.  He is kind of like a serial killer who is criticizing a man for assault.


And Khar, how do you suggest SP stop being a

by Hovakhshatare on

mouthpiece and still collect his IRR pay & benefits?


Question for "Sargord"

by AMIR1973 on

Sargord Pirouz,   Agar vaghe'an shoma Irani hastid, khahesh mikonam keh lotfan sabet konid va beh Farsi javab bedehid. Man shak daram keh shoma hamvatan-e man hastid. Kheyli mamnoon. 



by JavoonDeerooz on

Again you are using a wrong analogy regarding Hilary and healthcare. If Obama had ordered shooting at teabagger  demonstrations and sentenced two of them to death after a 3 day trial and had orchestrated Democrats to ride black motorcycles in tandom with the rider wielding a wooden stick ,and tolerated raping teabagger girls and boys after arrest , and had orchestrated all pastors to announce on pulpit on Sunday that the anti healthcare demonstrators are traitors and deserve death , then Zakaria would have asked Hilary that question.


this ugly pig....

by shushtari on

is full of of's laughable....

I had read somewhere that this scumbag, mottaki, had ordered the execution of 700 young patriots in southern iran in the 1980s....

all of these dogs have some blood on their hands, and they have been stealing iran's wealth for 30 years....


this guy will be hanging from a noose pretty soon.....reminds me of the idiot generals who worked for saddam hussein!

enjoy the fire pig 

Sheila K

Zakaria is Indian, a Muslim

by Sheila K on

and his program is superb in intellect, politics, and current affairs.

He's spent a lot of air time to cover Iran's election protest and played a key role in getting publicity for Maziar Bahari arrest and subsequent release. 


Khar Khodeti ...

by R2-D2 on

Blah Blah Blah

(Joone' Amat)





by yolanda on

The guy was incoherent.....I don't think he could even convince himself what he was saying....well, the guy is on the IRI's payroll...he has to lie to the end....even though he has to lie clumsily...


Sargord perhaps you should've been interviewed

by Khar on

By CNN instead. Since you seem to know everything including a lot about Gaza, while Iranians (your people) are being killed in Iran. Give a damn about your own people! And stop being mouthpiece for the Sadistic Pure Mohammadian Islamic trerrorists who are in power in Tehran!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Hey Zakaria, how about a report on Gaza one of these days, with a
split screen on Avigdor Lieberman (or Clinton), asking the really hard
questions?Never happen.

That is not our problem. Keep shouting Israel. The problem is the murder of Iranians. The Gaza issue is unrelated and does not justify IRR actions. It will be ironic for Palestinians to expect help from a government that routinely kills its own citizens. I think people of Gaza will do better avoiding the IRR.


to the Basijis on this site

by mahmoudg on

Zakaria is a pakistani Mulsim and he is questioning what these morons are doing to the Iranians.  The day will ariive that Iran will leave the affairs of the Arabs to themselves and only deal with their own problems.  and if it means that the Just govenement of Israel will deem it necessary to deal with Gaza which is rightfully theirs then so be it.   



by cyclicforward on

We don't care about Gaza. You love it so much feel free to go there and hopefully get some spanking by Israeli forces. It is shame to call you Iranian.