Googoosh: 1972

One of her early appearances on the big screen



گوگوش در فیلم فرشته فراری


فیلم فرشته فراری با شرکت خانم گوگوش و پدرشان آقای صابر آتشین، این فیلم در سال ۱۳۳۹ ساخته شده است .



B&W was cheaper. Only big

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B&W was cheaper. Only big budget Hollywood movies were all in colour back then. Even European movies were not all in colour.

Also, in late 60s and early 70s there was a wave of art movies which favoured B&W. Some still do. 

Red Wine

Googoosh - Ehsas

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Googoosh - Ehsas

Googoosh & Aref - Aftabi Misheh Mahtabi Misheh

Not 60's...

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This is actually from 1972.

Which brings me to this burning question I have to all experts on iranian Movies:

Why most of the iranian movies of the 1970's are in Black and White?

Everywhere else in the world, in the 70's the movies were already in color.  Why were iranian movies in black and white?  Or could it be that some were in color but that the original copies got lost and only black and white versions survived?