Davoud Rahmanipour

Father of executed political activist

"Won't accept condolences, only congratulations, as his son Arash has been martyred for a democratic Iran."


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They will pay for this!

by PArviz on

If these murderers think they can get away with crimes and atricities like these, they are DEAD wrong. Murdering innocent and peaceful demonstrators will not save them from the eventuality that awaits them. 

Barbaric and savage acts like this will only make the people more determined in what they believe and know to be right.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic in any shape or form!

gitdoun ver.2.0

Curse This Regime

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

This regime be damned to hell for murdering people opposed to dictatorship!! This regime be damned to the depths of hell for imprisoning pregnant women !!! the blood of that fetus baby is on the necks of all these mullahs and their cult followers !!!  -im so mad!!!



by عموجان on

If they think they can stay in power by executing all who may connected or believe in the Pahlavie Dynasty they better start digging or start reading SS manual. This is not a good excuse to destroy the new generation. The result of this will be slow but last longing. Unfortunately this is the only way people could see the real faces of Mullahs and their bodyguards (DEATH).  


ruthless criminals- Where are Gole Sorkhi ha???

by jasonrobardas on

    Killing innocent youth of Iran because they express their views and resent autocracy . This is what is happening today in Iran . Interestingly what Reza Pahlavi says about the current system holds true for his own father's regime. ( no ruthless regime can last by cracking down on its own people ) .

    During his father's reign , crimes against people particularly " intellectuals" were rampant .  Reza Pahlavi however, does not have the honesty and courage to admit that the failed Shah used the sme ruthless tactics . He needs to come out and openly declare that ( MY FATHER WAS A DICTATOR) . This would  ameliorate his standing and polish his image .

    But he will not do that because he was nurtured in the cradle of power and dictatorship . He is still eating the sweet fruitas of that pillage , financialy well established with over abundace of stolen wealth .

       Where are Gole Sorkhi ha ? Where are Daneshian ha ? Where are  Behrangi ha?  Where are Mahmoode Masood ha , Where are Karimpoore Shirazi ha ?  Where are Morteza Keyvan ha Where are ............

        Reza Pahlavi needs to answer .




I am angry and helpless

by Yaasi on


I am angry, enraged and fuming.  I am speechless and I feel helpless, I want to do something but I don’t know what? Where to go? Who to complain? This atrocity and massacre MUST stop.  We (Iranian) should come up with a solution.  May be a demonstration for the violation of the human rights in Iran in front of the White House? United Nation????? Can a group or organization arrange it? It is time for Reza Pahlavi to physically join these demonstrations and shout “Freedom”


Never died

by Guilan on

people fights for democray never dies.


Dont worry...

by AryamehrNYC on

These hammal butchers will soon be reunited with their pedophile Mohammad very shortly...

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Crown Prince Reza's Message regarding unjust execution

by Darius Kadivar on

بیانیۀ شاهزاده رضا پهلوی در مورد قتل دو جوان بی گناه دیگر در میهن عزیز

هم میهنان عزیزم،

خبر کشتن بی رحمانۀ دو جوان دیگر ایرانی در جنگلی که جمهوری اسلامی نام گرفته غم انگیز تر از آن است که به وصف آید. من با عزیزان داغدار این تازه ترین قربانیان رژیم همدردم. به آنان و به همۀ هم وطنانم که هرروز شاهد جنایات هولناک و و بی پایان حاکمانی چنین بی رحم و دژخیم صفت اند تسلیت می گویم. این دو جوان، همانند هزارها زن و مردی که در سی سال گذشته آماج انواع خشونت ها و تجاوزهای وحشیانۀ رژیم شده اند، گناهی جز طلب حقوق و آزادی های از دست رفتۀ خود نداشته اند.

متجاوزان شریـری که در نقاب «دادستـان» و «قاضی» چنیـن آسان جان جوانـان ما را بربـاد می دهند به اصول و موازینی که میثاق های بین المللی برای زندانیان و متهمان مقرر کرده که سهل است به موازین ناقصی هم که در قانون اساسی الکن جمهوری اسلامی قید شده کمترین اعتنائی ندارند. قربانیان خود را پس از شکنجه های وحشیانه و غیر قابل تصور وپس از ماه ها اسارت در دخمه های انفرادی به «دادگاه» های دوزخی خود می کشانند و بی حضور وکیل و خویش و گواه حکم بر مرگشان می دهند. دشمن اشغالگر هم با اسیرانش چنین نمی کند.

رهبران جمهوری اسلامی بدانند که اگر به نیت ارعاب و پراکندن و عقب نشاندن زنان و مردان آزادی طلب ایران به چنین جنایات بی سابقه در دنیا دست می زنند هرگز به مقصود نخواهند رسید. بدانند که هیچ رژیم رو به احتضاری در دنیا نتوانسته است با توسل به شکنجه و کشتار از سرنوشت محتوم خویش رهائی یابد. آمران و مرتکبان این جنایات هولناک بدانند که ریختن خون فرزندان برومند وطن نه لحظه ای بر عمر حکومت منفورشان خواهد افزود و نه ذرّه ای از عزم جزم مردم ایران به رهائی از اسارت خواهد کاست. یقین بدانند که جز تسلیم به خواست های برحق و طبیعی و انسانی مردم ایران راهی بر آنان گشوده نیست.

برای هم میهنان پایدار و مبارز و آزادی طلبم پیروزی نهائی در این پیکار مسالمت آمیز علیه استبداد و خشونت آرزو می کنم و به روان پاک همۀ فرزندان ایران که جان عزیز خویش در این راه گذاشته اند درود بی پایان می فرستم.

خداوند نگهدار ایران باد
رضا پهلوی


Martyr is for islamists

by Cost-of-Progress on

These brave young men gave their lives in service to their country? That's not martyrdom. It's bravery and love for ones country.

Screw martyrdom...





If there is no outrage over this

by Mehrban on

there are nine more on death row and we will witness their demise soon too.   


Worcester Mo

19 year old or 20 year old

by Worcester Mo on

19 year old or 20 year old gets killed while a white bearded clergyman compromises.  Isn't it amazzing that no mullah has the balls to stand up to this people and when push comes to shove they compromise?  I am not for capital punishment but I don't mind seeing a few of Ali Agha's gang, hanging from the lamp posts. 



by Rahaii on


hamsade ghadimi

roohash shad

by hamsade ghadimi on

arash is in a better place.  with a heavy heart, i congratulate his family.  may justice be served for those who led to arash's demise.

The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on


The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


I am outraged

by Benyamin on

There must be something we can do to help Iranians and Iran. It is our patriotic duty and we owe it to Iran and its great history and culture.

All opposition groups "must" get together and come up with real solutions.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. we must come up with a congress that will be consist of educated people and creat a congress in exile which will have direct contact to people of Iran. there are over 4 millions Iranians outside Iran which almost none are the fan of the IRI and we need to get rid of this animalistic idea or government or whatever that is or Iran will be destroyed for good.

Let`s work together and do something. Let`s "officially" and forcefully reject IRI and announce it as tyranny against humanity. Time has come.



by yolanda on

What a brave dad! What a brave son.....The dad's statement blew me away! I hope the dad's heart is comforted by the fact that his son is not a just a statistics.....his son's pure sacrifice will be etched in people'e hearts. God bless them both!!

Darius Kadivar

Hamrazmanam ...

by Darius Kadivar on