Cameron Alborzian

Fashion model corrects French TV host about his Iranian origin


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It is an old clip.. waay old I think

by choghok on

Cameron was in Levis commercials when Levis was the shit and was in one of Madonnas videos. I would guess that this is from 15-20 yrs ago. He did not say anything about Iran, he just said perse which translates Persian. He is half English half Persian.


Kamran is a proud Iranian.

by پیام on

Nice of him to correct her, unlike those Hooman and his brother who were so called Canadian.



by yolanda on

Hi! Obama,

    Thank you for your post. Wow! Mohamadian can be Christian, very interesting!



Changes in one's life...

by Emrooz on

From male supermodel to spiritual yogi healer...



Souri, thank you very much! very kind of you!

by obama on

Yolanda, not every last name ending w/ an is armenian. This is actually common in persian where armenians got it from. all it means that person is from that region or tribe. it is kind of of like SON, or SEN such as thomson would be tomasian.

Armenians thorughtout their history have tried to distinguish themselves from the Persians due to thier historical, cultural racial connection (how ironic). They were even Zartoshti before they converted.

around 1836 one of their leaders to distinguish themselves more (persians in particular), asked them to add IAN to the end of their last names,  that they did. However, not as many in Iran did that till later in the 20th century. In fact, there are still Armenians in Iran who have not added the an at the end of their last names. Some with last names such Mohamadian who are even christian!!

he is persian iranian. If he were armenian he would have never mentioned persian or iranian such as andre agasi! See we are iranIAN, and we are not armenian!



by yolanda on

Is his last name Armenian?


Nothing important

by Souri on

First time, she did a mistake about his age, he joked first saying that he was 30 and then he said he is 26 (or 28 I didn't hear well)

Second, your guess is right. She said he was American, and he corrected her by saying he is half British and half Perse (Persian) .

But, who's this guy? A fashion model? I've never seen him ...


DK, where are you when we need you? Translation please!

by obama on

otherwise, I would have to wait for my daughter to come home! I could kind of tell what he was saying when he corrects her twice. Did he say, he is half anglo and half persian (Pers)? merci!

 Notice on his website he has the sign of zoroastrian! indeed he has not only been disconnected from his iranian/persian roots, he is very proud of it, much more than many pure iranians! Good man!//