U.S. Behind Iran's Green Revolution

Interview on Talk Nation Radio for June 25, 2009

Francis A. Boyle is a scholar in the areas of international law and human rights, Professor Boyle received a J.D. degree magna cum laude and A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in political science from Harvard University. Prior to joining the faculty at the College of Law, he was a teaching fellow at Harvard and an associate at its Center for International Affairs. His latest book for 2009 is, Tackling America's Toughest Questions.



Proof that academic qualifications & scholarly background

by bottled-banana on

are no guarantee of ability for sound analysis, clear-headed objectivity and plain old common sense.


This MORON is Harvard educated?

by rpRoshan on

This guy is a LOON, plain and simple. As someone else noted, Boyle's cause du jour is the Palestinian cause, as he is their legal advisor, and just like any other lawyer, he loves DEEP POCKETS, and there are no deeper pockets than the pockets of Mullah Billionares! That's because the mullahs provide much of the financing for Palestinian causes, and we all know this as fact.

Just to illustrate one MAJOR falsehood this guy mentions: he says that General Huyser was sent by Zbigniew Brezizinsky to Iran in late 1978 so as to use the Imperial Army and wage a coup against the revolutionaries. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Brezizinsky was at the forefront of those who wanted the Shah out of Iran. It was Brezizinsky who promoted the "arc of crisis" theory (= the "green belt theory") which entailed the installation of a fumdamentalist Islamic regime in Iran as a defense against the Soviets, ala the Mujahedin in Afghanistan.

In point of fact, General Huyser was sent to Iran to NEUTRALIZE the Shah's army, because there were many rumors that the Imperial Army were itching for a coup d'etat, and Washington (and London for that matter) were desperate for the revolution to succeed. Indeed, Huyser WON the revolution for Khomeini. When the Army declared it's neutrality and went back to the barracks, Bakhtiar's government was dead and he fled for his life.

This Boyle character is a MONUMENTAL, INSATIABLE CHARLATAN, of the highest order, and all of these IRI supporters know this fact very well, but because they, too, are INSATIABLE CHARLATANS, they support this man's pervese version of the facts.

persian pit bull

organized chaos

by persian pit bull on

Dai jon Napoleon syndrome by an american intellectual.

lets rid ourselves of Khorafat ( religious and secular)





the nutty professor

by bushtheliberator on

I may be the closest thing to a pistol-packing "neo-con" visiting this site,and this fool is certainly no "neo-con",he's a standard Leftist academic .And he's not "Euro-centric' either,he's Obama-centric. For Obama-centrics it's reasonable to believe that Obama,who ends war, and cools the climate,to also cause Iranians to rise up against their oppressors.




Anonymous Observer

The poor guy just lost all his credibility

by Anonymous Observer on

because Jaleho declared her support for him.   


Excellent post Payam S.

by masoudA on

Eurocentric Indeed.   His obvious concern for "Stability" of the mullah regime comes directly out of his concern for certain European interests.   Interests of Iran or America are the last thing on his agenda. 


Indeed, and AN and Kha.R are the CIA puppets this time.

by پیام on

What a nutty professor. I have come to question the educational system in USA since morons like this one can get magna cum laud degrees at US universities.


interview from june 25th?


Why is posting outdated stuff?


by the way

by Fatollah on

it is in the interests of any US government and European union to have IR last, everyone is on someone's payroll according to this genius? Now, who's payroll are you on Mr. Boyle?

it seems Iranians are choosing their own ground and they are not asking for outside help! 




Hamsada Ghadimi: Highly

by vildemose on

Hamsada Ghadimi: Highly plausible. Could it also be the reason why Hass,  Jaleho and shah gholam, targord pirouz support the criminals in Iran??

They care about Palestine first and foremost??


The war at this ...

by Rendd on

Stage will be the most blessing gift to the IRI.

They have managed very well to hijack this topic and dip it into the muddy water of Iran-Israel relation.

These guys like Hollywood have formulated all the possible scenarios, except the last one.

As Khomeini said, "be tolerant with this great people, when if you don't they will do much worse to you than they'd done to the Shah".

As we saw in a video couple of days ago, as the IRI thug was warning his audience from the time the impoverished people of south Tehran to rise against them:

This wave will get there sooner or later exactly as the 1979 revolution did arrive but with much more destruction and violence since Akhoonds unlike Shah have nowhere to escape but to exert more violence.

More violence will echo even a larger level of violent response from the people. As we saw the whole movement initially start very peacefully and it's getting much more violent now.

Branding the most intelligent people in the region, if not the world, as the blind followers of the color revolution will not distinguish you as an intelligent expert but on contrary shows the level of your ignorance in vain.

Bash ta sobh doolatat bedamad.

hamsade ghadimi

his leanings are clear and simple

by hamsade ghadimi on

this man has a stake in the palestinan cause and is willing to turn a blind eye to the treatment of iranian people and the legitimacy of iri regime as iri is the major financial supporter of the palestinans. just as the apologists on this site are stakeholders in the iranian regime for the sole purpose of their own livelihood. 


never heard of him!

by Fatollah on

and why trust what he has to say!? people can think for themselves ...


Hass: I believe Al-Ahram as much as I believe Press TV

by AMIR1973 on

I also have a lot of faith in the North Korean News Agency and other media from murderous tinpot dictatorships. I have to say that the IRI cyber brigade are the worst propaganda that money can buy: totally ineffective and unconvincing. Now, keep defending this regime that murders Iranians. 

Okay "hass",

It's time to go on those other websites, and make yourself an "ass"



Wake UP People!

by vildemose on

Who wants war against Iran??

The Neocons and the VF, Ahmadinjead/Hojatieh supporters (i.e. sargord pirouz, Jaleho, NP et al, Shah gholam,, etc.).




Well the Neocons think that

by vildemose on

Well the Neocons think that Ahmadinejad won fair and square and the Green movement is really not homegrown and instigated by a few uppity minorities in Tehran.

Perhaps this guy is paid and bought for by the neocons...


It is the Israelis

by hass on

Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper lauds the Israeli intelligence chief Meir Dagan as an "Israeli Superman" who has "dealt painful blows to the Iranian nuclear program, diplomatic action to embarrass the Islamic republic, action to fuel opposition protests, assassinations and covert attacks against nuclear facilities."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Human Rights

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Francis A. Boyle is a scholar in the areas of international law and human rights,

This makes me sick when people like this guy are presented as "human rights" advocates. So anyone who supports anti US dictators is a human rights scholar! The US academia is in as bad a shape as Iranian "Anntelectuals" were in the 70s.

The more I see of these big shots the less I like. How about some common sense peole.


F.Boyle: The BEST Iran analysis yet!!

by Jaleho on

Francis Boyle remains the most knowledgeable analyst when it comes to matters in the Middle East.

I agree 100% with every word he said here, from the Western posture in the beginning of the Islamic revolution, to the latest attempt at a coup against Iran's massively elected president Ahmadinejad through a FAILED color revolution.



by Rendd on

It tells you that you are a firm believer of chaos theory!


This professor needs a lecture on Islamism.

by MM on

This professor needs a lecture on Islamism. 


Dear Sargord.... It tells me that...

by Morveln on

Seeking every opportunity to blame the situation in Iran on Israel and US. Never do you support the simple man on the street. Shame on YOU!

By the way, I hope they burn Gaza down -

Sargord Pirouz

So according to Professor

by Sargord Pirouz on

So according to Professor Boyle and his cited sources, Dr. Hassan Abbasi is right! There has been something of an Operation Ajax 2 launched against the Islamic Republic.

I don't think this view necessarily conflicts with a level of spontaneity, on the part of certain protesters in Iran. However, according to Professor Boyle and Dr. Abbasi, there are supportive structures in place, which can be said to be perfectly obvious. For example, when a satellite media feed from Washington DC (paid for with USG money) instructs protesters in Iran to chant "No Gaza, No Lebanon, I die for Iran" and it is expressly staged in Tehran for a YouTube video- well, what does that tell you?


In The Grand Scheme of Things

by moftaki on Iranian Waiting Station


He is nothing but "kas-o-khashak"


He should concentrate on representing his Chechnian clients.


Payam is spot on. Thanks.

by vildemose on

Payam is spot on. Thanks.


One way to get attention...

by Rendd on

is to swim against the flow! So there is no need to pay any more attention to this guy.


After listening to this guy

by ahvazi on

I am going to stop supporting the Green Movement of Iran....NOT!!


payam s

This guy is so Eurocentric

by payam s on

This guy is so Eurocentric that his veiled racism is coveing his sight and discharging from his mouth. He is right that the color revolutions in Eastern Europe did not produce a positive outcome and in fact exacerbated poverty and capitalist exploitation. But Iran's rebellion is not a color revolution. Its not even a revolution. It's a civil rights movement and the color symbol is not the same as the european ones. The green in fact represents the fact that Mousavi is a Seyed. And the slogans of Allaho Akbar and Yaa Hossein links this movement directly to shii islam which is represented by the color green. The color of green by the movement is to illuminate the contradictions of the Islamic Republic and not to establish a free-trade capitalist system. In fact the Islamic Republic is already doing that by reducing wages, privatizations, and brutal labor suppressions. This guy is only focused on the agency of the European and Western powers and deprives Iranians or the "third world" of any agency and initiative. For him, it has to be the Americans or the Israelis who can influence the situation in Iran and not Iranians. He is mainstream and racist.

The French colonizers could not comprehend the fact that the Hatian slaves had carried out a revolution on their own. For them, black slaves were not even human to even convieve of liberation. So they always attributed the only slave revolution in human history (though rebellions always existed) of 1804 in Haiti (which was more revolutionary and liberatory than the french or the American revolutions) to foreign agents in US, France, England, Spain etc. This was due to their racist and Eurocentric perspective which is clearly shared by Boyle and others.

Jahanshah Javid

Uncle Sam is not my uncle

by Jahanshah Javid on

Reducing the crisis in Iran to an international power play is extremely frustrating to those who are paying a heavy price to bring about positive change in Iran through non-violent means.

How can you look at someone raped in prison and tell him he is an agent of the U.S. for going into the street and object to the results of the elections or opposing religious rule?

How can you deny a popular protest movement on the streets and in every university that has lasted for eight months -- without a clear and unanimous opposition figure leading them on -- and brush it aside by suggesting it's remote-controlled in Washington?

And how can you not admire a people for standing up to such a brutal regime and demanding change?

It makes me angry that you cannot see beyond the mistakes and manipulations of the American government and give credit to a genuine movement that desires nothing but what you enjoy: Freedom and democracy.


JD magna cum laude, AM & PhD n political science, Harvard. WTF?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.