Shahab Tolouie

Persian & Flamenco fusion

Persian BBC documentary about Shahab Tolouie's unique music stlye called "ethnoFlamenco" or Persian & Flamenco fusion. The program was recorded in Prague in 2009 during the Persian new year concert (21st March, the fisrt day of spring) while at the same time Shahab and his band celebrated the release of debut album "Tango Perso":

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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Guitar = Giti + tar = Universal String!

by Arthimis on

String instruments are originally invented in ancient Persia. Alexander the Great sent these string instruments (inculding harp and guitar) along with top Persian Musicians back to Greece (west) to introduce and teach these heavenly instruments and sounds for the first time. Westerners in those times were only familiar and played horn instruments...

Many years ago, I read in an article inside "Strunz an Farah" music album the history of Guitar that in 9 A.D. a Persian Guitar Maestro traveled to city of Cordoba (Spain) and introduced and taught Guitar by opening the first guitar academy in Spain...

Note : Final string on Guitar was intrudeced by Gypsies (Who originally came from Panjaab in India) who after passing through Persia (800 years ago) were dvided in two groups, one moved west ward toward Egypt, north Africa and Morocco and finally through Moorish people to south Spain and beyond... The Second group of gypsies passing from Persia moved upward toward present Russia and Eastern Europe and ended up in Perpignan, south of France today. 

So indeed Guitar was originally from Persia. Greeks 2500 years ago took it to the west, Arabs took it 1400 years ago back to their territories and finally the Gypsies from Panjaab/India perfected it to what it sound and came to be today.



by Guilan on

Tar is grand mother of guitar. Flanemco is from indian musique.

Persians are indo-european people. famenco comes from our musique. Am I right?



by Pahlevan on

I especially liked the piece at the end of part 2 and of course the Czech Ballet dancer ;)


Very Nice

by Daadaash on

Paco DeLucia better watch out, he now has serious competition.



by Khar on

Great music.