Russia suspends Iran arms sale

Following Israeli PM's visit to Moscow

CSM: Russia on Wednesday delayed the delivery of S-300 air defense missiles to Iran, citing unspecified technical problems. The announcement comes a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Moscow to urge Russia to take tougher action against Iran’s nuclear program. The delay is expected to further strain relations between Moscow and Tehran. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the delivery of S-300 missiles has not been canceled. "The delay is due to technical problems. The delivery will be carried out when they are resolved," Alexander Fomin, deputy head of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, told the Interfax news agency >>>


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Failed and retarded mentality by politically naive people

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

Oh so I guess you wanted Iran to let Iraqis kill Iranian soldiers and civilians by not purchasing weapons from anywhere possible during the imposed war.

 Oh I guess, when Taliban and Al Qaeda find an American rifle, they declare it a Kaffir weapon and never use it because it is najis.

Oh, I guess Iran should burn all its British Pounds and US dollars because it carries the pictures of the founders of these two enemies. 

 Oh, my Lord, how naive these guys are.  And you say, you know what is best for Iran.  I guess your secular democracy says it all about your planning and understanding of society.

Geez, I would hate to have people like you in positions of power in Iran .

Is Common sense really that complicated???

Sargord Pirouz

Amir-jan, you've obviously

by Sargord Pirouz on

Amir-jan, you've obviously spent some serious time studying my many comments and analyses, so you already know my opinion on the "extended war" issue. For all I know, we may already have gone round and round on that issue here at IC or on another thread elsewhere. So I'll spare us both this time around. 

Anon, I'm actually of the opinion that the arms purchases were not as substantial as has been reported in various Western sources, and it must be admitted that some of the sources are suspect to say the least. But I do concede that the IRIAF did benefit from limited assistance that was sourced from Israel, and I also believe that certain techs were dispatched to Mehrabad TFB.1 for a very brief time.

Whatever was actually paid for, in terms of assistance or material, it represented a trifle compared to US military and economic aid- then and now. And like I stated earlier, Iran would never offer such services or assistance to Israel, other than helping out with a referendum that determines the political governance of the Israel/Palestine territory, which includes all Jews, Muslims (including those currently residing in outside refugee camps) and Christians.

But we're all now digressing beyond the actual topic at hand, which is the failure of Russia to deliver the S-300 SAM system to Iran. While this may serve Russia's immediate political needs- in terms of short term gains offered by the Americans, nevertheless this could have more far reaching consequences for Russia's arms exports industry, in general. After all, who wishes to buy inferior weaponry with a history of unreliable delivery? I'll bet not the Iranians, in the future. I'll bet others will follow suit, also. But hey, given the fact that Russia is now buying French Mistral amphibious assault ships, maybe the future of Russia's arms industry is no longer so vaunted, internally, as it was in the past.


Mark Pirooz (aka phony "Sargord")

by AMIR1973 on

The war was needlessly prolonged and imposed on Iranians by Khomeini and his goons due to their insistence on exporting their lousy revolution (beside the fact that it presented an opportunity for them to consolidate the clerical dictatorship--Khomeini called it a "blessing"). Iraq was the original aggressor, but Khomeini wasn't innocent either. After Iraqi forces were forced to retreat in 1982, the IRI's aim was to replace Saddam's rotten Baathist regime with their own scumbag Shia clerical regime. Khomeini ordered the establishment of SCIRI by Iraqi exiles living in Iran for this purpose. The aim was to "liberate Karbala" and from there to Qods. IRI's Orwellian revisionist history wishes to dispose of such inconvenient details down the Memory Hole, but it won't be so.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

"Now if the Islamic Republic of Iran were to sell its weapons to Israel, that would be a different story entirely!"     The great Islamic Republic didn't sell weapons to Israel.  It did something much better:  it gave Israel billions of dollars in cash--ten times the normal price for each part or weapon-- which the evil "Zionists" used to buy and / or make their own weapons with which they crushed the Palestinians for whom you--and your beloved Islamic Republic-- shed crocodile  tears day in and day out!!!  Think about that for a while. 

Sargord Pirouz

I figured there'd be a few

by Sargord Pirouz on

I figured there'd be a few objections to the "moral courage" remark. (lol)

But hey, this is the sentiment of the Arab street and the majority of Iranians inside Iran. And yes, it's perfectly obvious that certain exiles could care less. But this is an irrelevant sentiment expressed by an irrelevant faction- is it not? 

The very limited Israeli contributions which took place during the Imposed War- that were in fact meaningful- were made up primarily of aircraft and munition maintenance parts. Wars make for odd circumstances. Just ask the American military paying tribute money to Baathist insurgents, or US support for pro-Iran PM Maliki. During the Imposed War, the IRIAF needed certain parts to protect urban citizens from IrAF attack. That they were obtained from Israel, in no way affected Iran's anti-Zionist political stance. Now if the Islamic Republic of Iran were to sell its weapons to Israel, that would be a different story entirely!

Anonymous Observer

That's right "Sargord"

by Anonymous Observer on

The IRI has a lot of "moral courage" when it comes to fighting the evil "Zionists", like here, when they were buying weapons from said Zionists"


IRI's "moral courage" is also displayed in Iran toward the people of Iran.  Unfortunately, however, that 'moral courage" manifests itself in the form of raping Iranians in shipping containers in secret prisons, and hanging them with cranes. 



by bahramthegreat on

Russians are very bad when it comes to delivery of material. They promise but don't deliver. I remember when I was in Moscow back in mid 1990, visiting their aerospace and department of energy, my company was interested to know more about aluminum lithium material (a light aluminum alloy that can be used for aerospace parts). I was working for an aerospace firm in the USA, and the delivery of material to the USA would take six months, which should not take more than a week if they were determine to do it. It was frustrating and from my perspective, Russia is as bad as a third world country.


Mohareb Pirouz

by thexmaster on

When Iran was purchasing weapons from Israel during the Iran-Iraq war, was that opposing Zionism?  Since any good muslim nation would oppose aggression against other muslims, then Iran must have protested against the treatment of Chechens by Russia and Uigars by China, and broke off all relations with those countries.  


But I understand how a self-proclaimed totally self-sufficient regime needs to beg Russia to finish their nuclear plant and sell them these AA missiles so they can finally give the west a good slap.  It's all part of this "moral courage".


Tremendous moral courage, "Sargord"

by AMIR1973 on

Dear Mark Pirooz,

The IRI's moral courage shines through every one of their executions, tortures, floggings, and stonings.

Sargord Pirouz

Russia has become an

by Sargord Pirouz on

Russia has become an unreliable source for military hardware and technology. It isn't just the Iranians. Consider India's recent fiasco concerning acquisition of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov. Or the miserable safety record of Su-27s in Indian service. Just to name a couple of examples.

And really, Anon, there is absolutely no comparison to the political dependence, extended as it were through military dependence based on exorbitant arms purchases from the West but primarily the US, during the reign of the Shah. 

Are these specific Iranian purchases being held up- Bushehr and the S-300-the results of world politics? Yes. However, what this reinforces is Iran's need for self-sufficiency, for which it has made undeniable progress during the past 31 years. Is their room for improvement? Certainly. But, as we all have seen, this situation is largely due to the political cost for opposing Zionism, a cause which enjoys popular regional support, including a sizable majority of Iranians inside Iran.

This is what is generally referred to as moral courage. 

Anonymous Observer

of course

by Anonymous Observer on

what else can we expect from the Russain mob that has been milking Iran dry since the akhoonds came to power?  

These things are paid for already too.  Another $800.00 million of Iran's money pissed away by the mullahs.  And then we have a bunch of losers on this site who still cry about the money that Shah supposedly took from Iran.  How petty and sad... 

Darius Kadivar

They Have Russian Correspondents on Press TV ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I guess the Iranian Anchors have to rot in Jail ...

Attacks on the Press 2009: Iran :

23: Journalists imprisoned as of December 1, 2009


Source: Committee to Protect Journalists