Oops! WW3

War game shows how attacking Iran could backfire


Oops! WW3
by Mohammad Alireza

The Brookings Institute recently conducted a war game between Iran, Israel, and America. You can read all about it here, "War game shows how attacking Iran could backfire."

Well here is a leaked excerpt from a war game that was recently conducted in Iran at "Oops WW3 Institute".

... as soon as Israeli jets were identified over Iranian airspace, and the bombing on Natanz was confirmed, Iran launches over ten missiles towards Damon, where Israel's nuclear industry is based. Simultaneously a volley of five hundred missiles from southern Lebanon hit Damon and several Israeli military bases.

As Iranian missiles slam into Israel panic sets in after false rumors are spread that the missiles have biological warheads. A mob stampedes into the Knesset demanding a nuclear attack on Tehran.

America goes on full nuclear alert, as does Russia and China.  North Korea announces that it has re-targeted its nuclear missiles towards Israel and would act as Iran's nuclear deterrent. Millions of Pakistani's go into the streets demanding that Pakistan also re-targets its nuclear missiles towards Israel as a show of solidarity with their Muslim brothers. India goes on full military alert, suspicious of Pakistan's "re-targeting".

America announces that any further missile strike by Iran at Israel will automatically trigger a declaration of war against Iran. In response Iran launches its Hoot anti-ship missiles at the two American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, sinking one of them. This is followed by Silkworm missiles sinking a dozen tankers and cargo ships in the Straits of Hormuz, blocking all shipping in and out of the Persian Gulf.

America's entire fleet of long range bombers with 10,000 pre-targeted smart bombs on board take off for Iran. But before they reach Iran Ahmadinejad orders the launch of its entire arsenal of missiles at American targets in the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Iran also uses its long range artillery and rocket batteries to flatten the Green Zone in Iraq.

As Iran is carpet bombed and its dams and power plants are destroyed the Iranian military command disappears into deeply buried bunkers in the Alborz mountains and asymmetrical warfare is initiated. Before the military leadership disappeared into their secure bunkers millions of plastic keys to heaven were distributed to the Basij.

The price of oil soars above $300 per barrel and the world economic order collapses given that 35% of the world's oil supply passes through the Straits of Hormuz.

It was reported that after Ahmadinejad read this report he said, "At last, Mahdi is coming!"

You can order a pre-launch copy of "Oops WW3 Institute" here: www.president.ir


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Mohammad Alireza

Anti-war does not mean regime supporter.

by Mohammad Alireza on

Well, it seems being anti-war makes one a supporter of the regime in power in Iran, or at least that seems to be the drift of some of the comments to this latest post of mine.

I have no doubt that if the United States wanted to declare war on Iran it would be a cake walk, at least in terms of the destruction caused to the two countries at war.

As I stated below this article was to magnify the utter stupidity of war, especially in the pre-war planning stage of war gaming that various organizations keep doing when the cycle of saber rattling heats up.

I suggest you read "Cowboys and Iranians" an earlier article of mine, plus some other older ones, in case you are wondering where I stand. In a nutshell; neither American imperialism, nor religious dictatorship. Power to the people. Gerefti?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Oh the dream

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Why do you IRR apologists keep dreaming of WWIII? This is the same bravado that both Saddam and the Taliban had. There is not going to be a "World War". I do not want a war; I oppose it. But I have no delusions as to the outcome. I know if there is a war it will take a couple of days before IRR falls apart.

Israel will not attack Iran without US permission and involvement. If that happens almost all of IRR military capacity specially missiles will be taken out. This will happen before IRR radars even detect an incoming missile.  US attack will be massive and will leave the Mullahs with little more than rocks to throw. 

US would have already taken its ships out of Persian Gulf. They would be well outside of IRR missile range. The IRR on the other hand will be well within US missile range. US weapons have superior range so they don't need to expose themselves to hit. Only a moron would do that and Obama is not a moron.

North Korea; China; Russia have no intention of getting involved in protecting the Mullahs. They would have been briefed before hand and know what is coming. They are glad to sell third rate junk to IRR for double the price. But they are not going to waste one drop of their blood for Mullahs.

The only part you got right is that Muslim masses will get angry. But at the end they will do nothing. They did nothing when Iraq got trashed. They did nothing when Lebanon got trashed. They did nothing when Afghanistan got invaded. They will do nothing if Iran gets invaded. 

I advise IRR supporters to stop wishing for a war. They might just get one. If they do it will be the end of them. But the world will go on as usual.



Sargord Pirouz

Well, Mohammad, if it's not

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Mohammad, if it's not a joke, then it seriously fails as a credible scenario for just some of the reasons I've cited.

And you seriously sell short the fighting potential of the Iranian military, particularly the IRGC. Remember, it is the IRGC that commands and fields the SSM force, as well as the Quick Reaction Force in Tehran and the Persian Gulf asymmetric naval force. And don't think the IRIAF and IRIADF is going to sit still, either. True, these forces don't have nearly the same depth as their potential adversaries. However it is the potential cost they can exact that continues to deter Iran's enemies from launching open hostilities.

Wistfully peaking of peace and utopian society is all fine and well for some, but realize that Iran has enemies that have launched multiple wars in the region. And rest assured, the Meehan's military planners have generated more sophisticated and realistic defenses than the depicted scenario in your post. 



by Iran_e_Azad on

If you remember before Saddam was toppled, he used to put lots of military show offs in various ways, and see what happened, in three days his regime was destroyed when U.S. attacked!

I think the IRI regime is in the same situation, because from Khamenei to the top military brass have no real educations or intelligence of war strategies! Yes, they might have lots of terrorist abilities and killing unarmed people but nothing beyond this.

For example, look at pasadar Jafari, Rahimsafavi or Firoozabadi e chaghaloo! These people and the rest of them have no real education; they got to these top positions because they fought in Iran-Iraq war and got their military experiences through on the job training so, because of that they don’t have the education or the intelligence of war strategy.

All we see in Iran is just show offs and nothing else. So, because of these reasons and many more if IR gets in to a war with a strong country is not going to be able to do much and unfortunately will get destroyed within few days!


Mohammad Alireza

by masoudA on

In case you did not know - Iranian.com has this great feature we can all follow what individuals like yourself have been blogging in the past.   It appears that just until this last week Agha Mammad was very quiet since the election - making just one post apologizing for IR, portraying all Iranians as dictators. 

Well - so you are back - and very active.  What do you have - more propaganda?   Are you trying to sell us the mullahs military might?  or are you selling it to the world?   whatever you do - be sure you are not selling it to the Iranian Youth - that crime will not be forgiven.   

Mohammad Alireza

Not a joke Sargord. Dozarit kaje.

by Mohammad Alireza on

Not supposed to be a joke Sargord.
It's supposed to highlight the stupidity of those who sit around a table and imagine winning a war. Like when one hundred years ago somebody said humans invented the airplane but apes used them to drop bombs.
Imagination is a human trait but those that sit around a table and come up with war games are behaving like apes. Get it?

Why don't they sit around a table and imagine peace? I've never heard of peace games, have you?

Besides I seriously doubt if Iranians will be willing to fight in order to keep this regime in power. And I'm sure this scares the hell out of them.


As Iranian missiles slam into Israel panic sets in after false

by Jerry1800 on

Israel will never attack Iran, I know what I am writing about



by Demo on

The best way to stay in power & to justify more & more of the oppression, arrests, killings, military spendings & its dictatorship, & etc. of IRI. That was how the 8 years of the disasterous war games??? with Iraq worked before & now here comes the fear of WW3 to cover up IRI crimes. Enough is enough with such mind bugling BS.


shotor dar khab binad panbeh daneh

by rain bow movment on

If lebanes terrorist have a capacity to lunch such an attack ,why didn't  they do it in 3 years ago.

they hide in a hole like a rat

people of IRAN will bring down IRI mob before contemplating such attack.

novrooz marge dolate islami khahad bood.


For the millionth time

by Cost-of-Progress on

anti clergy establishment is NOT anti Iran. It is Pro-Iran as these cockroaches are not iranian and do not have Iran's interest at heart. 

All the Islamic Thug supporters have this as their boiler plate reply to those who oppose the regime of the unelected, anti-nationalist clergy.




Sargord Pirouz

This attempt at a joke is

by Sargord Pirouz on

This attempt at a joke is riddled with mistakes.

It isn't clear Iran's MRBMs are accurate enough to cause meaningful damage to Damon. So why only launch 10 MRBMs at Israel?

Lebanon does not have 500 ZelZal or Fateh-110 SRBMs.

False rumors of biological warheads? This isn't a credible scenario.

A mob demanding a nuclear attack? Where is Israeli CD, security and C&C during all of this? Again, not credible.

What current nuclear armed ICBM is there in the Pakistani inventory that can strike Israel? Answer: none. So there is nothing to "re-target."

At this point, it's not worth my time to go on punching holes in this attempt at a joke.

Yeah, yeah, the ending  jibes at the president will find traction here with the IC's more low brow readers, who are all more than eager anti-Iran cheerleaders.

One last thing, Mohammad, if you're trying out for a position with The Onion, take some advice: don't quit your day job.