New space rocket

"Opens can of worms" in space race with west

The Guardian: Iran has launched a ­research rocket carrying a mouse, two turtles and worms into space – showing that the country can defeat the west in the battle of technology and that it will soon send its own astronauts, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saidtoday. Iranian state television broadcast images of officials placing the animals inside a capsule in the Kavoshgar 3 (explorer in Farsi) rocket before blast-off, although it did not report where or when the launch took place. The Iranian Students News Agency said the capsule had successfully returned to Earth with its "passengers". Western powers fear the technology used by Iran's space programme to launch satellites and research capsules could also be used to build long-range intercontinental missiles. A US defence expert said the launch underlined the closeness of Iran's space and military programmes. Ahmadinejad was unveiling three new ­Iranian-built satellites and the model of a light booster rocket, named Simorgh, which is in production >>>


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

You said it best.  I usually don't respond to IRR supporters who use verbal abuse in the same way that their colleagues use physical force in Iran.  But you nailed it once again.


Jaleho and hass heart rapists and killers

by AMIR1973 on

I love the people of Iran. I am proud to be Iranian. I hate the people who kill, rape, torture, imprison and censor my people. You and hass, on the other hand, are amoral shills and propagandists for the rapists and torturers. While Iranians in Iran are being abused, IRI groupies living in the West propagandize on behalf of their tormentors.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

you're correct that iran has now a large population of educated people. case in point, last time i went to iran, my cousin's servant had a masters degree in sociology. and two of the cab drivers i spoke with had a phd and an engineering degree.  i didn't have the heart to ask the rest of the cabbies if they ever went to school. 

and yes, they now have electricity and paved road.  i remember when we used to live in iran; it was a lot like little house on the prairie.

i have some bad news for you on the health care though.  it's true that people have access to health care, in the same way that people in tehran have access to breathing air in the middle of the week.  unfortunately, one of my older relatives was sick and hospitalized and i was one of the "younger" family members who had to go to different places in the city in search of the right medicine.  he died during my visit but he did have a full life.


Yes, OGHDEH is bad cheezi!!

by Jaleho on

While Anonymous Observer uses the most foul racist language agaisnt Iranians....they are lazy, not as good as Nazis....they smell bad..... And people cheaper than her, clap for her ugly racis.....


AO goes home and thanks god that she is around people with LIGHTER skin than dirty Iranians, and she thanks god that her own sweat is just  like the Parisians... smells good and not ugly like that of those backward eye-ranians!!

A disgusting racist who feels she's funny too! 


Give it a rest

by hass on

I didn't take a poll of all Iranians to see if "they oppose the mollahs" or not, but the fact is that you lot haunt these forums everyday have always been simply critical of anytihng about Iran and will easily resort to lies because you're desperate and bitter.

 Look guys, you've been at it for 31 years. Give it a rest. The IRI may indeed fall tomorrow, but it will be DESPITE you lot and not because of you.

Incidentally, Iran's missiles are now more advanced than N Koreas, and the reason why it uses old military technology is because of sanctions which prevent it from mass purchasing arms like your beloved Shah for an army of semi-literate conscripts who couldn't actually use them. However Iran has been developing its own weapons systems too -- maybe not (yet) on par with the US, but still something to be proud of, except for you bitter exiles for whom nothing that IRan ever does will ever be good enough.

Anonymous Observer

hass a/ka/ other usernames

by Anonymous Observer on

actually, this is the first time that I've mentioned GDP.  What about the other stuff that I mentioned?  No response to those?  

But go ahead, live your fantasy of a technologically advanced IRI, which uses 40 year missiles that it got from North Korea, 40 year old F-5's and F-4's, 50 year old American tanks and 30 year old Russian tanks.  Like I said to your sister (or to you under your other username), ignorance is bliss.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Iranians are now better educated,

True! That is why they oppose the Mullahs. The Mullahs messes up . They educated the population :-)

marhoum Kharmagas

moushak parani and fuse parani!?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

It is great to see Iran is doing these kinds of successful moushak parani, but it is even more fun to see so many anti-iranians are doing fuse parani as a result.


Oghdeh bad cheezieh!

by hass on

Anonymous observer, no matter how often you repeat the claim that Iran's per capita GDP is below Botswana, you only prove that you're an oghdei exile who can't come to terms with reality. The per capital GDP if the US is lower than Qatar and Lichtenstein. Does that mean that the US is less advanced that those countries?

 FACT: Iranians are now better educated, have greater access to healthcare, clean water, paved roads, electricity, and have lower rates of child mortality than EVER before. No thanks to you lot sitting in ghorbat and whining about the IRI.

Get used to it.

Ali9 Akbar

Saragord you can rest assured that NORAD

by Ali9 Akbar on

is tracking the satellite and will probably knock it down later this week to send your beloved IRI another message....

  unless it burns up on it's own on re entry


hamsade ghadimi

jaleho, you're a funny man

by hamsade ghadimi on

i can almost envision you as sylvester the cat talking to little cat named sargord:

"son (sargord), you take care of all the little mice and i'll handle anonymouse."

syaing it very animated with spit covering your whiskers. your comment was just too funny. 

Anonymous Observer

Keep living your fantasy

by Anonymous Observer on

Jale-ho.  IRI is the greatest in everything under the sun, except that it's a third world country that ranks below Botswana in per capita GDP and can't get a flight from Abadan to Mashhad without it crashing.  But, hey, if it makes you feel "technologically advanced" to be behind 1969 Argentina, then you have truly proved yourself to be a product of IRR's culture of "geda parvari".  

Ignorance is bliss, Fati commando.  Keep dreaming in your comfortable non-west city of Boston and tell the people of Iran that a backward 7th century theocracy is good for them.  Nighty night... 


Iran made "considerable advance in technology"

by hass on

An actual rocket scientist says:

[L]et’s take a minute to appreciate the technological feat it represents! In the face of world opposition and sanctions, Iran has joined a very exclusive club: those countries that have managed to orbit a satellite.

I guess I need to go into this in somewhat more detail. What ever Iran used to put the satellite in orbit, it needed to achieve a speed of 7.8 km/s at 242 km altitude. I find that very hard to accomplish with the fuels I think the Safir used (nitric acid and kerosene). When I try modeling it, I get a two stage Safir giving a 25 kg satellite a speed of 6.4 km/s at 200 km. David Wright quotes a considerably smaller velocity, though I dont understand his model; it seems to be some sort of Taepodong variant. (I could be wrong about that, but thats what I get from his comment in Jeffrey’s post.) Given these calculations, it seems to me and others that two stages seems improbable unless Iran has achieved a considerable advance in engine/fuel specific impulse. On the other hand, the initial brightness measurements from experienced amateur satellite observers seems to favor a final stage that is considerably brighter than the satellite. That in turn favors the two stage model which implies Iran has made a considerable advance in technology


hehehe Jaleho is now allergic to my name! Say it some more! hehe

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Same LOSERS again!

by Jaleho on

Sargord you said:

"(Unless, of course, you are anti-Iran.) "

People like Anonymouse or Anonymouse Observer, or other forms of Anonymouse....are really not anti-Iran, They are true Cyrus the Great lovers.

They themselves CAN do everythinbg that Iran under IRI has done, even better, cheaper, in a shorter time........while sitting in their armchairs in cafe and DREAM!

Worcester Mo

Any chance they can sernd

by Worcester Mo on

Any chance they can sernd  AN and Khamenei to the outer space on the next one?

Anonymous Observer

BTW, what's the alarm clock

by Anonymous Observer on

doing on top of the rocket before it is fired into the air?  Is it to wake up "haj agha" from his post "chelo kabob" and piaz afternoon nap so that he can get ready for the launch?


what a Joke, 60 year old technology

by pars35 on

Rocket Hobbyist send bigger rockets up in Palm Desert every weekend

These people are fake and have a grand illusion of themeselves.

Chanting GOD IS GREAT is absurd. what does GOD have to do with building Weapons?


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

60+ year old technology

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Once again the IRR has managed to mimic 60+ year old technology. I do not question that it was home made. Remember: Russians sent up Laika in 1957.

This is pure propaganda. 


...بساط چای و کرسی تو فضا هم براه!به به


دمشون گرم، عجب سماور دوقلو و بخاری نفتی‌ (ماهواره سیمرغ) باحالی رو به فضا پرتاب کردند... بساط چای و کرسی تو فضا هم براه..


Congratulation to USSRn and N. Korean scientist

by عموجان on

Some body made good money on this deal. Why the guy with white coat covering his mouth and nose.

Here is another question how come Iranian passenger airplanes drooping from sky but these guys can put man on the moon. Here is an  idea, use these rockets for domestic passenger carrier.

The marketing line be like this:

One way from Tehran to Mashad in 5 minutes, the chances getting there alive is the same as getting on an airplane, but you get there faster.

They don't have enough pilots, they have to hire drunken Russian pilots now they know all about aerodynamic and space. hopefully they all get on this so called rocket and leave this planet on 22 Bahman. 



Good for Iran

by bahramthegreat on

I congratulate Iranian scientists and not the Iranian government. If the launch was a success, then we are more advance in space technology than many other countries. Here in the USA, we have numerous top scientist working for big aerospace companies that later can be of a great asset to the country if the relationship between Iran and USA normalized.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

what do you expect?  the "tool" is a "dul."


"Congra-dul-ations" ! LOL!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Anonymous Observer

Iranmilitary...a/ka/ Shah Gholam

by Anonymous Observer on

First of all, the News section "posting" of yours does NOT say that the payload returned to earth, and I commented about it on that thread, so stop lying.

Second, using a 1960's scud engine is no great accomplishment, with or without sanctions.  In 1932, Germans were a semi-slave nation, with their country occupied by foreign forces.  By 1944, they had invented missile technology and jet engine, and were the most technologically advanced nation on the planet.  And talking about sanctions, no one helped the Germans either.  So, this whole "sanctions" thing is an excuse to justify the laziness that mullahs are notorious for.  Plus, mullahs have had other priorities so far, such as training and exporting terrorists, stealing Iran's money, and of course, eating tons and tons of free halva.

BTW, Argentina sent a monkey into space in 1969.  So, as it stands, the IRI is still behind 1969 Argentina. Good luck!



by on

This particular rocket is called "sounding rocket" is a reseach rocket that is something betwen a high altitude baloon and satellite. It is primarily used to collect data on its short trip. For that, it carries sophisticated instruents onboard.

Kavoshgar III carried live animals for scientific observation during the flight. The payoad parachuted back into earth safely (read the corresponding report I posted in News section).

The special payload allows Iranian scientisis to start their data gathering for a manned flight mission into space scheduled for 2020. It would be expected to have such payoads more frequently in the future on Iranian launches to higher orbit.

Again congradulations to those Iranian scientists who have managed to bring Iranian space activities to unbelivable heights under extreme sanctions and financial difficulties.

I am looking forward for the launch of Mesbah II satellite onboard Simourgh SLV launcher. Simurgh uses four Shahab III rocket engines in its first stage. An impressive leap for a nation that had started developing missiles in mid 1990s, that is in 15 short years and again under massive sanctions.



Iran has successfully

by ahmad_ on

Managed to send a Rocket up into space, but down on earth they are still having problem solving the basics.


makes you wonder.


Congratulations and I wish Iranians all success

by Bavafa on

It is not solely a matter of succeeding the first time you try but daring to try and constantly improving the process. I wish the best for all Iranians who are working hard to improve Iran technologically.



Monkey Mullahs

by SAVAK_1 on

Photoshop nonsense; made out of refrigerator parts

Anonymous Observer

Reminds me of my childhood

by Anonymous Observer on

I had one of these rockets when I was ten.  I used to fire it off and it would parachute back to the ground, and I would use it again...ahhh...good memories.  Although I think that my rocket was more technologically advanced than this one, because apparently this one just fell back down to the ground and exploded somewhere in the desert.   Plus, I wasn't sadistic enough to put innocent animals in the rocket and kill them that way.

AMIR1973: Perfect comment.  Thanks.