June 15 exclusive scenes

Shocking report on Tehran University dormitory attack on June 15, 2009


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by thexmaster on


here is the problem

by Kaveh Parsa on

Do I want Sargord to be censored?  I sure as hell, I doi!!

But is that really what I want? Think about it......


Shifteh - please do so. Thanks.

by MM on


Shifteh Ansari

Thanks MM

by Shifteh Ansari on

Very interesting read.  I will post it for others to see, too.


More Lies and BS with no shame

by Fair on

from Waffen SS Major.  Usually when people are publicly disproven they back off.  But from the students of Goebbels, the procedure is clear- keep lying for your system, as it is above all else.

Waffen SS Major you are so full of crap you have lost all sense of direction.  You predictably quickly turn this crime against Iranian students around and point to israel the US France and others.  Well you know what?  Screw you.  This is IRANIAN.COM.  Remember?  The country IRAN?  If you have problems with those other countries, GO ON THE MULTITUDE OF WEBSITES WHICH ARE NOT BLOCKED BY THEM THAT CRITICISES THEM AND ADD YOUR PATHETIC VOICE.  Over here, we talk about Iran.

Furthermore-  When did US and French police enter campuses, drag people out of the dormitories, beat and kill them, and then pile them up on top of each other like animals and then disappear them?  Perhaps you are referring to the Argentine or Burmese juntas.

Furthermore, I am not here to defend the US and France, as they are not innocent either.  But you will not be allowed here to just blatantly lie and lie and lie and feed BS and not be challenged.  

Provide one instance of either the US or France ever doing such a blatant mass attack on students and then disappearing them.  You cannot.

Also, so much for your previous lie that IRGC was not involved in the crackdown.  The terrorists in this video are basij and are led and commanded and funded by the stateless terrorist organization, IRGC.

You are an anti Iran stateless terrorist who advocates war on the Iranian people and the brutalization of Iranian civilians by your anti Iranian Islamic Fuehrer and his vast network of terrorists, and for that I say loud and clear, shame on you, you have no honor or country.  Stand with your people.




پدر خوانده یا کازینو؟-perspective on power struggle within IRI


The following link gives an interesting perspective on the power struggle behind the scenes in IRI circles, as well as an explanation on why these films were released.


Shifteh Ansari

The truth about Iran's campus attack

by Shifteh Ansari on

Read this article in today's Guardian: //www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/feb/2...
"The riot police behaved so brutally that even some of the Basij tried to stop them, as the video shows. Students were harassed verbally and physically when forced to lie on the ground. Some were bleeding profusely but the police continued to attack them. This was the point when five students were killed by being beaten with electric batons on their heads."


Sargord - pls relay Arabic BBC info to ur friends in Palestine

by MM on

Please relay this information regarding Arabic BBC programs on the web to your friends in Palestine

Eight Arabic BBC programs on the Web : 

  شاهد تلفزيون مباشر    


راديو مباشر    


تعليم الإنجليزية    




 الشرق الأوسط  


 الصحف البريطانية  


 بالفيديو والصوت  


 اقتصاد وأعمال    


BBC Satellite TV: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Arabic_Television   


However, there is severe competition by other satellite Arabic language services,

 I am sure that this was a lapse of memory on your part for not remembering the above information, maybe due to AD.  Please translate and post good programs that the above news organizations have on Iran.  And, for heavens sake, have yourself checked out by a qualified physician.  Thank you.  

hamsade ghadimi

آقا رضا

hamsade ghadimi

من یکی‌ جوابت رو دیدم و حال کردم. این بدبخت تهگرد خدا زده تو سرش کافی‌ شه دیگه آنقدر لزومت نداره که ما هم بزنیم تو سرش. ولی‌ اگر هم کسی‌ زد نوش جانش.  لامصّب فارسی بلد نیست و دلقک بازی در میاره با این افهٔ سرگردیش.  باز بعضی‌‌ها اعتقاد دارند به ولایت و رحم ندارند به هموطن، بعضی‌‌ها مزدورند و باقی‌ شون روانی شبیه تهگرد افندی.

ولی‌ دادا اگه سانسور نشی‌ این سایت به گه کشیده میشه.  این که هیچی‌ ما یه بار کامنت‌های یک زن کینه جو رو (حالا اسمش رو نمیگم ولی‌ اسم کوچیکش سوریه) در این سایت که دربارهٔ من شایعه پخش میکرد flag کردیم هیچ کاری نکردن.  جوابش رو دادیم که گه می‌خوری شر و ور میگی‌، کامنت مارو سریع سانسور کردن.  ایمیل فرستادیم به آقا ج ج که جریان چیه اون هم هیچ جوابی نفرستاد.  پس برو خوش باش. اینجا شبیه ایران ترافیک سنگینه، اینور اونور رو نگاه نکن، سرتو بنداز پایین و رد شو.



This is iranian.com...

by ahvazi on

if anyone of you have issues with excessive beating in the us, palestine, france, or any other nation, please go to their websites and protest. We are iranians who don't want our youth to be trampled up and killed by a bunch of IRI thugs.



by reza007 on

اگر بخاطر رعایت و احترام به دمکراسی کسانی مثل سرگرد که آگاهانه آب به آسیاب ج ا می ریزند اجازه مزخرف گویی دارند و اولین بار هم نیست! وهمیشه سعی دارد نظر خوانندگان را از موضوع اصلی که مورد بحث است منحرف کند ولی امثال بنده که حالم از این ادم های بادیست که نان را به نرخ روز می خورند به هم می خورد مورد لطف سانسور شما قرار می گیریم آنچه بنده به ایشان نوشتم مطما باشید لایقش بودند.کما اینکه اگر همین دانشجو های به خشم امده انگشتی حواله ضاربین کنند نمی توانید ایراد بگیرید.با هرکسی باید به اندازه شعورش برخورد کرد .بله باید به افرادی مثل سرگرد انگشت نشان داد ....اگر خواستید باز ها سانسور کنید

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Pressure Mounts to Dissolve Largest Student Group (roozonlin

by Darius Kadivar on

Iran: Pressure Mounts to Dissolve Largest Student Group Arash Bahmani, Rooz Online


Pressures continue on Iran's largest student organization, Daftar Tahkim Vahdat (Office to Strengthen Unity). Earlier in the week, news came that Amin Nazari, a member of the central council of the student group and the head of its human rights division was arrested, despite his poor health. Till today, no details about his situation have been put forth by authorities.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Nur: Excellent response.  Thank you my friend.




by Nur-i-Azal on

You think there might be an agenda behind this specific BBC programming? Yes, isn't it obvious? The same bunch of twits who used the BBC to bring your emam-i-dajjal to power and impose that counter-revolution on Iran, are now turning against your mob and want you out. Very simple  agenda, really. Even your former British patrons are turning against you. Can you blame them? But WTF has this to do with undeniable, prima facie evidence of genocidal police brutality in university dormitories as this video shows?! Do you say the video is doctored? If not, what kind of lame , transparent defense is this that you're putting up here? Yes, the ZioNazis are the same kind of fascists as your mob are. But address the case of your own mobs fascism here and leave comments about your ZioNazi fascist counterparts for the appropriate venue of discussion. Javab bedeh!


The footage is self explanatory

by پیام on

Sargord and his buddy "bombali", defend i.r. all you want and call BBC biased or whatever. It doesn't change anything on the footage.

BBC or any other enemy of the i.r. have my full support to expose i.r. cruelty. Even if that is only to serve their own interests.

And more this, this is Iranian.com. If you have any complaints about BBC take it to them or post it on your beloved Palestinian.com. The same Palestinians that fatten their bellies by Iranian blood money and the same Palestinian that slaughter my brothers and sisters in Iran.

David ET


by David ET on

I did not understand the words in minutes 8:21-8:25 of the 2nd video . 



David - what language is at 8:21-8:25 min of the video u posted?

by MM on

sounds like done with a walkie-talkie in the background!


I hope U.N Human Rights commission can use this as evidence of

by aynak on


این سند جنایات رهبریست


HOOOOORAY, Terrorist RIGI Arrested.....

by bomannyali on

NExt up the rajavis


Sohrab would have been 20

by vildemose on

Sohrab would have been 20 today had he not been slain by an evil regime which specialises in death and destruction. He would have been celebrating with the rest of his family and getting on with his studies had he lived in a free country. But the likes of Sohrab never die, they are reborn and more Sohrabs follow their path.

Sohrab's innocent face and the footage of his worried mother wondering outside the Evin prison looking for him when he was missing has made him become one of the icons of the Green Movement in Iran. Symbols of a struggle by a noble people against savages that have taken over our country.


The messages by the leading IRI groupie

by thexmaster on

is NOT shocking, unlike the video.  The same old tired 1960's comparison is brought up regardless of validity over and over again just to be easily dismantled.  It's the very definition of insanity...or stupidity.  My recommendation is never to address this person again, or reply to him.  

David ET

more detailed raw videos :

by David ET on

Shifteh Ansari

گفت و گو با صادق صبا درباره فیلم حمله به کوی دانشگاه

Shifteh Ansari

hamsade ghadimi

the ironic thing is that

by hamsade ghadimi on

the ironic thing is that the iri supporters are not describing what is in the video and are talking about u.s. and gaza.  tahgord, was there a bbc reporter on the scene that was filming this beating?  or did they just transmitted the video that an iranian taped and they reported it because it's news?  would you be happier if bbc farsi just reported news on gaza?  tell me, what do you see in the video?  do you know what happened to the pile of human beings after the video ended?


Sargord, what is stranger

by bomannyali on

is that Mehdi Chahlangi from VOA would get all anxious whenever one of the guest would bring up the role of US in the overthrow of Mossadegh.

You could see in his face that he ws very uncomfortable accepting criticism towards US as if to say, hey this is not allowed or not cleared by my superiors.  I saw this often especially when Mohsen Sazgara would mention US's negative role in Iranian history.

And what did Mehdi Chahlangi get for his efforts?  They cut him to part time and he only gets to host "Tafseere Khabar" 3 nights a week from what used to be 6 or 7 nights a week.



by rtayebi1 on

To compare Iran to America or France,  or other better cultures (oh yes Irsrael) is bullshit. Even though I am an Iranian to compare me to an Iranian in Iran is bullshit. I have changed so so much. I have learned from this culture to respect human rights. Think about it. Tell me truthfully. Have we not become a better human being since we have  come to America? I know I have . Vali at the end what can we do to make Iran a better place for all of us. May it be for basigee, saltanet taleb, mosalman, Calimee, Armanee, ccomonist, bee khoda, or whom ever.  Please someone give me the answer

Mardom Mazloom

SARettoGOhisstkeRahbarriD (SARGORD)

by Mardom Mazloom on

Agar kalato az oon too dar ari, you'll see that these butchers aren't Israeli policemen and those beaten innocents aren't palestinans.

Agar sareto azoon too kalass koni, you'll see that these mozdoors are your IRGC-yegan friends who are 'supposed' to protect innocents that they are killing!

It's true that Palestin is a heaven compared to IR.

Dast BBC dard nakoneh, but if sareto azoon too kalass koni, you'll be able to think that this film has been taken by some Basijis and was in the possession of IRGC-Basij-Yegan and someone with an epsilon of conscience gave it to BBC. That's called rizesh. we're waiting for the rest.


Hardly shocking?

by Miko on

Sargord "What I'm pointing out is that this is hardly shocking"  Really? but if you were one of those poor students getting your ass kicked, it would be very shocking dude.


hamsade ghadimi


yes pretty much. I was amongst the minority of iranians who had read and rejected khomeinis hokoomat eslami way before the revolution.


This video only shows the honeymoon! Next comes rape and torture

by obama on

for these poor guys. They don't want to videotape the next step. here, they just wanted to show how humanely (LOL) they treated them, since they knew it would eventually might show up for the public conumption! Yap! You ain't seen nothin yet!

Re. BBC - BBC or VOA are no angels and they work for their governments! They are not intersted in a true democracy for Iran. They have their own agendas and they want to use the events in Iran to their own advantage.

However, this doesn't mean that we should turn a blind eye to the IRI's atrocities. That's why it is important for this movement to operate without any help from the west, so noone can accuse us of being the stooges of the west which we are not!