Cloned goat

Al Jazeera: Iranian scientists have cloned a goat and plan future experiments they hope will lead to a treatment for stroke patients. The female goat, named Hana, was born early on Wednesday in the city of Isfahan in central Iran. "With the birth of Hana, Iran is among five countries in the world cloning a baby goat," said Isfahani, an embryologist. Mohammed Hossein Nasr e-Isfahani, head of the Royan Research Institute, said. He said his institute's main aim in cloning the goat is to produce medicine to be used to treat people who have had strokes. In 2006 Iran became the first country in the Middle East to announce it had cloned a sheep.


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by minadadvar on

Grow up.


تا بسوزه اونجای


تا بسوزه اونجای اونایی که نمی تونن ببینن


حنا به دست


بنا بر دفتر رسمی‌ جناب رهبر این گوسفند بی‌ زبان رو ایشان افتتاح خواهد کرد. به دلیل اینکه رهبر همیشه در جوانی حنا به دستش میزد، می‌خواهد آخر عمری دوباره حنا به دست شود. در مراسم جماع رهبر بزرگان روحانی پشت ایشان نماز جمعه میخوانند و شاید هم دور از چشم رهبر و مجتبی‌ این حنای بی‌ زبون رو هاپولی کنن. استخفر الله.


maybokhor...nakhor baba

by Cost-of-Progress on

Isn't "may" haram in your beloved religon?





Brains that drain

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Brains that are trained in Iran, paid by the Iranian nation and actually very privileged compared to other Iranians.....belong to where they are going: the drain.


Highest Rate of Brain Drain

by minadadvar on

I am proud of Iranian scientists.  Unfortunately, the reporter says "according to IMF, Iran has the highest rate of brain drain" 



alaho masale ala mohamad

by azadi5 on

alaho masale ala mohamad yare emam khosh amad :).



Dogs keep barking, while lions walk away

by bomannyali on

Khomeini and his diciples run the country.  They are in charge and in power!

Before you blast away and pretend your are so great, a passport official in the airport puts you right in your place :)


Hesabi Iranians know science, ashgal Iranians write mozakhraf

by amgw4 on

on Iranian.com, riot and set things on fire.


Iran showing fastest scientific growth of any country

by Irooni on


Iran showing fastest scientific growth of any country




Khomeini's grand grand kid...

by Emil on

I heard this goat is the result of marriage between one of Khomeini's grand kids and one of their pet goats......and the baby goat is a Sayyed (descendant of prophet Mohammad) by blood, hence black spot on her skin...mobarak basheh...cheshme shoma roshan



by Guilan on



shanhool o mangool

by Fatollah on

cute, cute, cute goats :-)

Javad Yassari

Heyvooni ba-ba-ee!

by Javad Yassari on

There are so many other goats they could use for their experiments in Iran.  They can start with Ahmad Khatami
and Esmaeel Ahmadi Moghaddam, two prime candidates on the first page of Iranian.com today.  And there are a whole lot more where those goats came from.  One visit to Council of Experts could deliver in excess of 80!  Now, if they MUST have female goats (you do know that women are not allowed there, don't you?), how about Fatemeh Rajabi of Raja News (Gholamhossein Elham's wife)?  I'm sure she will be able to prove enough goat-ness for two or maybe even three experiments. 

To be sure, if they used any of these goats for their experiments, they have made some good use of them for a change,compensating for all the evil and crime that they have managed to accomplish so far.


Wow, this baby goat is sooo cute

by bomannyali on

& I am extremely pro-animal rights.  I will defend this goat against any haters mainly IRI enemies, regardless of who they are.  I will not hesitate to use extreme force against the haters to defend this cute playful jumping sheytoon goat from the haters' blood soaked claws.

This little goats jumping on its mother's back made my day. 

Way to go soldiers under pressure