U.S., Israel & Arab states Against Iran's Nuclear Program

BBC interview with Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz

شائول موفاز، سیاستمدار اسرائیلی متولد تهران، خواستار اتحاد جهان عرب با اسرائیل علیه ایران شده است. آقای موفاز که در دوره‌ای رئیس ستاد ارتش اسرائیل و زمانی وزیر دفاع این کشوربوده، به عنوان رئیس کمیته روابط خارجی و دفاع مجلس اسرائیل انتخاب شده است. محمد منظرپور در مصاحبه با آقای موفاز پرسیده چرا او خواهان اتحاد جهان عرب و اسرائیل علیه ایران شده است؟


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Great Men Are Not Always Wise

by comrade on



This is my problem with Mr. Mofaz: He should understand that neither of the so-called moderate regimes can be portrayed as a desired model for our homeland the day after the collapse of IRI.

Our Jewish friends in Israel, and inside the hallways of Capitol Hill should start defogging their ultra-nationalistic/racist political lenses. It's becoming tiresome to remind them that the biblical view which doesn't look beyond the immediate interests of the Jewish people historically backfires once in a while, big time.    

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Niloufar Parsi

tabriz, let me try

by Niloufar Parsi on

no country can use nuclear weapons against its own people. some, like israel, cannot use them against some of their foes like the palestinians or the lebanese. just too close to home. 

the question of technology and national defence is above the question of regime. no matter what regime is in place, iran should have strong defences.

would the regime become more emboldened against iranians? unlikely! it is the iranian people who own and create such technologies not the regime. if you like, both 'sides' would be emboldened.

what it will do for sure is to reduce the threat of war through the deterrence effect. you mention pakistan. surely one of the lessons there for the west is that you do not mess with a country's internal security once it goes nuclear.

a reduced war threat would in turn lead to economic prosperity, which in turn would undermine the regime from within because it would increase demands for greater freedom from a more prosperous and demanding population. of course i am making a big assumption. but it is no less likely than the negative assumptions you make.

having said all that, i don't actually want iran to develop nuclear weapons. such weapons are evil. but iran should show the capability to make them just for the deterrence effect. there are just too many predators out there...



by soutalbarut on





your time is up!


Islamist regime the great unifying factor.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Not only arabs and Jews, but Iranian of otherwise opposing ideologies are united against islamist regime. Everybody finds this common denominator, the cess pool of islamist regime, to unite around. every one seem to,  except this Joooooooo hating west residing rent a mouth mob on Iranian.com.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

marhoum Kharmagas

I wish IRI total success

by marhoum Kharmagas on

If (a big IF) IRI is building Nukes, I wish it total success.



by tabriz_balasi on

eventough I hate Israel, arab, and anglo enemies of Iran, however I don't feel obligated to defent IR right now.  I feel no attachment to them and there is no love lost.  consider this, if these guys, the dirty sepah/mulla gang that currently run Iran (not all Mulla's; not all of sepah) get a hold of the A-Bomb, it will only help them to disrespect their own citizens even more.  I am sorry, but I hope IR doesn't get an A-bomb, even if it is a slap on Iran's enemies face.  A person should have moral priorities and my priority is that IR at its current form should be defeated because it no longer represents its people.  and for those of you who talk emotionaly, i suggest to think more and see what is good for Iran.  if you still come to the colclution that A-bomb will be beneficial, that is fine.  But it is an emotional topic I understand that and we Iranians have too many unchanneled emotions.  I would love to smash zionist, pan-arab, and greedy-anglo enemies of iran as much as any of you; but the question is does an A-bomb really help us.  and it is no source of pride I am sorry but even pakistan has it.  noth korea has it.  do these guys represent anything in this world other than backwardness.  atleast those of you who suppor A-bomb make a list of benefits so that i know it too, maybe i end up chaning my mind.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.

Niloufar Parsi

tough luck

by Niloufar Parsi on

for US, Israel & Arab states! they can pull each others' ugly hair out one by one. won't make any difference!


Iran is powerful because of ancient non written code!!!

by Benyamin on

We Iranians defend our country based on an ancient code in which we fight and defend our country no matter who is the leader or how stupid they are. This none written code has made Iran very powerful and kept the geography of Iran pretty much(close to the older empires terretory) in tact.

I believe as it is the west wont risk attacking Iran not at this time but the sanctions are working and effecting both the people and the leadership. The people of Iran are forgetting what this stupid government is worth defending for and there is a rift within the structure of the leadership even in the defence forces. This situation is only worsening as sanctions are getting harsher and harsher and the leadership of Iran is acting more paranoid day to day.

The worst thing the Iranian government could do is accusing its own population of treason and act less paranoid but they are doing the exacact opposite.

The Iranians are losing the chess game they are very good at.


When he says we need to

by Bavafa on

When he says we need to make a distinction between leaders and people, does this apply to Saudi Arabia as well?