Hooshang Amirahmadi

President of American Iranian Council 2011 New Year message

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The crooked car dealer meets the President

by Simorgh5555 on

You just know that Dr AmirAhamdi is as crooked as a dog's hind leg when you have the IR brothers, Molla, and the hack Q supporting him.

See Amir Ahmadi meeting with Ahmadinejad:  


Any so-called Iranian organisation which does not denounce the IR and its policies is suspect. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

yolanda    he came to the usa in 1975-76 fully paid by "bonyad pahlavi" to get his master in new york.....

with the story of "tubreh & akhoor" that bonyad became "bonyad aalavi" in 1980  and he was on their full financial support then afer all the way till now ;and Aalavi was raided by FBI & IRS in 2007-8 and the list of all beneficiaries are hope fuly available to the public in a later date.         Maziar


His alleged funding by the islamist regime of Iran...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thanks for the info Yulanda. He certainly comes across as a supporter of the islamist regime of Iran. But being funded by the regime is another thing, given seriously criminal and terroristic  nature of the actions and policies of islamsit regime of Iran, both internaly and externaly. Is this claim actually substantiated and proved?

In any event, I have major issue with the name of his organisation "Iranian American Council". Juding by the responses here alone, he seems to be hardly speaking for "Iranain Americans".

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on


Read the comments,

full of hatred,


towards someone or some organization who's trying to provide a sustainable dialogue and a more comprehensive understanding of US - Iran relations. A more peaceful relationship.

As Iranian Americans we must answer the following question: Do we want a peaceful relationship between the two country or do we want a war with Iran?

Is it in our interest if there would be a war? If the answer is a resounding 'NO' then we should approach it more seriously rather than 'demonizing', 'ridiculing' the ones who are working towards a peaceful resolution.  


Deh. chi baba

by Doctor mohandes on

Aghaye Jason roodabari!

Pleased don't mess with name o asl o nasab.

I am the only Dokie mohandes around here.

G. Rahmanian

You should read his thousand - page rants on the same topic. Maaaan... I mean put on some coffee and stay the whole night up...



by yolanda on

Hi! Maziar,

   I read about him yesterday on Wikipedia......here is the controversial part:

According to the New York Post, Hooshang Amirahmadi has been funded by the Iranian government through a fund seized by the US government


Happy New Year to you also!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

He could run! If he abandoned his American citizen ship

But we have a saying that goes like this : wants to eat fom tubreh and akhoor at the same time .

people like him are just like pimps .      

happy new year    Maziar




AmirAhmadi continues to be his own worst enemy. he needs to work on his PR a little.



by Tavana on

AIC & NIAC are indeed 2 different organizations but work under the same umbrella. The first one is American Iranian Council & the second one stands as National (whatever such word means) Iranian American Council. Both councils' members suffer from the Severe Multiple Personalities Disorder and often change colors as the rainbows do. They also act as the "Pepto Bismal" medicine in IRI's dealings with US.


Is it the same NIAC

by statira on

or a different organization?



by yolanda on

I watched the whole video.......but not much retained in my head.....'cause I got distracted by the swinging pendulum, Persepolis poster, and splendid mosque poster on the wall.......he seems to be a nice guy.....very very patient......nothing is going to stop him from doing his job....not even a monotonous and lackluster video....he heard a calling!

He tried to run for president in Iran in 2005, but Guardian Council disqualified him for his American citizenship and democratic platform....



This is my 2nd post on this?

by Vattan on

The first one I have no idea what happened to it and I am not sure if the editorial would like this post either?
This guy talks in behalf of Iranian - American? I am Iranian- American and I am for Regime Change in Iran by referendum or Force? So please do not talk in my behalf. You only have one voice.
Oh btw- The Mosque in your background got no representation of my heritage.


Yougo Mola

by Tavana on

The Excellency Mola please answer the followings in regard to your comment below:

"We the majority of Iranian Americans......" Just exactly how many IAM (Iranian American Molas) like yourself are there? Do they all have an IAM huge plate posted above their heads in their office like that of Doc.'s above? Is there any alliance between American Iranian Coucil & Iranian American Molas? 

"Kharmagas: Ma Baraye Vasl Amadeem, Nay Baraye Fasl Amadeem" How do a Mola & a Kharmaga perform "Fasl & Vasl" together? 



Nasredeen ( or Nasrellah)

by پیام on

Funny how you feel the need to speak for the majority of Iranians since you feel obligated to act as their speaker. You remind of the way Kh.R and A.N. think and act. I guess that shows on which side you reside :)



by fullback1 on

IranJon  The Islamic Shituplic Must be brought down and put before The court in The Hage for Genocide . Dr. Amirahmadi , my old friend, you and I met some 30 years ago in NJ. You have gotten older but not wiser. This despicable regime is bent on taking revenge, as we saw last week by over 68 hangings in Ahvas , Zahedan and Tehran,in respond to actions taken in the mosque in Chabahar, not to mention the Bombing was the work of Basij and the Pasdarran,at the Mosque, not the Jundollah as reported by The Islamic Thugs occupying Iran. I also like to remind the readers here , in the past 3 years ,160 + Iraqie retired pilots killed at the hands of Quds criminals stationed in Iraq as IRI television reporters. For  the past 30 years from the first day of the Islamist Take over of Iran these bastards have been busy killing Iranians and American soldires by either hangings or sicide bombings The last thing the Obama or any American adminstration needs to do is to normalize relation with the Islamic Thugs Occupying Iran.The Islamic Scums must be eradicated form Iran and send to Lebanon wher they belong . You are advocating the prolonging of the Islamic Occupiers presence in Iran.


Dr. Strangelove's "Cunning" Greetings

by Demo on

Fed up really with all the "Dr." titles as nowadays everybody in the regime carries a fake one like AN himself! The "Norooz" greetings background set up (especially of the BIG CLOCK!!) of this opportunistic professor??? with his "clownish" outfit & his terrible accent tells the whole story, i.e. YOU FOSSILIZED BOYS AND GIRLS 'AMERICANS IRANIANS' DO NOT QUESTION ANY OF THE IRI's CRIMES, AND WE WILL HAVE TWICE A YEAR HAPPY NEW YEARS FOR YOU!!! Dr. Strangelove should think of more cunning "schemes" for 2011!!

PS. It is people like yourself who have kept the Iranian Chalabi's at bay so far!! There are no limits with the "deceptions." Are the fossilized supposed to deny Chalabi's ties to IRI? Are they going to forget the daily travelling of Chalabi, Noori Maleki, & their colleagues to IRI before the Iraq's invasion by US & UK? Is the world still going to be upside down per the "Q's" comments in 2011?



Mola Nasredeen

You go doctor!

by Mola Nasredeen on

We the majority of Iranian Americans are with you all the way to achieve a peaceful productive relationship between Iranians and Americans.

It's obvious. We've experienced the Hostage Crisis and its effects on Iranian Americans in this country. So naturally we need peace between United States and Iran more than anything else. It's no brainer but brain stops to function properly under the pressure of Anger, Hatred and Revenge.

We have a few of them here on this website. It's about hating any approach with Iran, under any condition and at any price. Some are out of closet monarchist such as Mr Hollywood. Some are representatives of political organizations, 2 blogs a day ones' like FredCo that pushes Israel's Likud party line.

And then we have the 'clueless ones' or 'out of touch ones'.

They the above collective together Ridicule and at times 'Demonize' the likes of the speaker in the above video, Dr Amirahmadi. He gives a background about his organization that's called 'American Iranian Council' and its activities in the United States. He is expressing his wish for a better relationship between Iran and United States,

Why not? We are for it too 100%

Kharmagas: Ma Baraye Vasl Amadeem, Nay Baraye Fasl Amadeem

Happey new year to you and Q too.  

marhoum Kharmagas

Q, and Mola, happy new year to you and Dr. Amirahmadi

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Also damet garm Q, despite all of our disagreements.

Ey Molla, dame to ham garm. 



by masoudA on

the peace Q, Amirahmadi, Trita,......are after is peace of mind for IR - has nothing to do with Iran and Iranians.   Meanwhile, the oppressed nation lives in constant fear.   A fear which Q and his likes have no idea about...... 

maziar 58

by maziar 58 on

As a fosilized 1975 dude I'm pacifist Personally \and in favor of peaceful gov. change in Iran But How ?

That's a $ 64000,000 Question.

hope our  1400 years old teenagers can do something about it By opening a <IAC> in Tehran.     Maziar


Thank You for your work Doctor Amirahmadi,

by Q on

Thank You for what you do every day, accomplishing actual goals in peace building, while certain other out-of-touch Iranians in exile community can only bitch and moan and point fingers.

It is people like yourself who have kept the Iranian Chalabi's at bay so far. But with the new Congress, you have alot left to do. New chairwoman Illeana Ros-Lehtinen is determined to remove the terrorist MEK from the terror list this season.

Don't look for help with the fossilized community, forever stuck in 1975. There are hundrends of thousands of other Iranians who support peace and support you. You saw them come out during the elections while the Tehrangelesi crowd was saying "boycott."

That's your real support, not cowardly loudmouths on online forums.

Good Luck and Happy New Year to you.



by masoudA on

I wonder who his target is?   certainly not Iranian or Iranian-Americans... must be certain Americans.   Those whom he has told he is very influencial amongst Iranians!!!!!

BTW - did you see the picture on his wall?  cheshmak be IR!!! lol

Doctor Joon - why don't you tell us a bit on what you teach your students about Iran and Iranians?   Those of you in New York - can you get Doc's coursework at Rutgers? 


Pretty bad video

by choghok on

Since he has highr rank contacts I would have thought that he could put more money in producting a simple video.

All the stuff hanging on the wall especially the clock with its pendulum is very distracting, also his face as already mentioned looks angry and i guess it has to do with spotlights into his face. And also the coughing, drink some medicine before the talk. Sazegaras videos are much more professional than this, and they are basic.

Of what I have heard from him he sounds reasonable, his aim is better relations and that in long term leads to better condition for everybody. 


delusions of grandeur !

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The serious, yet comical pose, setting, etc all remind me of the president of the USA giving his state of the union speech! His poor command of english lets him down badly though! One could easily confuse this video with one of those "saturday naight live" comedy sketches! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Like we need another

by mahmoudg on

charlatan to give us the greetings.  The Us and Iran to talk so charlatans like him can benefit.  How many years has he lived in this country??? and he still cannot speak English properly.



by SamSamIIII on


I would understand if it was Imam Reza but then it is on 2nd view  looool. my mistake. but fence sitting charlatans know how to cash their cheques the easy way. Ohh yaa I want u to rep me. pls accept my donation Mr javad AmirEnglish.




Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia



by Doctor mohandes on

What the hell?

he might wanna put a smile on that cute face or everyone is gonna want to turn the tv off . What is with the frowned and angery look there?

Yea. Happy new year. NOW get down and give me 30 push ups and sign your damn names and become memebers you imbeciles. NOW/


Darius Kadivar

Thank You Agha Dokotor Like wise ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Khanoum Dokotor Madelaine Albright also Wishes to express a Happy and Prosperous year to you also ...  
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