Australia Asylum Seekers

Refugees who travelled 6,000 miles in search of a better life

The Guardian: Many of those packed on to the wooden boat that broke up in heavy seas off the coast of Australia's Christmas Island today will have not seen their homes in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan in months or years. Like thousands of others who try to leave the Middle East for Australia each year, they had set out on the 6,000-mile journey searching for a better life. According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), many pass through Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and then through countries in south-east Asia and on to Indonesia. "Most of these people travel overland, often in trucks," said Jean-Philippe Chauzy, a spokesman for the IOM. "They are faced with huge problems and all the time they are at the mercy of people-smuggling gangs." Figures from Australia's immigration authorities show more than 4,225 asylum seekers have arrived from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq so far this year. Non-governmental groups say thousands more are stranded en route >>>


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In loving memory of our

by Arthimis on

In loving memory of our lost Iranian children, women and men. May your souls Rest In Peace. we will never forget you and forgive those who put you in this situation...

A boat I will shape by Sohrab Sepehri

Translation: Morteza Heydari Araghi

A boat I will shape,

and will let free into sea,

will go farther away from this bizarre land,

where nobody, in this land of love,

pulls the heroes out of sleep.

A boat, free of sail,
and will shape away heart from the dream of pearl.
Neither I lie with blues,
Nor seas- water fairies, whose heads on surface,
who enchant from the spring of their hairs
on fisherman's sunlight of lonely dares.

will run so
will sing so:
shall go far, farther away.
Men? no tales.
Women? not as cheerful as a cluster of grapes.

No chamber of mirrors doubled the drinking spree.
Even water didn't let a torch fire-free.
shall go far, farther away.
night sang its song, it's the windows' day.

will run so.
will sing so.

Beyond the sea, there is a city,
where the windows are open to expressions.
and the roofs are places for pigeons who watch the fountain of the human mind.

In the hands of each 1o year old child, is a flower of knowledge.
People of the city see a bait, like a flame, a soft dream.
The earth hears the music of your feeling,
and calls in wind, story-telling birds' wing.

Beyond the sea, there is a city,
where sun extents to the size of daybreakers' eyes.
Poets heir water, wisdom and light.

Beyond the sea, there is a city,
A boat I must shape.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

why a defenless child deserve drowning just because his/her parents wants a better life ?

that was the question and not what we deserve as you replied .

in 1978 when I left Iran because of not enough seats in our university just like many others we were not even thinking of the TSUNAMY heading our motherland the next year let alone to settle in the west for as long as those MONSTERS are breathing our air.         Maziar

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

The American refugees from the period that I knew of were not wealthy. In fact, if you were well off, you could get a deferment by attending college.

It's amazing how many self-exiled Iranians on this site seem so eager to flaunt their own ignorance.

But hey, they gotta hold on to something. I have to imagine it ain't easy being only semi-accepted, in semi-hostile surroundings. Truth be told, though, many of you deserve this fate. 

maziar 58

American Refugees !

by maziar 58 on

Funny to call a dodge drafter a refugee!

FYI they were mostly from the affluent families that went to as far as south Africa and australia (all part of the common wealth) just not going to vietnam along with many other young American against that war.

BUT any other well toughts for the lost souls off of x-mas island ?

TAH GORD ?            Maziar

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Crown Prince Reza Statement On Christmas Island Tragedy

by Darius Kadivar on

Tragic loss of my compatriots on Christmas Island






It is with profound sorrow that I received word of the tragic loss of my compatriots on the unforgiving cliffs of Christmas Island, in Australia. These brave souls having been forced, like thousands of others, out of their country, were hoping to reach sanctuary and freedom beyond their borders.


While I await word of the details of this incident and how to best assist the survivors, I remained outraged at the circumstances that have sent millions of my compatriots in to exile as political and social refugees over the past thirty years – more than any other period in our nation’s long history.  This tragedy and the numerous others befallen our refugees are a direct consequence of the abhorrent and cruel practices of the regime in Tehran that drives Iranians to such acts of desperation. The current regime bears ultimate responsibility.


I extend my gratitude and that of all my compatriots to the people of Christmas Island for the humanitarian assistance they are extending to our refugees.  I call upon the international community, yet again, to come to the aid of Iranian refugees languishing the world over, before more tragedy befalls these brave and desperate people escaping a heinous regime.


I offer my condolences to their families and loved ones and pray for the souls of our lost on Christmas Island. Let this tragedy be yet another poignant reminder to us all to remain steadfast in our goal to put an end to this regime that cares naught for the people of Iran.


Reza Pahlavi

Dariush Kabir

Here you go again Mullah Sargord!!

by Dariush Kabir on

Here you go again Mullah Sargord, changing the subject from Iranians escaping "the big prison" Islamic Iran to 1960's US and your family!! You have no way to defend the brutality and tortures condition created by your masters in IRI. That is the root cause of this tragedy.

Mullahs are master of "maghlate" you learned your lesson very well, how many" lavat" did you have to give to graduate from "hoose"(mullah school)?



by delavar on

 You keep making comparisons between everything that happens to Iran or Iranians to what happends to the Americans. Is that another strategy to condone the terrorist Islamic Republic? I mean for example you compare the American refugees in Canada during the 1960s and early 70s to the millions of Refugees from Iran that have scattered all over the world? Don't you see the huge difference between the American Refugees and the Iranian refugees? The Iranian refugees flee the Islamic Republic to avoid stoning, turture rape and execution. Can you make the same case for the American refugees to Canada mostly elderly who went there to get better government befefits?

Dear Sargord, I decided to repost some of my previous posts for you again since I erased it from the other discussion forum and you probably didn't get a chance to read it:

You keep saying that part of your family is American and You keep saying that Iranians opposing the terrorist regime in Iran are "anti Iranian".  "Tell a Lie enough times and it becomes the truth".Fabrication instantly becomes fact and the more far-fetched, the better!  That was the strategy Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda director, used in his war against the Jews of Europe and it worked. You Hezbollahy Jihadies may not be very original but you certainly have figured out how to seize upon a good idea and run with it! Saying that Iranians are anti-Iranian. A very BIG Lie... but brilliant! .   

 Also it is very unlikely that your part of family is American but you turned out to be a hard core Jihadi Hezbollahy supporter of the Republic of Islam in Iran although it maybe possible. I mean if there are a few American youth that are Alqaeda and Taliban supporter , then I am sure there are also some like you supporting the terrorist regime in Iran.

Make no mistake about it. You are nothing but a prisoner!  You don't have the freedom to leave the cult of Velayate Faghih even if you had the dignity, integrity and self-respect to do so.  Do you know that supporting and sponsoring terrorism around the globe,  killing peaceful protesters, stoning people to death, beheading innocent unsupected civilians, and exhorting your brainwashed supporters  to strap dynamite to their chest will not send neither of them to Paradise to hump an endless stream of virgins?  All the bogus promises of an Islamic Heaven filled with young virgins (both little girls AND little boys) should be an insult to any sane human intelligence.  By the way, when was the last time an Ayatollah or a  mullah ever volunteered to blow HIMSELF up?  Believe me, THEY are a lot smarter than you!!!

Do you realize that your Islamic Republics cult's ONLY enduring claim to fame is prefaced upon the utter injustice to others who do not share its  cultist beliefs?  The cult that was created by these mullahs after the so called Islamic revolution and does not represent the real Islam being spread in all directions by thier gangs of like-minded freaks and is  bent on plunder, murder, vandalism, mayhem, rape and pillage. Is THIS what makes you a proud Muslim? I don't think so.  What you think and do is not real Islam.

Look around you...

 Which of your mullah leaders in IRR (i,e Rapist Republic in Iran) do you most admire? Are there ANY without  being criminal, terrorist , murderers, rapist? And what would ANY of them be if it were not for all the oil we have in Iran?

The fact is that the real Iranians live far better and certainly enjoy more physical, emotional and spiritual life style despite all the restrictions  and  what you do to them !  Even your  real enemies the Iranian students for example, despite all your vicious attempts to terrorize them have a far higher moral and a more vibrant lifestyle. The misery of  you Hezbollahy and Basiji  people, which remain disproportionately illiterate and stupid, is not the fault of any ordinary Iranian but rather the doing of your own un-elected Islamic Rebublic leaders who have brainwashed you.  You praise the Ayatollah for this?

 Simply put... If you as a merceneray of IRR had the ability to un-clog your brainwashed mind, you would acknowledge the Truth that your Islamic Republic in Iran IS definitely the worse form of racism and has  become synonymous with "terrorism" itself!  And unfortunately Hezbollahy and Jihadi are YOU too and you will  continue to be a Hezbollahy for the rest of your miserable blind existence... unless you face the reality.

Why not unload this heavy baggage and become a good Iranian citizen?... or, at the very least, ACT AS ONE.   Our Iranian culture and History preach love, compassion, compromise and justice... not Jihad, Holy War and suicidal martyrdom and raping potitical prisones before their execution as advocated by your leaders in the Republic of Islam.  You keep saying that the Iranians opposing the republic of Islam in Iran are anti Iranians .


Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, here in the US during

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, here in the US during the 1960s and early 70s, we had roughly 100,000 Americans that chose to break the law and become refugees, mostly in Canada.

It was tough on the families that stayed behind.

No one in my American family chose to become a refugee, though. Our young men toughed it out.


Tiny Part of The USA Legacy to Over Throw The Shah for Khomeini

by AlexInFlorida on

Heart breaking the extent to which Americans prioritized Money over Morals.

Iranians with the right leadership.. look how they used to live in the 1970's

when everyone was rushing to live in Iran.


Khoda Biamorzeshoon Shah va Khanevadesh.


None of us can even imagine

by Arthimis on

None of us can even imagine the level of horor prior such tragic death!!! It's one of the most heart breaking news lately and like everyone I am saddned and even 1000 times more angry at a criminal regime that put our men, women and children in such level of desperation to risk their lives in such dangerious fashion simply for Freedom and a better future which they never saw unfortunately!!! Something that they along 70 million Iranians could easly have in Iran as one of the richest countries in the whole wide world!!!! But because of these Islamic murderers, they too had to die thousands of kilometers away in such horrific fashion!! May all of them Rest In Peace. They were not lucky like you and I this time in life... Shame...

I pray to God for all the Islamic Occupiers of Iran to have a more painful fate and death. 

Free Iran and Iranians.



by Khar on

heart breaking


What kind of persons would

by norooz on

What kind of persons would take their children on such a dangerous journey?                                                                               What kind of persons would do that knowing they cannot swim?        What kind of persons would do that without life support?



You don't have a case. All you got is a bone.



Heart Breaking

by aziz on

Aside from the sad source of such desperate courageous escape to some unknown future, a safer solution seems to be possibly enlisted as Bahai. Then, awaiting is the easy exit from Iran, greeting in surrounding countries, well received by UN and hosting countries representative i.e. Australia, US, etc, free accommodated  flight, lastly all living expenses including, healthcare and education in the host country as a bonus.!!!  



by asadabad on

Embracing the infidel: stories of Muslim migrants on the Journey West by Behzad Yaghmaian You can watch the author talk about his book on


I don't remember iran having this problem

by shushtari on

when the shah was ruling our country!!!

in fact, people couldn't wait to get back home to iran when they went to europe or the US for vacation or school.


another pathetic and tragic result of the mullahs' horrendous and disastrous rule in our country


what a shame 



by Simorgh5555 on

I am with you on this. This is the legacy of Khomini's crackpot revolution. The blame for all of this is Khomeini and his ghastly and Islamic republic.

Death to the Islamic Republic. 


On the anniversary of Ashura

by Amir19 on

On the 1st anniversary of the 2009 Ashura where many young Iranians were killed by Yazid (Khameni) it is not a bad idea to watch this clip once more:


Dariush Kabir


by Dariush Kabir on

This is such a tragedy. These people are the victims of Mullah regime in Iran. Their endeavor to escape from execution, torture, rape in Islamic Iran end up dying in hope of better lives away from IRI. 2 years ago when I visited Iran, I met a lot of Iranians who were willing to take dangerous risk to escape Iran, which they called "The Big prison". As long as there is dictatorship in Iran, in the form of Mullah regime, we will have more people trying to escape, and who can blame them. I wonder if that anti Iranian Sargord would come out of his cave and give winning score to IRI in this case.

Yadam Beh-Khair

very sad

by Yadam Beh-Khair on

Time to remember these innocent (bad-bakht) people, not to push your political ideas. All Iranians are to blame not a single group. Shame!!

Darius Kadivar

So ? Is this the Result of Anything but failed Politics ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I ENTIRELY BLame the IRI and the Revolution for this !

I Rest My Case ! 


DK, honestly

by Rea on

There were babies there. Using this tragedy to promulgate any sort of politics is just not right.


It is indeed heart breaking

by Rea on

Particularly, knowing there were helpless children.


Shame on this regime


with their incompetency and they are killing thousands of people from road accidents, to air polution to suicide bombings! 




as mahiye gelalood aab nagir aghaye Kadivar! the least you could do is not advertise your monarch in this post!

Darius Kadivar

Heart Breaking ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Some Republic !!

So We Did a Revolution to End up like Boat People ? ...


To Think that Under the Monarchy we Needed No Visas for any Major Country ...

ROYALTY: Shah and Shahbanou visit Australia (1974)