Ahmadinejad: Emam Hossein present in every atom

Speaks on the occasion of Ashoora



Do you know why Persians

by norooz on

Do you know why Persians lost the battle to Arabs? Because Persians had too many big mouth, all talk selfish cowards like you in their camp.  I have said this a million times.  If you think Persia has been occupied by Arabs and you cared about Persia, you would be there saving your Persia.  not only you are not doing that now, you didn't even tried to save it when Arabs attacked your Persia in 1980. what did you do? Took as much as you could, and ran out of the country to save your sorry behind.  Of course, you don't believe in Martyrdom, if you had, you wouldn't be all talk. In fact, that was one of the reasons Arabs could defeat Persians. Arabs believed in Martyrdom and therefore, they fought without fear while our king ran to save his life as you did to save your sorry behind.  Martyrdom was one of the reasons why our soldiers didn't fear the enemy during the war. This is just one of the lessons you could have learned from the battle of karbala.  But you would rather to talk crap instead of learning from it. 



Antari , great speech as

by Arthimis on

Antari , great speech as usual, but why don't you see your own "Pasti" in that mirror??? Because every one else can see it!!!

Dillusional Shia muslims occupying Iran have made up the biggest story of their insecure lives and are beating themselves up for 1400 years and justify their criminal actions against humanity (Iranians) with all these psychotic Bull Shits...

The truth is that the dude (Hussein) was out numbered by the other savages (in the other camp) and was running away (for his life) in the desert with his family and few friends! Well, to his bad luck, the other assholes chased and forced him into a little bloody battle that didn't last long! End of the story people! Get over it!!! You don't see Scottish people going for "Sineh Zani" for "William Wallace" do you? and that was just few hundred years ago... LOL. Now 1400 years later, all these psycho-paths occupying Iran come up with thousands of different versions of the same fake story that puts "Braveheart" to shame...And worse, they start crying like little mental patients who really need medications beyond anything else as a matter of fact and in reality... 

Our only misfortune as Iranians is that we were born next to these psycho-criminals next door for over a millenium!! I swore you put Sweden and Swedish people next door to these guys and they would have not come out better that us Iranians! 

Free Yourself, Free Iran and Iranians.

Hoshang Targol

26آذر.ملاقات حضوری خامنه ای با روح امام حسين

Hoshang Targol


Good point, Paykar

by عموجان on

His intelligent is questionable? Really

Or was he just suicidal 




by MRX1 on

how much cosy share can this guy come up with? Bunch of Arabs killed one another over pussy, thousend years a go and these guys are mourning their loss.


What is he smoking??

by Peykan on

I want some of that stuff...

Hoshang Targol

Wasn't Hossain the one calling Iranians "Ajamie"

by Hoshang Targol on

( meaning mute, because we refused to speak Arabic) and condoning Arab domination over them (us), and isn't this entire Shiaian an Iranian creation, and how do you spell cultural schizophrenia, and.....





بابا راست میگه بدبخت!



بابا راست میگه بدبخت! من دیشب لاس و گاس بودم، بچشم خودم دیدم که چه جوری مردم پای این ماشین های کازینو  از «تهِ تهِ دل» عزادار بودن و تو سروسینهء خودشون میزدن! این دخترهای ورپریدهء نیمچه لخت هم هی فرت و فرت آبجو و تکیلا و ویسکی (ببخشین، گلاب قمصر!) میگرفتن زیر دماغ امّت عزادار!

آقا نمیدونین مردم چه جوری داشتن خودشونو هلاک میکردن! علی اصغر و علی اکبر هاشونو خوابونده بودن تو اطاقهای هتل و خودشون تو کازینوی نیمچه تاریک شام غریبون گرفته بودن!

صدای جیرینگ جیرینگ سکّه ها (ببخشین، زنجیر زنها) گوش فلک رو کر کرده بود، از در و دیوار کازینو پارچهء سیاه آویزون بود که روش نوشته بودن .....«باز این چه نوحه و چه عزا و چه ماتم است.....»

اینجور که شنیدم تو سواحل کوت د آزور، جزایر قناری، ریو دو ژانیرو،....وضع از اینهم بد تر بوده! همینجور دارن عزادارهای مدهوش رو میبرن اطاقهای اورژانس!

مموتی.........خودتی و همپالکی هات!


"No-nonesense" Defense of "Norooz"

by Demo on

What in the world the "battle of Karbala" has anything to do with this "Moshrek's" talk??? "Shirk" is the only & the only sin that per Quran teachings has no place for its forgiveness with GOD. Would Imam Hosein himself ever have had allowed such assertions about him?? For one thing though if there was an atom's weight of belief about "the judgement day" in AN's heart he would have never ever made such outrageous stratements. Is any of the so-called clerics listening to any of his speeches in IRAN???

PS: Did not Khomeini commit "suicide" by drinking poisonous drink @ the end of the genocidal Iran-Iraq war (or Shia vs Sunni war by "norooz's" admission)? Did not Shias of Iran loose the war? Did not Khomeini know that "suicide" was also a great sin by itself per Quran's teachings? Perhaps he had never bothered to read/learn Quran like many Moolahs of his type!!! 



by Paykar on

Hussein lost a power play and paid the price. He was not very
intelligent either- directing a few dozens to fight a few thousands.
Please spare me the B.S. Shariati had put forward regarding Martyrdom...

Iran has suffered too long due to beliefs you hold dear; fortunately the
impact of everything the Islamic government has done, is that most
people are turning away from the religion of death and mourning.

Injustice, inequality, and whole host of social ills do exist all over, specially in Islamic societies.The cure is not found in prepetuating some myths, rather our "salvation" lies in rejecting them.


As an Iranian

by عموجان on

Why should I care Arabs killed another Arab 

G. Rahmanian

1000% Demagogue!

by G. Rahmanian on

He is hard at work trying to create a Religious Cult of his own! At some point, some dumb foreign reporters and his supporters tried to depict him an "Ultra-Nationalist" then they called him a "Populist" loved by the majority of Iranians. Both these metaphors blew in their lying faces. Now, he wants to be seen as a devout Muslim. He is a demagogue, at best!


The battle of karbala is

by norooz on

The battle of karbala is a very meaningful and powerful battle. There are many lessons to be learned. The same characters and states that existed then, exist today. The same issues many had to deal with then, we must deal with today. Just the names have changed from Muawiya and Yazid to Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld.  Just as Muawiya then, there are others today that are forcing nations to submission.The bravery and sacrifices of Hussein, Abbas, Akbar, Zeinab still exist today. In fact, eight years of Iran-Iraq war was very similar to the Battle of Karbala. It was the faith and love of God, country and people backed by the story of Karbala and Hussein for many that strengthened our fighters.  



**خدایی شدن انسان؟؟؟؟**


این بشر میلیونها سال نوری از قرآن و پیام الهی در آن بدوراست. بر طبق قرآن گفتار این مرد نمونه ای واضح و مشخص از «مشرک» یعنی «کسیکه شریک و یاور برای خالق عالم قائل میشود» است. خدا رحم کند بر ملت ما که «خواص؟؟؟؟» آن اینگو نه دین خالص او را به بازیچه گرفته اند.


Coded language

by comrade on



ایشون دیگه به چه زبونی باید بگه که جمهوری اسلامی به دنبال تهیه بمب
اتم نیستش. مگه زبونم لال، استغفر الله میشه امام حسین رو ترکوند؟ ولی‌ از
این حرفا گذشته کاشکی‌ حسین توی خلیج هم بودش که در اونصورت غیر شیعه‌ها
حد و مرز خودشونو میدونستن.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



look what they do to

by tabriz_balasi on

look what they do to people, then they talk about the "mazloomiyyate Hossein"... why the hypocrisy?



be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


What actually happened to

by Simorgh5555 on

What actually happened to Imam Hussein's head? I mean why didn't his followers embalm his head so that they could keep it for posterity? If they did then they could have worshiped his head!



This SOB AN talking about Fetrat?

by Khar on

Che Rooie dareh Pastt-Fetrat!


Such a lying bastard

by Amir19 on

If Imam Hossein was alive in today's Iran, most likely he would have been executed or tourtured in Prison. Didn't he say "If you don't have a religion, at least be free?" . What are these blood thirsty mullas and this bastard doing to all the freedom loving Iranians in Iran. Stop your lying because we know you very well, Mr. Antari-Nejad.

hamsade ghadimi

تفهیم اراجیف

hamsade ghadimi

پس اگه این آقا حسین تو همهٔ اتم‌ها هست پس یعنی‌ تو اتم گه هم هست.  این که ضایع شد.

آقای محمود، به نظر میاد شما به قول خودتون کمی‌ آف باشید.  من چک کردم و زمان فوت محمد، حسین ۴ سال داشته.  ثانیا، حضرت پیغمبر میتوانسته الهام بگیره که همچین حرفی‌ بزنه.  ثالثا، این آقای احمدی دانشمند و دکتره.  بیخودی حرف نمیزنه.  ایشون زمانی‌ که در اردبیل فرماندار بود هر روز بلند میشد میرفت تهران دانشگاه صنعت، کلاس برداره و دورهٔ دکترییش رو تموم کنه. 



christianity and Islam

by tabriz_balasi on

shism and christianity are very similliar indeed.  i don't consider myself a shia, but I understand their ideas.  the ultimiate sacrifice of juses is represented in the crusifiction and that same thing is represented by Ashura.  but to be honest, Muhammad did not teach things these, that majority of muslims don't think in these lines, it is a very iranian islam that arabs and other muslims don't even understand that much.  there are lots of symbolism in shism; it's a very complex belief system; just like christianity and their complicated trinity ideas. 


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


Sargor Piirooz

by delavar on

disregard this post


I hate you but I loved your speech

by tabriz_balasi on

Ahmadinjead I hate you; but your little speech was just very beautiful; 

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


long, boring, and useless video

by azadi5 on

that was a 2:36 minutes that felt like an eternity.

anyway, hossain was around 6 years old when mohamad died. so, who knows what AN is talking about.


The prophet said "Imam hossein is the guiding light"????????

by mahmoudg on

Correct me if i am wrong, but was not the prophet (that child molesting A-rab) dead already, when Hossein was on the political scene and becoming the guide of the shiites and Ali???? what am i missing here.  Either my knowledge of history if off or this moron is talking from the hole oh his you know where.