Vice police harassment

Several incidents in Niavaran, north Tehran


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Darius Kadivar

Well ggorgg Jaan don't do to other's what you don't want to be

by Darius Kadivar on

done to you ...


Particularly if you have not contributed with the slightest blog or article here and claim to have some upper moral hand as to the content that should or should not be published on this website by giving lessons to others ...

Besides YOU Started it ...





I'm so sick of the accusations...

by ggorgg on

I'm utterly disgusted by the rampant Islamist/pro-IRI accusations flying from all the LA/London fossils on this f-ing site. I have PERSONAL reasons for hating the IRI. And yet, I've lost count of the number of times that I've been labelled Islamist. The charge has become like the charge of anti-semitism. It's overused and no longer means anything. Stop this bulls..t!

If you were realistic, you might actually use this site and its forum for good. The IRI doesn't give a crap about It's blocked in Iran and the people who are on here are marginalized anyways within Iran. It would be a waste for them to put the sort of resources into it that you guys are pretending that they do. So, all your accusations only reduce the effectiveness of this site as a base for creating a viable movement against the IRI. In effect, you are doing precisely what you think IRI wants to do. You have reduced this place into a simmering pot of bickering and rancor amongst Iranians.

It is a tactical mistake to assume that just because your opponents are religious, they are stupid. IRI leaders are corrupt and incompetent, but they are not stupid. At the very least, they do know how to use their limited resources to secure their own survival. They have done it for 30 years. Even if was important for them, they don't have to plant anyone on it. The perception that someone is an IRI drone is almost as good as them being one. And, the accusation is so commonly used that short a few characters, everyone here must be an IRI supporter! 

I'm against IRI, the monarchy, the MKO, and any Western, Russian or Chinese influence or meddling in Iran. I want an Iranian culture that is respectful of all its components within Iran (and that would include Muslims), free of all foreign forces, and based on the ancient Iranian traditions of fairness and respect for human rights. Yet, I'm am labelled Islamist/pro-IRI!



by rtayebi1 on

Sargord mark=IRI  fred keystone=AIPAC  mrx1=emotion  that other idiot(icantremeberhisname)=surgical attack saves Iran  WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEANS


You're a "non-exiled Iranian", sargord? LOL

by Onlyiran on

Where do you live, Baluchestan?  You live in the U.S.?  When was the last time you were in Iran?  Most of us travel regularly to Iran (myself included--less than a year ago), AND to top that off, we also were born in Iran, were raised in Iran, have an Iranian education, both of our parents are Iranians, and can read write, and speak Persian.  A hell of lot more than can be said for you. :-) 


Terrorist Stateless Major

by Fair on

is neither exiled nor Iranian.  He is just an advocate of the rape and military dictatorship over Iran.

Perhaps he can explain how the terrorsit stateless IRGC of which he is an advocate is allowed to have a "political office" which can dictate to civilian officials, and how that was also the case in the US in the 1960's.

Hypocrisy and lies with no end or shame.  This is what you can expect from the bivatan, Mark Pyruz.

Nader Vanaki

این همش وقت تلف کنی روی این سایته

Nader Vanaki

این صحنه ها روزی/شبی هزاران دفعه دراقصی نقاط ایران اتفاق میفته و خیلی هم کشفیات جدیدی نیست.  حالا هرکی با بدترین کیفیت فیلم هم از این چیزهای بی مورد براتون بفرسته باید وقت همه رو باهاش بگیرید؟ در ضمن جهت اطلاع "خفاش شب" هم توسط همین گشی ها دستگیر شد.


Phony "Sargord"

by AMIR1973 on

Well come on, MRX1, of course the vast majority of folks that comment here do so from outside Iran.

This is, after all, EXILED_IRANIAN.COM.

Myself, I happen to be one of the very few non-exiled Iranians that comments here.

Dear "Mark Pyruz" (aka Phony "Sargord"), the reason no Iranians living in Iran can comment on this website is that the Rapist Regime blocks it. Did you not know that, O West-residing IRI Groupie? Now, run along and work on learning your Persian Word of the Day. Cheers  :-)

Sargord Pirouz

Well come on, MRX1, of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well come on, MRX1, of course the vast majority of folks that comment here do so from outside Iran.

This is, after all, EXILED_IRANIAN.COM.

Myself, I happen to be one of the very few non-exiled Iranians that comments here.



Yet another night

by MRX1 on

in islamic paradise and you guys are wondering why the regime supporters who comment on this site right and left they all live in U.S and Europe!

Ps: any body asked what kaveh afrasiabi or  hamid dabashi think of this video?

Darius Kadivar

ggorgg Not Sure you would qualify for the Wiesenthal center ...

by Darius Kadivar on


I wish...

by ggorgg on

I was in Iran during the elections, and talked with the people that do this kind of harassment first hand. Amongst the criminal, hypocrites in the IRI establishment, they are the worst. I was going crazy. They make you wish you had a sniper rifle so that you could drop them one at a time, while they're harassing people like this. I wish there was a group in Iran to keep track of them. Sort of a Iranian version of Wiesenthal center...



by Agha_Irani on

The backward islamists making their contribution to Iranian society.


may this be

by rtayebi1 on

the last days of this zaalam regime.


Modern talibans...

by alexqt on

1400 years back in time! Shame on you talibans, dicators, Ahmadinejad and the islamic republic.


Marg bar Dictator! 


هراس دائم


لم  اسلامیستهای فاشیست همین است، در هراس دائم نگاهداشتن ایرانیان و ندانستن آنکه برای چه و کی به آنها گیر و به جان و مال و ناموسشان دست درازی  خواهد شد.