Shirin Ebadi

There's hope: 140 countries ban death penalty

Speech at the 2010 Congress Against the Death Penalty in Geneva


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many old religions promot the death penalty, but

by MM on

it is up to the modern 21st century human beings to stand up against it.  For example, the old testament affixes stoning to 18 crimes (//  But, we never see stoning in judeo-christian states.  Do we?


AnYOnE ELsE hAvE a LiSt? (Half-Iranians)

by gunjeshk on


amirkabear4u: PLEASE! The world is filling up with half-Iranians and Iranian wannabes! It's a GOOD thing! Ever heard the saying . . .?

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery . . .?"

"Half -Iranians" are no less Iranian than any other Iranian. To be a real Iranian is to be a full-hearted humanitarian, to be a lover of freedom, not oppression.  To label someone "farangi" is to be stuck in the darkness of the past, To label someone "foreigner" is to perpertuate the myth that Iran can survive in backwardness and isolation. There is no such thing as racial or ethnic "purity."

There is no such thing as "race." It's a dead concept scientifically.

DK: My soul hurts from reading your comments. How could you be so dismissive of Shirin Ebadi? She has spoken out time and again for the most marginal victims of the regime.  She has championed human rights, women's rights, the rights of religious minorities, the victims of June 12. Her words have been heard and regarded in places that no other Iranian can access.

Would that you or I could do as much as this women has done! Shirin Ebadi represents the best that the Iranian people have to offer. I am not Muslim, but I am proud that she identifies herself as one. I am her admirer.

How can Iran go forward if even the best Iranians constantly accuse and denigrate each other? How, gentlemen, tell me how, please.

Can someone here produce a list of half-Iranians who are well-known, famous, or otherwise highly achieved? I can think of a quite few:

Jody Kamali, English-Iranian Comedian

Darius Danesh, English - Iranian Singer/actor

Cameron Alborzian, English-Iranian model

Cherry Khalili, English-Iranian model

Christine Amanpour, Reporter

Benazir Bhutto (Iranian mother)

Meher Baba, Indian mystic

Roxanne Sabieri, Reporter

Andre Agassi, Tennis player

Yu Darvish, Iranian - Japanese baseball player

Nadia Bjorlin, Swedish singer

AnYOnE ELsE hAvE a LiSt?

Darius Kadivar

amirkabear4u and I will tell YOU what YOU are

by Darius Kadivar on


I'm a Citizen Journalist and a Free Minded Intellectual in my own Right and have been following YOU and YOUR Positioning on this website like everyother of your likeminds over the years and YOUR Systematic attacks on me and the people you have been badmouthing without the SLIGHTEST ACCOUNTABILITY On YOUR Own Identity behind your BOLD Stance of ANONYMITY !




Farrokhzad Iroony Boodan:


Va Te Coucher Maintenant !




by amirkabear4u on

you said;

YOU are NOTHING but an ANONYMOUS IRI Supporter on this website from DAY ONE !


Your writing are like if you are hallucinating. Are you on drugs or something?????

Do you know what you are saying. Just to remind you as you call yourself a journalist DO NOT let media become your grave yard. As a 'journalist' you should stop accusing those who do not agree with you. But I do not think you understand any of that, do you?

You can call me anything you want but I am still more Iranian than you are. This is a fact you have to live with it and you can never change it no matter how many royality hands you kiss.



Not again

by Ferfereh on

Not again this EU's puppet. She has never read Koran and always talks about it and talks about that Islam is not that mullahs do, obviously she is either ignorant or pretends to be one. These people never again can sell us this rotten ideology.

Visit this site to know how the real Islam is : Zandiq


Day late and a dollar short

by MRX1 on

.plus what would be more interesting than seeing khameni, ahmadi, larijani, karoubi, mousavi and many many others hanged for crimes against humanity. Heck I will pay money to see that!

Farah Rusta

No Yousef jan

by Farah Rusta on

If the Islamists who committed those crimes are put to death (after their fall from power) then what is the difference between those who advocate abolishment of death penalty and those who support it.


And as for Ebadi, please bear in mind that Ebadi is not a deep thinker or an intellectual of any significance. She is just a confused, biased and inflated celebrity (I coud go over and above this simple description but may be for later).   



Darius Kadivar

Besides Mahnaz Afkhami would have been equally deserving

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

to amirkabear4u

by Darius Kadivar on

And YOU are NOTHING but an ANONYMOUS IRI Supporter on this website from DAY ONE !

And in My Book Anything BUT Iranian despite your Golombeh Solombeh Avatar Reference to one of Iran's Greatest Statesmen !


Oh and for YOU and YOUR IRI Apologists a la Hamid Dabashi LOST IN TRANSLATION I will Remind YOU that :


The Islamic Republic WAS , IS and WILL be BOTH a Republic and Islamic !

YOU Fellows CREATED this TWO HEADED HYBRID Monster which YOU are Denying only since last Summer as being entirely Democratic !

Halah Yeh Dafeh Hamatoon SECULAR Shodeed ?

And Capitalizing on this Lady's Nobel Peace Prize due to her own genuine (yet in my humble view unimaginative) endeavors won't help YOU win the slightest credibility for that matter !

THAT is precisely Why YOU and YOUR LIKES will End up in the Dustbins of Iranian History as the Most UN IRANIAN Lot that ever ruled our Sacred Land and as the IRAN HATERS YOU have been from DAY ONE of the Inception of YOUR REPUBLIC !

So Here is a Message to YOU UN IRANIAN Lot from a genuine IRANDOKHT:


She has my Vote for the next Nobel Prize in Patriotism in which you lot will NEVER Qualify...

too bad that category does not exist ... It SHOULD !

I Rest My Case !



to DK

by amirkabear4u on

you said;

'Don't want to be an Ebadi Basher'

you CAN NOT because you are ONLY half Iranian.

At least she is a woman doing her best, some call themselves men and just say 'lengesh coon'. 

Fairness and Equality in Justice

Darius Kadivar

Don't want to be an Ebadi Basher but honestly couldn't she quote

by Darius Kadivar on

Shapour Bakhtiar :

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Shapour Bakhtiar in the eyes of his daughter (FULL INTERVIEW)

instead of Shariati in her latest Novel La cage dorée ?

ROYAL CURTSY: Shirin Ebadi Greeted by Monaco's Prince Albert II at Geneva UN Panel (2008)

I never considered Ebadi as anything else but a Trojan Horse for the IRI's Respectability abroad (however for the more moderate reading of the Islamic Republic) eversince the emergence of the reformists under President Khatami.

Khatami, Democracy, & Islamic Republic:


Did she truly Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize ? I dunno ... I wish I did ... Personally I think Simin Behbahani might have been more adequate a choice and more deserving ...

Now apparently since last year's bloody clampdown ,and particularly since ebadi is now in exile like the rest of the exiled opposition she was constantly criticizing it seems she has become an advocate of a ... Secular Republic ...

Fine ... Congrats ... After all Only Imbeciles don't change ... Maybe in a few years she will realize that the very notion of a Republic is just as absurd for Iran as the Revolution she advocated 30 years ago which deprived her of her Job as the Only Female Iranian Judge in a muslim country under the Pahlavi Regime !

Other than that well I share her views in regard to banning the death Penalty worldwide ...




After Islamist regime is overthrown, death penalty should

by yousef on

be banned in Iran, but not before the entire leadership of the islamist regime and their hard core supporters are hanged on street corners of Iran, exactly at the spots they had committed their murderous crimes.


because life is once

by rtayebi1 on

U only get this body and mind once, it is not for another human being to take it away


no it means growing

by rtayebi1 on

It means changeing ur mind for better.


David ET

by Fatollah on

it's called "noon be nerkh rooz khordan" .... 


A thought

by benross on

What kind of human value considers that death sentence is not okay but putting people in long term prison is okay?

This is a Judeo-Christian concept gone wrong, wrongly internationalized.

If the issue is irreversibility of a wrong judgment in case of death sentence, then why not focus on judicial system and ways to avoid wrongful sentence, instead of injecting a completely twisted value system? 

David ET

But Dr Ebadi:

by David ET on

Just for the record, Islam is not against death penatly and in fact promotes it in Quran. and you have been promoting Islam ever since you received the Nobel Prize! Something does not make sense!



Dorood bar shoma

by iranbrave on

Let's hope and support such humanitarian causes...

Dorood bar Ms. Shirin Ebadi and thank you Ghormeh Sabzi for posting excellent articles and videos.