Party in Tehran

Shocked how awesome it was!

Clip description: "I was invited to a party in Tehran and was shocked how awesome the party was! You would think that a country with very strict laws the people would be more careful not to break any rules. That wasn't the case in this party! they broke every RULE! had lots of fun."


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According to the visitor this is Tehran

by Abarmard on

Here is what he says in his site:

A Party in Tehran, Iran 2010
From: alisoltani85 |
August 04, 2010

i was invited to a party in Tehran and was shocked on how awesome the party was!
you would think that a country with very strict laws the people would be more careful not to break any rules.
that wasn't the case in this party! they broke every RULE!
had lots of fun.

He is from Bahrain and his site is:



hamsade ghadimi

tehran ya tabriz

by hamsade ghadimi on

apparently it's not a party but a wedding, it's not a house but a rented place like a restaurant, and it's not tehran or they wouldn't say "our voice will reach tehran."  it looks like a good time though.  i've been to a few crazy parties in tehran and it didn't quite look like this.  for example, no old man dancing with a suit next to some hipsters high on ecstacy. i think it's a wedding outside or iran or a big city in iran like tabriz!


100% Iraneh..

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  Alvalan ein 100% irane. ein ahanga male Irane male Tehranjeles neest yehk. Shomaha kheyli vaghte Iran nabudin .... Migeh sedamun be Tehran berese..  All of our parties in Iran are like this we have villas outside the city like for example in Tabriz we have Villas in Basmenj if we are doing this in Tabriz you know they are doing this in Tehran 10 times mores .. this is normal what did you think people dont have parties? You go to the comiteh you pay them before hand and then you go and have your party Wake up people!!!  Sargord man nemidunam chegadar vasat moheme Irano ahntor ke doost dari neshun bedi???  Listen to the way they speak farsi and also the way the hair style and clothes are look closely this is Iran recent the way people dance here and speak a little different

Iran Paidar

ملا جون دمت گرم

Iran Paidar

ملا جون دمت گرم. باحال بود. مرسى

mola in boshkeh

The only place in Iran LtCol Sagord Pirouz pays yearly visit

by mola in boshkeh on

is in Boshkeh in Hozyeh Elmiyeh, Qom. Stressed and pressurized from all directions in one month SP receives multiple trainings including but not limited to mental, physical, and spiritual areas through all sorts of sensory organs!


I went to an engagement party in northern Tehran earlier this

by thexmaster on

year, and it was pretty much like this minus the band.  It was in a large basement, which this appears to be as well. Some of those songs sound annoyingly familiar. lol

It's pretty obvious that agent pirouz has never been to Iran, or just has never been invited to a party.  With such an abrasive and obnoxious personality, he probably wasn't even invited to his own birthday parties.


It actually probably is Tehran or nearby

by BaronAvak on

Notice the phone number advertisement in the backround.  It is a 912 area code, which is the area code for mobile phones in Tehran.

People who have been to Iran recently, and know the right crowd, won't be surprised by such a video at all.  The whole "Post-Ahmadinejad-Era-Morality-Crackdown" media line is a crock.  Never before - not even during the Khatami era - have social rules, dress codes, and freedom of speech been more liberal as they are in Iran now.


Sargord Columbo

by iroooni on

You are soooo sharp. Permanent fixtures, a bar, well dressed people all leads to the location not being Iran. You always come to a thread, make some general statements and when everyone asks you to elaborate, you are nowhere to be found.


Sargord Pirouz

Curious. This is a dedicated

by Sargord Pirouz on

Curious. This is a dedicated dance hall, not something improvised or temporary. Notice the laser light fixtures. They're permanently affixed, with wiring professionally built into the wall. On the right side corner of the hall, you can make out what appears to be a well designed bar.

Also, look at how well dressed the revelers appear to be. If this is Tehran, the standard of living is at least as high as LA!

But let's not fool ourselves. This doesn't look like Tehran. I wonder why the folks who posted this video thought it necessary to title it as such? Ah, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and consider it a youthful prank of some sort. 


its not tehran!

by Anonymous8 on

listen at 1:14 he say "seda bereseh be tehran" (voice reach tehran).

this one is not in iran, but parties like this are common there.


Happy defiance


It makes me feel good and gives me hope that Iranian youth have not given up.  To win against the Islamic Evil, we must show that we are just as determined to win back our freedom as they are to stifle it.   It takes this sort of defiance to beat them back one inch at a time.  More power to Iranian youth.   


This is how Good fights back Evil.

by عموجان on

It is good to see how life and happiness is fighting back the Evil Islam. It should go back to hell hole it came from. Fortunately this will keep Emam Zaman in his hole too (or is he in space)