Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Interviewed by former UK MP, George Galloway

Part 1

Part 2


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didani, you are not the only one.

by yousef on

Galloway, once as a Labour memebr of british parliamant had solid support amongst his scottish working class constituents. At some point he developed a taste for money and started accepting "gifts" from saddam and Gaddafi. These were highly publicized in UK press, so he lost the votes and his seat at the parliamant. then he stood as a pro muslim candidate in a high immigrant ward of london, was elected, but even lost that seat at the latest UK election. Now he is working as an anchor for Press TV, earning very good money, thank you ahmadi!

yea, money does corrupt!


I used to actually like this guy (I mean Galloway)

by didani on

I was even present when he was giving a passionate anti Iraq war talk during a demonstration in front of the White House few years back. Soooooooooo disappointed.


The caliber of folks who support the IRI

by AMIR1973 on

When visiting Uday Hussain (Saddam's murderous and psychotic son) in one of Uday's palaces, Galloway also referred to him as "Your Excellency". The leap from Leninist to Saddamist to Khomeinist is an easy one to make. The two unifying themes are anti-Americanism and pro-"dollarism". 


Georgie Galloway the real Kesaafat.!

by Khar on

IRI Jireh-khor!!!


George the Scum in Big Brother

by divaneh on

George Galloway is a scum. He now dresses like Hezbollahis, but it is not the first time that he dresses differently. Look at this one, a picture of him in the Big Brother series.


and here acting like cat.


IRI is a magnet for scum.


I Watched ...

by R2-D2 on

These Two (2) Videos From Him Some Years Back:


George Galloway at "Oxford Union" on IRAN - Part 1 of 2

George Galloway at "Oxford Union" on IRAN - Part 2 of 2


He Seemed To Be More of His Own Man Back Then .....





I wonder if Ahmadinejad has seen this

by thexmaster on



by Fred on

Mr. Galloway being an employee of the Islamist Rapist Republic’s English language propaganda T.V. is not conducting an interview in the usual sense of the word.

Both factions of the Islamist Rapists, the losing Green one and the winning one try to pass their infomercials as honest interviews.  

Here the winning Islamist Rapist faction is presenting a professionally produced infomercial.