International Jewry's Iran War Cry

According to Christian priest, Brother Nathanael Kapner

(Listen to different view from Sam in Queens, New York)



Sargord pirouz continues to lie...

by thexmaster on

So YOU never actually lived in the Bay area for 50 years.  How could you, if you went to HS 30yrs ago unless you went to HS very late.  And i'm here to believe you had two residences, chose to go to HS in Iran and now you don't even know farsi beyond an elementary level.  Who do you think youre fooling sargord, other than yourself?  Everything you post here is a complete fabrication.  There is a large trail of deception and lies on multiple websites, yet you continue spreading non-sense like your typical propagandist working for a totalitarian regime.  You and the rest of the IRI crew are the true exiles.  You bash the country you live in, while praising a government that tortures and kills its own people. 

You accept Iran socially and politically as it is, but don't accept the US as you have shown in your posts in the past year.  Which begs the question, why aren't you in Iran?  You must be like 60 or 70 years old by now if you witnessed all the upheavel during the 50's-60's.  Why havent you retired in Iran?  Maybe you just don't have that connection with Iran like many others, exile or not.   Very few support the IRI outside of Iran, unless they have something to gain.  We are still trying to figure out what you have to gain.



Sargord Pirouz

I've done both, THEX. While

by Sargord Pirouz on

I've done both, THEX.

While I lived in Tehran, we kept our residence in the SF Bay Area. So, technically, at the time we (I) had two residences. The same with my university education during this time frame. I went to a UC campus outside the Bay Area, but still maintained a residence there. Ditto, the many foreign travels I have undertaken during the period.

But you know, instead of focusing on my life, maybe you should focus on your own. The big difference between you and I is that you are an exile. It is your own personal experience as an exile that has made you anti-Iran. And for us folks that are not exiles and not anti-Iran, you seek to nitpick any little thing. Which is pathetic, really.


Agent Pirouz the Liar

by thexmaster on



"Living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past fifty years, I’ve seen
my fair share of riot/crowd control. From the civil rights protests in
Oakland, the anti-war protests throughout San Francisco (over a number
of decades), to the gay rights protests, I’ve seen more than a few first
hand and up close. So while these scenes may appear shocking to the
uninitiated, I can tell you that the IRIPF is utilizing non-lethal and
less-lethal force, where not too long ago, and still in some instances
here in America, lethal force is used."


Yet you somehow went to Highschool in Tehran over 30 years ago?  Ooops.  How is this possible Pirouz, unless you meant over 50 years ago or are just fabricating everything you say.   




by ahmad_ on


Sargord Pirouz

No, it's not too

by Sargord Pirouz on

No, it's not too personal.

To answer your question, not as well as I'd like. I learned Persian reading and writing skills while a high school student in Tehran, over 30 years ago. It is only recently (the past three years or so) that I've reacquainted myself with such study, mostly in reading material on sites such as FARS, MEHR, Sepah News,, etc. Before that, the last time I wrote in Persian script was to provide the Persian spelling for my Iranian father's tombstone. And the only other time was to read Persian traffic and street signs.

I have to admit, GK, I leaned on my Aunt earlier in the year in filling out parts of the official paperwork for a renewed National ID. I had no trouble with the name and address sections, as well as calculating the years involved (to the surprise of my Aunt), but I had trouble with some of the other fields.

Genghis Khan

OK, Major

by Genghis Khan on

I have to hit the sack for getting ready for my predawn Ramadan thing (wink wink, nudge nudge). You know where to post your answer to my simple question.

Have a good time...

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Dariush A

Israel / Angel of Death

by Dariush A on

Genghis Khan

Shah, and Israel

by Genghis Khan on

I wish His Majesty had kept it to Himself.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.


The late iranian SHAH said once...

by Benyamin on

"The jews of America are very powerful and like any other powerful groups they try to advatage their agenda. Their support of Israel is so blunt and in times shameless that actually  will DIS-SERVICE the Israel cause in time"!!!

 I happen to agree with that statement. Although I am one of those people that believe Israel should exist but to force and enforce time and again whatever Israel wishes at all cost will back fire.


Genghis Khan

Will it be too personal a question, Major?

by Genghis Khan on

Can you read, and write in Persian?

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Sargord Pirouz

There's no oops. My

by Sargord Pirouz on

There's no oops.

My Azari-Iranian grandmother was Shia, as was one of my uncles and his children and grandchildren. The rest of the Persian-Iranian side of the family is secular (per the era of Reza Shah), with the exception of one uncle who became a converted Hindu. (Only one Iranian aunt qualifies as an exile)

The non-Iranian part of the family is Catholic, and while we lived in Tehran my mother attended Mass at the Chaldean Catholic Church (of Iran).

As I have stated many times, I accept Iran the way it is, politically and socially. 

And yes, the coffee tasted good today. :)



by Bavafa on


Genghis Khan

Time of month, Major?

by Genghis Khan on

I thought you were fasting.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Sargord Pirouz

While sippin' coffee at a

by Sargord Pirouz on

While sippin' coffee at a street cafe today, one of these fully attired Eastern Orthodox holy men greeted me on what was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The last thing on our minds was the threat of war. 


I am personally very

by Bavafa on

I am personally very distrustful and suspicious of all religious leaders or those in dressed in a religion attire

If he is genuine in his message, he could certainly take some lessons in his tone and demeanor so not to sound racist.

Incidently, Sam seems to be of the same religious leader only with his official uniform off.



How can one convert from Judaism?

by comrade on

Brother dude!

“There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not”


Anonymous Observer

I don't think this is antisemitic - he is expressing

by Anonymous Observer on

a view that is shared by many others and that is that Israel is trying to push the U.S. into war with Iran--on U.S. dime and with U.S. lives--so that it can benefit from it.  He also says that Israel's policy is supported by influential Jews abroad.  Those ideas are not far fetched and are actually reasonable interpretations of the events.  

BTW, Brother Nathanael is a Jewish convert to Christianity. This is his site:


Immortal Guard

Nothing is sacred!

by Immortal Guard on

Hey JJ I thought this sort of thing is taboo! But again as you say NOTHING IS SACRED!

In conformance with the above-stated principle of IC I allow myself to post the following sights if you are into Jewish-Christian infighting:






This is antisemetic

by Q on

Congratulations Javid, you made the pro peace side sound like racist bigots. That loser Sam, in his parents basement sounds more reasonable.

"international jewry" and "jewish warcry" are antisemetic stereotyps. Being Jewish doesn't mean you want war with Iran. It's just that the loudest organizations claiming to represent Jews want it.

Now, it is an true that such antisemetic feelings have been perpetuated as aresult of Israeli foreign policy and AIPAC activity here in the US.

But this is only because the real warmongers (Jew and Gentile) are using Jews/Israel/holocaust to sell the war to the greater public for mostly financial reasons including the two most profitable products in history: oil and weapons.


Well done

by divaneh on

Good to see people who see beyond the media BS.


Amen Bro!

by Kooshan on

Sometimes I think why Israel is not successful in pushing his Iran War Agenda down Ameroica's Throat. I come to conclusion that America is waking up and seeing that what is good for Israel is in fact not what is good for America.


This is the fact that is now materializing throughout the thinktanks of America and soon it will in the fabric of motherland America. By then, we can hope American Empireship to sustain itself and again flourish as it did for 1st time after WWII.


Sometimes I think the wrath of IRI that was brought upon iranian people was a natural response to the zionist invasion of middle east  that was so visible in 70's. It is rationale to think that Islamic extremism is surely serving the Agenda of Israel rather than muslims.


I totally agree with this brother of peace who is genuinely following footsteps of Jesus!