Elahe Enssani

San Francisco State University, School of Engineering faculty

Enssani (middle), who is also City of San Francisco's Immigrant Rights Commissioner, was one of the participants at the recent gathering of expatriate Iranians in Tehran >>> related video



"she's in the top 100 most accomplished scientists in the world"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Jackem: Please share with the rest of this forum the source of your claim.

Thank You



by Jackem on

I know her personally and have nothing bad to say about her at all. She is by far one of the most accomplished and highly personable women in the scientific community in San Francisco. She has an opinion that is backed up with compassion and reason.  She is a role model for women scientists, you should check out her credentials, she is in the top 100 most accomplished scientists in the world!  


She cares deeply about the

by benross on

She cares deeply about the state of Iran and Iranian youth.

All the cost and expenses payed by IRI should be returned in full amount to an organization that actually cares. Such as those helping Iranian refugees. Then she might -only might- be forgiven.

But you have a point here. It shows what kind of people write articles about Iran in different places such as IC. 


Well Said: "Choice of others is not yours, nor is the judgment"

by aravan on

Dr. Enssani is a social critic. How do you know why she was there? This is totally unfair. She cares deeply about the state of Iran and Iranian youth. She was one of the few people who early predicted the youth implosion. Please see the bellow link to her article in SF Chronicle. She also made a documentary film about the Iranian youth and while making it in Iran was briefly arrested.

She is definitely bold and courageous.




Hoshang Targol

تاسیس ٢۸ مرکز جاسوسی در خارج کشور تحت نام خانه نخبگان

Hoshang Targol

معاون علمي و فن‌آوري احمدی نژاد از تاسيس 28 مرکز جاسوسی در خارج کشور تحت عنوان " خانه نخبگان ايراني" خبر داد و گفت: به دنبال اين هستيم كه امكان فرصت‌هاي اشتغال دانش‌بنيان براي متخصصان‌ را در قالب شركت‌ها و تعاوني‌هاي دانش‌بنيان فراهم كنيم كه در اين راستا بايد فن‌آوري‌هاي نو كه مي توانند نقش آفرين حتي در عرصه سياسي باشند، مورد توجه قرار گيرد.
 هدف رژیم از تاسیس این نوع مراکز، آنگونه که تجربه در سال های گذشته نشان داده است، شناسائی و کنترل ایرانی ها در خارج کشور و جاسوسی در باره آنها است.
 خبرگزاری حکومتی ایسنا در این باره می نویسد:  دكتر نسرين سلطان‌خواه در دومين روز از چهارمين گردهمايي دانشجويان فعال ايراني خارج از كشور كه در مشهد برگزار شد، خاطرنشان كرد: معاونت علمي رييس‌جمهور آمادگي دارد كه با كميته‌هاي علمي انجمن‌هاي دانشجويان خارج از كشور همكاري داشته باشد و به آنها كمك كند كه دانشجويان خارج از كشور موضوعات پايان‌نامه‌هاي خود را بر اساس نيازهاي داخل كشور تعريف كنند و در واقع ارتباطي دوسويه بين معاونت علمي و فن‌آوري رياست جمهوري و تشكل‌هاي دانشجويي خارج از كشور ايجاد شود.
وي تصريح كرد: از سوي ديگر بنياد ملي نخبگان وظيفه و ماموريت جذب و شناسايي نخبگان كشور را در هر كجاي دنيا را بر عهده دارد و در اين نهاد از اينكه بتوانيم با دانشجويان نخبه ايراني در خارج از كشور تعامل و ارتباط بيشتري داشته باشيم و آنها را شناسايي كنيم، استقبال مي‌كنيم.
سلطان‌خواه در ادامه افزود: هم‌چنين از سوي ديگر شوراي عالي ايرانيان خارج از كشور تصميم دارد كه 28 خانه ايرانيان در 28 كشور تاسيس كند و با مذاكراتي كه با شورا داشتيم تصميم گرفته شد كه در زيرمجموعه‌ي خانه ايرانيان، خانه نخبگان ايراني نيز تاسيس شود كه امكان و فرصت براي ارتباط با نخبگان ايراني در اقصي‌نقاط مختلف دنيا بيشتر فراهم شود.
وي با بيان اين‌كه تك تك دانشجويان ايراني خارج از كشور سفيران جمهوري اسلامي ايران در آن كشورها هستند و نماينده‌ ملت ايران محسوب مي‌شوند، اظهار كرد: كار فرهنگي كار بسيار ارزشمند و مفيدي است و البته براي انجام كار فرهنگي بايد در ابتدا خودمان را بسازيم و از اين نظر آمادگي كامل داشته باشيم


Shame on NIAC

by 1iraniam on


I wonder how Mr Parsi(NIAC) will explained this one!! This woman has some very interesting videos on you tub, apparently she can sing when she is drunk! She must have done some singing for "RAHBAR/or his malijak" too! or may be dancing too?!!!!


she should be reported to the federal and local law enforcement

by yousef on

agencies, for possible breach of US laws prohibiting export of military related technology and know how to the islamist regime of Iran. I know that she is only a third rate academic in not exactly highest rated academic institution, but given combination of the location of her residence and the college (Bay Area, silicon valley), and free exchange of data in academia, plus her obvious desire for financial gratification at any cost, should be of great tconcern to US DOS and DOT.

Shazde Asdola Mirza


by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

ولی‌ درد و بلأی اون دختر جوون مو مشکی‌ بخوره تو سر هر چی‌ بلوند تقلبی که نوکر جمهوری اسلامی میشه!

قابل توجّه برادران قزوینی: "خط سبز" این برادر جوون سال رو هم دریابید دیگه ایول ... همش که نمیباست قربون صدقه یه سکس رفت! پس عدالت اجتماعی چی‌ میشه؟

Shazde Asdola Mirza

فرامرز و بیل عزیز: دستتون سبز

Shazde Asdola Mirza

همون طور که شاعر شیرین سخن رشتی میگه:

ما مردم ایران همه با هوش و زرنگیم

افسوس که چون بوقلمون، رنگ به رنگیم

pastor bill rennick

Deep down, Iranians are rotten -seeded!

by pastor bill rennick on

It means our genetic construct is designed based upon the evil sub-elements of:


  • Do-zdi,
  • Do-roogh-gooee,
  • Do-chehreghi,
  • Stupidity.


I am still baffled as to why in the world this lady is wearing a large sunglasses? Was she watching a 3-D movie?

There was another lady attendee who was wearing large sunglasses too when telling the reporter how much she had lost 35 years of her life by living in the US of A? Did she all of a sudden realize that during this trip? How disingenuous! 

Don't these people realize that at the age of the Internet and face book their images can instantly broadcast all over the world?

What a bunch of pathetic janevar these women are... At least the men attendee didn't hide behind sunglasses...



by Demo on

Well deserved to add her name to the "BOOF KOOR (BLIND RAT)" hall of the fame. Now we know the extent of distress Sadegh Hedayat had been going through to confront people her & like Trita Parsi at his time & the reason for writing of his best novel ever, i.e. BOOF KOOR.


To those who were anxiously waiting for next year's gathering

by ghalam-doon on

It seems that there wont be any gathering like this in the future:


Of course if we assume the same people will be at the helm next year...

Darn :)


Reza Pahlavi's looking for job on craiglist

by i_support_khamenie on

if anyone needs a personal assistant, housekeeper, help with moving - please do not overlook this opportunity to help the Guiness World Record Holder in unemployment.



Who said we don't have blondes in Iran

by Faramarz on

See Shazde, Iranians can be blondes too!

But no more dumb blonde jokes!

OK, maybe one last one:


A blonde lady was driving along the highway when a blonde police officer pulled her over for speeding.

Officer: May i see your license?

Lady: what does it look like?

Officer: its a rectangular thing with a photo of you on it.

The lady looks through her bag and pulls out her compact mirror and hands it to the officer.

The officer opens it up and says 'if you had told me you were a police officer I wouldn't have pulled you over.' 


Sandis Khor

by Ferfereh on

Elahe (Ghir)Ensanni, It doesn't matter who you are, you are as low as a Basiji and Sandis Khor. " It is always your actions define who you are."



by Fair on

Yes, it is great for Iranians abroad to visit our country, have exchanges, and help our people as much as possible and allowed.

The question is what is the purpose of this gathering and clapping for AN after the massacre that installed him in power.  Was it a scientific conference or a political event?  If it was a scientific conference, could a scientist or academic freely speak and express their opinions and points?  I doubt this, and if you think I am wrong, I would like to see proof that that was the case. 

Or was it a political event meant to say that we have experts abroad who are supportive of our policies?  If so, would you go to a conference held by the Shah for purely political purposes after he overthrew Mossadeq in a military coup?  How is that different?

You see abarmard, it is easy to "not see the problem" with this if your daily life goes on regardless of who is in power in Iran, and are not in the fight for freedom in our country.  I think you should ask one of the people who got their head stuck in a toilet in Evin, or someone who lost a brother or sister to rape and execution why this might be a "problem".

persian pit bull


by persian pit bull on

there is nothing wrong for any iranian to go and visit iran.However by their mere presence in this conference, these participants have given legitimacy to an iranian administration that has bludgeoned and harassed  their own citizens


These people decided to go for a FREE ride.

by ghalam-doon on

That is the issue. These people witnessed the cruelty of the regime UNFILTERED and against their better judgment, they decided to go to a conference, clap for Ahmadinejad and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the plight of their compatriots. If they had shown some backbone by wearing a green wristband or something, they would have become heroes among their compatriots both in Iran and abroad.

We are quick to condemn that "bacheh basiji" who has been brainwashed from the day he is born to "think" there is something sacred about this regime. But when our so-called educated take a PAID trip to stay in a 1st class hotel (by the Iranian standards), tour the country and visit their families, you ask us "you don't understand what the issue is here?"

And this is not just us "anti-regimes" talking. You should listen to those who have been imprisoned, raped, tortured or otherwise silenced back home and they still defend the idea of an Islamic Republic!

maziar 58

choob 2 sar tala

by maziar 58 on

Ms.Insani I don't know you or any thing ........

But if IRR had let you come back to SF without visitng evin I would recommand zebhe goosht and distribute them in castro district among needies.      peace    Maziar


"I don't understand what's the issue here"

by yousef on

No you wouldnt. Now go back to sleep.


I don't understand what's the issue here

by Abarmard on

Many Iranians who have passports and are legal citizens received invitation from Iranian government.

Let's assume that you are against the government, are you going to act like Western politicians who say bomb before talk, or talk first? What is wrong for Iranians to go to Iran, hear what's being presented and make their decisions.

If you assume people are fools or stupid then why promote democracy for them? They will certainly make the wrong choice. Have trust, expand your views and allow to separate good work Vs. bad. 

You don't like it? don't be a dictator. Choice of others is not yours, nor is the judgment.


I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.

Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, good luck with that,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, good luck with that, Marjaneh.

It's amusing to see the temper tantrums here at IC in reaction to the conference.

Turns out more than a few eminent Iranians living outside Iran are not disgruntled exiles. Must be quite a bubble burst for y'all. 

Darius Kadivar

And Miracle !! ... She is no more on NIAC Advisory Board

by Darius Kadivar on

Tiens Tiens ...

Prof. Elahe Ensanni, 2006-2007

Former Board and Advisory Board Members

Funny each time there is a controversy at NIAC they manage to get rid of their members discreetly or replace them ... Last time it was Babak Talebi their spokesperson who was replaced after he made a fool of himself on Capitol Hill asking Police to force Demonstrators carrying the Shiro Khorsheed Flag to leave ...



Darius Kadivar

FYI/Dr. Elaheh Ensani NIAC Member presents herself (IranicanTV)

by Darius Kadivar on

Iranican sits down with special guests Dr. Elaheh Ensani and Ms. Roya Soleimani to discuss the case of Sharif University alumni detained in San Francisco.




by Marjaneh on

IF her motivations for attending prove to be unsavoury (to put it mildy) rather than her taking the opportunity to visit friends and family (as many have done), her students should just boycott her classes and kick up a huge fuss....

„Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera."- Pablo Neruda


questions for elahe

by i_support_khamenie on

Q1. Are you worried that your participation in the conference would alienate iranians in SF community?

 Answer: No way.  Almost all of the Iranians I see are living off of welfare and are always short of shaving cream and razors.  Plus they try to get discounts off of anything, even if the price is fixed.  If I tell them the price is fixed, they start explaining how much torture they suffered in detail and for hours and I have to deal with their foul mouth odor.

 Judge and Jury: WE AGREE with MS Elahe Ensanni.  Paupers don't get to choose!


Country getting flushed down the toilet

by i_support_khamenie on

Quite honestly, not only the government but also the people of Iran deserve to be nuked. 

Take Lebanon, despite war plaqued history, it still manages to put on shows that actually makes one happy and entertained.  And their food harf nadared.  Their people are very courteous and also respectful and provide excellent service.  Unlike their counterpart in Iranian hotels where the servants all of a sudden gets an attitude and takes offense if you order your food.  People with such mentality should be shot and thrown in a wasteland.

 And Now Ramadan is upon us.  So is Iran the ideal Islamic country for such a thing.  Not the least bit.  Most Muslims feel more religious and respect the aura of Islam in Arab countries especially Guld countries than in Iran, where you never see an end to the distortion of true Islam.  You see bullshit practices like a guy smoking and insisting that he is fasting.  The sooner people visit Iran, the faster the realize that Shia Islam is nothing but a "bida'a" which is truly a socialist religio-political sect and is anything but from Allah.

 I pray to God, that Iran gets nuked, even places where my extended family lives.  Hopefully, it leaves no one injured but just kills.  That way the economy wouldn;t suffer due to their medical expenses.

 We really need a Japanese transformation. 

PS Take a look at the suits some of these men wear.  It fucking sparkles and is super shiny like they are some gay rock stars.  Go spend $1000 and get yourself a decent looking suit from Dubai for the love of dignity.


Louie Louie

Watch her singing "Summertime" here

by Louie Louie on


IRI conference

by injaaneb on

I was invited also, but they sent me only 'oneway ticket"