Can America Survive A Nuclear Iran?

American evangelist John Hagee

"The mission of John Hagee Ministries is to aggressively fulfill the commission that Jesus Christ gave to his followers to go into the world and make disciples of all people. Our purpose is to bring the lost to Jesus Christ and to build up and encourage those who are already believers. We pledge to our viewers & supporters to take The Gospel to all the World and to all Generations."

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Q you're wrong.If all

by Escape on

Q you're wrong.If all religious fanatics believed GOD does EVERYTHING,how could they believe in Miracles?

I can assure you,All religious fanatics believe in Miracle's.And It's the belief of God's Miracle's for the reason to believe God will be the one to defend Isreal.That is exactly what the scripture means,God will do a Miracle.This is also what Hagee appears to say.But the words you put in his mouth,have a nice fit.



Escape, were you born yesterday?

by Q on

Really, I need to check because you seem increadibly naive and inexperienced.

Don't be stupid, all religious fanatics believe GOD does EVERYTHING.

This is the fairy tale the leaders tell the minions, simply a code word for them to do what they think God already "wants". Ask yourself this: Why bother spending $billions lobbying or "supporting" Israel? Voting or even writing books? What's the point, if God will be doing what God will be doing?

If God is going to do it, why is he asking for a US war against Iran? Is he worried God would fail? Or is he delusional enough to think God is acting through him? Remember what W said before invading Iraq. That America is going "God's work".

This is just the means for the lunatics in the leadership to push the foreign policy that is most consistent with their version of apocalypse, and support the politicians who agree with it. This man has enormous power, much more power than even the head Ayatollah in Iran. This man can make a nuclear war happen, which is what he wants.

I don't understand why feel the need to defend these lunatics over and over again. Honestly, were you born yesterday?


When do we get rid of them?

by afyoun on

Read this lunatic's statement!!  Is it a coincident or what?


Religions are pushing the world towards the Armageddon.

Once the time is ripe and advantageous, every half-believer turns to a
fanatic - whether consciously or subconsciously.



Well he's not the leader of a Nation that I defend

by Escape on

I'm just trying to find the actual words out of his mouth.I don't think you will find them because thee is something that you have understand about the religion and the prophecy.

Hagee say's (like the scripture) 'God will defend Isreal supernaturally just as he defended them from Egypt'.

In other words -GOD IS GOING TO DO IT..

Not Isreal,Not a Country..



I know,it's complicated.....


min 4:25


Bijan Douli

Put a suit & tie on a molla, you'd get a fundamentalist priest!

by Bijan Douli on

Crazy people are in every religion. But, may be not that crazy, since they are using the religion to fool the naive people so they can become powerful and rich! Smart, don't you think? obama

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Q aga

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


For once I am agreeing with you. This guy is a nut case and dangerous. Just like all other religious zealots in the world. Like your Mullahs and their Reverends.

The rest of us sane people got to band together to put these nuts away. Divaheh Zanjiri is what they used to be called back in Iran. The Zanjiri part is important to keep them from hurting themselves and others. Good news is that Nukes are too dirty to be of use. Bad news is that conventional weapons are able to do a great deal of damage. 

I tell you one thing. I know Israelis and Christians. Most of them do not share this asshole's attitude. Most of them want peace and trade not war. I once listened to an Israeli politician complaining   about American Zionists. He called them "crazies". 

All nations have their nuts. As I said the others need to rein them in. Whose side are you on? So far you have sided with the Iranian nuts. Will you switch and fight all the nuts and be a force for good.


He wants to NUKE IRAN!

by Q on

lunatic? Yes. But don't dismiss him as a harmless idiot.

People have followed lunatics for all of human history.  I'll repeat my answer to "Escape" who seems to be in denial.

Hagee thinks Bibilical book of Ezekiel describes a nuclear "showdown" in the middle east before end of days. He thinks Iran will nuke Israel immediately after it gets the bomb (which he said would happen in 2006!!!). His idea is to "save lives" by nuking Iran first, so that the biblical prophesy comes true AND Jews don't have to die (that is until a few days later when Jesus kills them for not converting).

Pastor Hagee rounded off the grand occasion with a blood-curdling address to Iran's President Ahmadinejad, a reprise of his suggestion in his book of Bible prophecy interpretation, Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World (2006), that the US hurry to Israel's defence by dropping a pre-emptive nuclear bomb on Iran.


John Hagee, televangelist and pastor of the 19,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, is the founder of Christian United for Israel. Hagee formed CUFI in 2005 following the publication of his book, The Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, which sports a mushroom cloud on its cover and argues for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran to fulfill God's plan for both Israel and the West. Hagee’s theology—and vision of the future—focuses on selected apocalyptic passages from the Old Testament. He believes that a nuclear strike against Iran will cause Arab nations to unite under Russian leadership, as outlined in the Book of Ezekiel, leading to an “inferno [that] will explode across the Middle East, plunging the world toward Armageddon.” Consequently, CUFI exists to set the fires of the Apocalypse and bring about the Rapture and the Second Coming, but it needs Jewish Zionists to strike the match.


Hagee subsequently wrote, in a Charisma Magazine editorial entitled "The Coming Holy War", that the preemptive attack he advocates should be carried out with nuclear weapons.


"The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching," Hagee wrote in his most recent book, Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World. "Just before us is a nuclear countdown with Iran," he wrote, "followed by Ezekiel's war [as described in Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39], and then the final battle – the battle of Armageddon."


Hagee subsequently wrote, in a Charisma Magazine editorial entitled “The Coming Holy War”, that the preemptive attack he advocates should be carried out with nuclear weapons…

Hagee called the 2006 summer Israeli bombing and invasion of Southern Lebanon a “miracle of God”…


One need only consult the writings of John Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone Church, a mega-church facility, and founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI),F5F a strident Christian Zionist organization of immense national and international influence, to get the picture and see the problem. Although many premillennialists would more than likely agree that Armageddon is ultimately inevitable, they’d likely question whether it is imminently inevitable.F6F Pastor Hagee consistently argues that nuclear war is inevitable and peace efforts futile.


Despite Hagee's professed "Christian Zionist" beliefs and public support for the state of Israel, Hagee has made statements that some have interpreted as antisemitic, including blaming the Holocaust on Jews, stating that Adolf Hitler carried out a divine plan to lead Jews to form the modern state of Israel, calling liberal Jews "poisoned" and "spiritually blind," and stating that the preemptive nuclear attack on Iran that he favors will lead to the deaths of most Jews in Israel.[47]



Niloufar Parsi

i loved his

by Niloufar Parsi on

'iran's maniacal dreams of world domination with nuclear weapons'! this is an american talking like they suffer from foreign domination. there you go. the man's a total lunatic.

actually, he is really only talking about what he would do if he were in charge of iran in order to make the alleged 'prophesy' come true. this is what makes him so scared. coz he is scared of himself. he needs help.



by Benyamin on

This guy contradicted himself many times during his spill but I would like to point out that he is foremost preaching hate. Naming countries and his logic is all but none, base on a book that no one even knows who wrote it in the first place!!!

I said "the art of selling" because in sales, the salesmen are trained to distract their targeted audience in order to sell their items or products. He is smooth and funny he is trying to create an urgency to "wipe out" Iran or don`t know what it is that he is high on but whatever it is I am hoping the politicians in the US of A wont be on.

If he is serious and the topic is as deadly as he is preaching to be, then why does he need to joke about it and make the audience laugh occasionally? He is trying to distract his audiance to make sure what he says doen`t come across stupid and so unlikely(after all he is asking to wipe out half of the world). He made fun of his own audiance and even called their kids stupid implicitly.

In fact the only nation he never made fun of and never disrespected was Israel.

I wonder whose payroll is he on? I wonder who is more evil, the akhoonds or the evangelies priests?

Perhaps "all" religions are evil.


not too different than our own

by IRI on

Soltan Ali Geda

Darius Kadivar

Only in America ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Home ... I want to go Home ...


The Level of Political maturity and world understanding on your side of the Atlantic Ocean has always Fascinated me ...



And Double LOL ...




How is that every Akhoon

by Bavafa on

How is that every Akhoon (Muslim akhoon and none muslim one such as this one here) are so fat and useless?

As the Persian saying goes:

Ina faghat be daarde laye jerze deevar meekhorand



I hate this fat piece of

by Onlyiran on

dog doo doo.  What a waste of human flesh.  


This is BS - why would ancient Jewish writers poopoo Persia when

by MM on

even the 6 million Jews living in the Roman empire were more loyal to Persia than Rome, according to the article below.  In ancient times, 2 million Jews lived in Persia who were more educated, more wealthy, prosperous, and even collected taxes in their provinces and had small armies.


The lion did not become symbol of Persia (flag, standard) until the rule of Nader Shah:


Do I need to even mention Esther?


An ancient Jewish proverb that I remember, but could not find a reference to says "when you see a Parthian soldier tied to a cemetary in Jerusalem, the day of the lord is coming".

The only thing that this sack-of-$hit preacher got right is that Persians/Iranians are not Arabs, and I did not bother watching the second video.


By the Way

by Escape on

  Everytime a plug for his book comes up,it's a little cartoon of AHMADINEJHAD popping his head up like a weasel,...




Well I Watched the whole thing

by Escape on

I watched just to see if he say's it's time to Nuke Iran...and he doesn't.I sat here and watched for 28 minutes because of HYPE....THANKS......................

He does say it's time to destroy Iran's Nuclear facilities And he say's God will destroy Isreal's enemies.



Immortal Guard

Looking for Oil in Israel!

by Immortal Guard on

All these bible christians are looking for oil in Israel:



Doesn't Dick Cheney have enough oil? He wants to screw up now somewhere else?


what a Knucklehead

by iamfine on

This is nothing but business. That asshole should try to educate his follower with good things rather than feeding them with garbage.

Hoshang Targol

افاضات و ترشحات

Hoshang Targol

از افاضات و ترشحات  شیخ خود گویم و خود خندم. 


It is a business

by asadabad on

This pig comes on television all the time selling "Holy Water" to his retarded followers.

It reminds me of Mohammad Aliakbari, the "doctor" who heals through touch!  

Dirty Angel

Oh Lord, my knees are sore

by Dirty Angel on

My prayers on bended knees: Please Oh Lord release me from my dirty thoughts.

Please answer my prayers, so that I too can hate entire populations on earth, be obsessed with other people's dangly bits and bomb 'em all.


Oh please, Oh Lord, my knees are sore! 

Yes, I deserve the agony and the pain, but Oh My Lord, I am trying very hard to please you and will hate well too.

Oh Lord, oh please, my knees are sore!


Please, Oh Lord release me from my evil , dirty, wicked thoughts and fill me full of hate.


Pump it Up //


P.S. Nope, I haven't watched the videos. I'm sort of spoilt for choice.What between videos of executions,murders, more insanities and other smelly fuglies, where does a Dirty Angel start?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

is being used as a business prop by the most rotten elements of America. Basically their version of Mullahs and Akhoonds. People who watch this shit are idiots if the prime kind.



by comrade on

I used to watch his weekly show( and yes, it's a show ) in early 90's. He is one of those who benefited from the scandalous demise of Jim Bakker and his late wife's industry( and yes again, it's an industry ).

I also used to receive a magazine called "The Plain Truth" published by "Worldwide Church of God" by mail in 70's, which was part of a propaganda machinery against communism back then.

Now, after the fall of the Soviets, these guys have chosen Iran for their business endeavor(do I have to tell you "yes, it's a business"?)

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



dangerous lunatic


are they any different from the ones we have in Iran? I would argue that they are even worse because a) many more people listen to these loons and take their words for it (Hagee is one of the most influential pastors, this broadcast alone has millions of viewers) b) they have at their disposal the America military and lobbying power to push us towards war with iran

Dr. X

Nukular Eye-ran?

by Dr. X on

0:22....What is a nukular Eye-ran? I think he's been hanging with GW Bush too long. What a clown.