Ali Karimi

Football star accused of eating in public during Ramadan; kicked out of team

(AFP) – Popular Iranian footballer Ali Karimi, sometimes described as "the Maradona of Asia," has been fired by his club for not fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the club said on Sunday. Steel Azin FC said on its website www.steelazin.com that it was "forced to sack one of its players, Ali Karimi, for being disobedient and not fasting during Ramadan," when devout Muslims fast from dawn until dusk. Karimi, who was the Asian Player of 2004, had even "insulted officials of the (Iranian) football federation and the Tehran team's supervisor who confronted him on the issue," Steel Azin said. The player himself denied any wrongdoing. "I am a Muslim and I believe in religious questions," Karimi told ISNA news agency, also denying that he had insulted Iranian football officials >>>


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hamsade ghadimi

if you notice in mehrdadm's

by hamsade ghadimi on

if you notice in mehrdadm's video link, when ajerloo speaks the flag behind him has no green, only red and white.  is this the new flag?


barnameh 90

by mehrdadm on


Diaspora: Let's have a "eat lunch at the Iranian embassy day"

by MM on



Lets give it all to Ramadan

by divaneh on

Could you please re-post that beautiful poem that was fantasizing about this ridiculous Saami tradition. It would make a good match for this video.


Ali Maa Shireh!!!!

by Khar on

Marg Bar Islam e Ejbaari!!!!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

it really is!


asadabad jaan

by Reality-Bites on

asadabad on Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:14 AM PDT

Why can't Islam be regarded as a personal choice? If someone doesn't want it, let them reject it and vice versa.


You ask a perfectly reasonable question, but you do realise this issue is at the very heart of the whole debate about the situation in Iran and its future, don't you?

What I mean is, instead of religion being a personal choice and people's own decision to practice it or not, it has become deeply politicized and forms the basis of the present regime's rule over the people.

And, as a result, this has meant that, whether they want to or not, people are forced to adhere to the religious dictats of the rulers, not only in political and economic matters, but also in social and personal ones...... and they have no choice but to obey. End of story.


As if

by MRX1 on

he is the only one! Majority of people in Iran do not follow this roozeh stuff and just pretend like they do, that's all because a facist government enforces it as a way of controling and dehumanizing people.

hamsade ghadimi

steel azin's loss,

by hamsade ghadimi on

steel azin's loss, perspolis's gain? one can only hope. :) by the way, does the league stops play during ramadan? how can these players practice and play without eating?



by asadabad on

Why can't Islam be regarded as a personal choice?  If someone doesn't want it, let them reject it and vice versa.


روزه کله گنجشکی گرفته بوده


این  اصلآ عیبی نداره!

کریمی احتمالا روزه کله گنجیشکی گرفته بوده ولی یادش
رفته که به مربیش بگه ! آقای صادق لاریجانی حالا به این مساله رسیدگی
میکنن و هم چیز حل میشه!