Spreading lies: IRIB

Iranian state TV counters "lies" about recent uprising

Part 1:

Part 2:


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Don't redistribute

by irannostalgia.com on

It is better that these prefabricated lies don't get redistributed. People already know IRI channels are governmental propaganda and they avoid watching their programs. But if you show their garbage in other channels that people do visit then they end up watching it and that is a way of promoting it.   The best thing to do is to ignore their programming. 





I never listened , but

by pars35 on

the Islamic women are dressed in black form head to toe. Has someone in their family died? Or they are always in mourning , cause of their  situation in Iran!!. Or too lazy to wash their hair and take a shower?... I got it they have big bellys and fat butts


Sher o wer as usual.

by پیام on

No one watches Iran's state TV anyway. These lies are more reason not to do so.


lol....I am sorry but some stuff (or lies) are just funny to me!

by Benyamin on

They don`t even know how to cover up their tracks.....lol......Fatemeh Barati looks like half of Iran`s population, I mean she is wearing scarf and veil and everything plus they could be alot of them why don`t you talk about Taraneh Mousavi any more? Are you ashamed that your story didn`t add up? How about thos 25 deaths that you killed? and how about arresting those that in your own word have killed the confirmed 25 deaths?

Perhaps I should conclude that you sound more and more like the boy who cried wolf a few times and no one believes you any more.

Even ONE  person dead is too much. shame on you and the very same Fatemeh Barati that is in this video for apparently supporting you. We have so many of them out there but this one FAKE OR NOT  is a traitor. 


Shame on you

by Sohraby on

بس کنید بی پدر و مادرها, شما که به قول سروش صدای رسوایی تان تمام دنیا را گرفته. مگر سروش از خود شما نیست؟