Shirin Neshat

Freedom sign

Director Shirin Neshat gestures a freedom sign with the rest of the cast and crew while attending the "Women Without Men" premiere at the Sala Grande during the 66th Venice Film Festival on September 9, 2009 in Venice, Italy.


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Great Movie

by MiNeum71 on

I've already seen this German-Austian movie, it shows the dynamics in the Iranian society in the 1950s and - between the lines, as I understood it -  the roots of the Islamic Revolution.


American Dream

Women with men a great film

by American Dream on

It appears that from the trailer that this film is about what happened to women in 1953.  The trailer shows that the Shah with the help of the Americans was planning a coup.  The Shah wanted to remove Prime Minister Mossadegh.  The Shah then wanted to install himself as a military dictator.  From the Photo posted here we see that Ms. Neshat is a fan of former Prime Minister Moosavi's reform movement.  She is wearing a green scarf and so are others in that photo.  One must ponder the thought that the reform movement in Iran would just help the Iranian theocracy remain in power.


The trailer looks very interesting.

by پیام on

Hope to be able to catch this movie soon.


Thank you, Faryarm, for the trailer!

by yolanda on

Wow! The movie is full of intensity! It kind of shook me!






The film looks like ART.

by faryarm on

Just saw the trailer..

The film looks like ART.



Good looking...

by yolanda on

Good looking gals, beautiful gowns, and great choice of colors. I hope their movie can bring home the honors!