Sam Nazarian

The "Emperor of Cool" Shares Life Lessons: "Think Big!!"

PAAIA: On May 10, 2009, six accomplished Iranian Americans gathered at UCLA's Royce Hall to share the trials and tribulations of their lives with the next generation. The event was the first of what we expect will be many such events called, “Passing the Torch of Success to the Next Generation of Leaders,” a forum aimed at inspiring Iranian American youth with lessons learned from the community leaders of today. For those who were unable to attend this unprecedented event, and in an effort to share the experience and value of the program with all, PAAIA and IFL are periodically releasing videos capturing the presentations of each of the speakers. We present the interview with Sam Nazarian, the CEO of SBE and the renowned entrepreneur, real estate financier and hotelier in Southern California.

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American Dream

Congrats to Sam Nazarian

by American Dream on

Congrats to Sam Nazarian.

I do believe that  behind the scenes PAAIA, NIAC, AIC and CASMII are run by the same 3-4 guys.  What their plan is I don't know.  But it seems like they are trying to get the Iranian community motivated.  And I am a supporter of motivation.  All the best.


I am very proud when

by prsch on

I am very proud when Iranians achieve success.  But, wasn't the point to advise young Iranians?  Cleaning toilets is something that I wouldn't do, but certainly that did not make him a success.  Moreover, the types of jobs that he mentioned, even from the age of 13, could not allow him enough capital to become this successful, much less pay for his first year of college.  So what is the lesson?  Some people have "luck" to have rich parents, some people have "luck" to have parents that invest in them, and some have both.  I can get up there and advise people to network.  I think his father should have spoken to the audience.  Nevertheless, I wish Sam more success and maybe he will hire the guy from backstage and give him a chance.  I think the advice I would give Iranians is to work together, and if you are successful give other Iranians a chance.  The way I see it most Iranians are trying to prevent other Iranians from entering the door.  This is because of jealousy, not the "evil eye." 

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

"MOTIVATION LETTER" For Your Consideration: ;0)


Many More Iranian Artists have been put out of Work by the Islamic Republic's Censors.

Makhmalbaf and Kiarostami are trying to work in the West today since both Live in France Now until further notice.

I look Forward to PAAIA to Invite these "Successful" TRUE Artists Too in a near Future.




Qualcom family?

by choghok on

If I am not mistaking he belongs to the family that started Qualcomm corporation. They succeeded very well with that company and sold it and made huge profits. Now I do not what this guy himself has done beside owning som nightclubs and producing some movies but he is from a family of entrepenours.

Darius Kadivar

Hey Sam Care to Invest on Golshifteh Farahani ?

by Darius Kadivar on

How About Investing on Iranian Talents for a Change ?


Golshifteh Farahani

Eleonora Duse Award at the Asolo Film Festival in Italy


Good Luck in Your Endeavors !





Is that an Iranian gathering?

by پیام on

If so why are they speaking English among themselves? Just wondering.


Not impressed...

by Emil on

He is not an entrepreneur,  he was born into a rich family...

Lots of Iranians stole lots of money from Iran and brought to USA during the 1979 revolution and eventually made investment here...

I would give him just enough credit that he has not lost that money yet...


damesh garm...

by shushtari on

i' m very proud of him....

and I appreciate the fact that he's not a sellout and he's proud of being iranian!

iranians are very talented....we should unite for once and for all and take our country back from the dirty akhoonds 


My favorite..

by yolanda on

My favorite part of his speech is that he talked about "Passion, humility, and following your dreams!". It is a long video, but I learned something.