Persian girls are fakers!

Iranian British man Cyrous is angry with Iranian women


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Further more

by Iraniandudeee on

I can't believe the childish mentality and the most retarded ridiculous generalizations and stereotypes....... Everyone needs to calm the fook down, lol..... realize that most people talking crap about iranians, both men and women (Like american dream, iranians for aryans, This Cyrous who can't even speak Persian for crap) aren't even iranian, but just trying to start crap.

 Ignore them and flag them. And for the love of god stop acting so childish.



by Iraniandudeee on

American dream is a american troll and not Iranian. In all of his posts he tries to degrade iranians... he has forgotten what whores american women are... Basically the definition of a modern hoe is a American women.


P.s this "Cyrous" Guy

by Iraniandudeee on

Look at his freaking avatar, that's a separatist pan-turk flag.... he can't even speak Persian to save his life, and if he can't speak persian thenhe obviously hasn't lived in Iran, so againn, he himself has no idea what he's talking about... he's just being ignorant is all.


I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is a pan-turk from North azerbeyjan trying to spread garbage about Iranians.... You know how obssesed these people are with Iran.



Btw Iranian-unfor

by Iraniandudeee on

if you say Iran is so diverse culturaly and ethnically, then why judge so quickly? You just answered your own ridiculous post.

Seriously, do some research before you post... how do you expect people to talk to you when you're so uneducated on these topics?

 Also, judging from your name, you seem like a self-hater, so if you hate iranians so much then leave this site, and don't ever bother iranians, stop speaking persian, and stop doing aything that has to do with iranians/persians.... Noones forcing you.




Yet again

by Iraniandudeee on

iranian unfortnately, not are your posts just delusional as and irrevelant as hell but it's pretty obvious that you're just talking out of sheer exaggeration and anger. No such thing exists in Iranian culture.... I'll say this for the last time, get it through your thick skull... if you ever meet anyone that acts ike this, then they're Americanized/westernized, hence they don't represent the iranian culture nor mentality.


I suggest you go and live in Iran for a couple of years before you talk!


Btw, i know the diff bewteen Persian and "Iranian" but the fact is, most iraniansno matter what ethnic background they're from, consider theirself persian, speak persian, practice Persian culture and customs, etc.... this is especially the case in the iranian community abroad. Most people in Iran are persified.


Clarification: Iranian Culture, and girls

by iranian_unfortunately on

Well, there was so much utter none-sense from the previous user from his lack of basic knowledge, that I had to make a second posting.  In order of occurence, here are some egregious errors:

1. Persian and Iranian

Iran is a multi-ethnic country.  Persian is an ethnicity NOT a citizenship.  In Iran, 50% of the population is Persian, then come the Azeri turks, Kurds, Gilaks, Lurs, Baluch, etc. These are ethnicities, we are all Iranian, as in citizens of Iran, but we have different ethnic background. Clear enough?  Now many people like to use the ethnic word Persian because they feel it is more "ba class" that's it.  How do you know what ethnic background you are in?  If you or your close family speak any language other than Farsi, then you are probably one of the other ethnic groups.  If not, then your are Persian.


2. Generalization

I would like to put a little asterick here and make what I thought was an obvious point but guess not

You can NEVER generalize EVERYONE into one topic because for sure you can find someone somewhere that doesn't fit.  HOWEVER you can say MOST people fit a stereotype.  What I wrote in my previous post was for MOST Iranian girls but NOT all.


3.  Iranian Culture and Girls

To drive the point home once and for all, I repeat and repeat and repeat and hopefully guys like "Iraniandudee" can get this.  Iranian culture can be summarized as:

"SAY all the right things, act the right way but DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE"

I even shortened it a bit: ACTING

or if you are the intellectual type: Pretentious and ethnocentric!

So finally a conclusion about our LOVELY GIRLS based on the above

I stand here and say based on my MANY experiences, that 99% of Iranian girls (of THIS generation) are Whores whose whole life is consumed with "acting" to look like good girls.

Again, the key thing is the word acting.  Yes, western culture has women that sleep with many men, and etc. etc. etc. That is NOT the point, the point is that in Western Culture if a woman is a whore, she doesn't hide it.

When you meet a Western girl, you know what you are getting.  If she has had 10 boyfriends, she weill tell you I had 10 boyfriends, I slept with 10 guys - An Iranian girl will lie through her teeth.  God knows how many boys there have been.

Iranian girls are gold diggers.  They use their bodies to extract money, favours from other boys. I have seen it time and time again, and I am sure many people on here will back me up on this.  And AGAIN NOT everyone and yes it does happen in other cultures as well but it is very prevalent among Iranian girls hence my generalization.

Finally, Iranian girls put 10 guys on ice just in case and keep recycling them to keep them fresh and interested.  This is undeniable and it is truly sad and disturbing.


Anyways, that's the truth.  NOW, you can start lying and denying and acting as if it is not.



This is my reply to him

by Iraniandudeee on

      First of all, I agree we should stop saying Persian so much and start saying Iranian (Or atleast til the name changes back)... i allways refer to myself as an iranian when someone asks me, and persian when i want to talk about my culture, history or language etc.... or just even Iranian persian. But anyways, i think why alot of iranians abroad say persian only is because they heard it so much from others til they started saying it themself.... i don't think it's because most want to hide their identity, trust me.

    Though I DON'T agree with your veiw on Iranian women. You see, almost every single thing that you said goes back to the American/western culture and mentality and not the Iranian one..... we DON'T look up towards Gold diggers, whores, back stabbers, being greedy or only caring about your own personal needs in Iranian culture, we look down on these things... while it's the norm in most Western countries/cultures/societies and America...... In the west (Most of them, but mainly the u.s) and America, they basically applaud these american or English/western (Most) women going around sleeping with other men, having multiple kids from different fathers and basically consider it a norm. this is why the average marriage in america and western countries lasts less than 10 years... Because most people here are not committed and after their own personal needs. i could give you a thousand more examples if you want.

     Further more, you haven't met all Iranian girls out there and I believe you're just exaggerating isolated cases of americanized or westernized "Iranians/persians", who I assure you that are a small minority of people even in the Iranian community abroad. And all you're doing out of this exaggeration is making things worse because you're just adding fuel to the fire.


Stop exaggeration isolated cases

by Iraniandudeee on

Most iranians/Persians are cultured, if anything it's the America women that are hoes, and whatever kind of "Iranian" (I wouldn't even call them that) acts like that, then they're a product of the American culture, hennce, they're Americanized and not representing the Iranian/Persian culture nor mentality.

Iranian for Aryans


by Iranian for Aryans on

Holding my belly, with tears running down my face, shouting "Bravo!"


Iranian girls having a number of guys on ice (salt)culture.

by cyrousg1 on

Unfortunately I know all about our darling “Persian” girls having numerous guys on the go using them individually for whatever benefit the individual would be boyfriend can provide. What can I say Iranians (male or female) tend to be great chess players so to speak, and Iranian girls using as many suckers as possible ties in to the bigger picture of the current sickness of contemporary Iranian culture.


Comment on Iranian culture, girls and guys

by iranian_unfortunately on

If you were going to describe iranian culture, there is a very simple word the encompasses everything:

ACTING or 'film bazee kardan'

- ACT as if you are "ba class" but lie, cheat deceit and fuck over other people to get what you want.

- ACT as if you have a lot of money when you will absolutlely DIE if you have to pay for a coffee and god forbid pay for someone else's coffee as a gesture of your friendship

- ACT as if you are a good girl / good guy and secretly fuck anything that moves

- ACT as if you are a smart even though you are dumb as a door knob  and the only thing you have achieved in your life is through lies, deceits and fucking over other people.

Every single Iranian would hands down win the oscar for how well they
are trained from the day they are born to be the best actors/actresses
in the world.  The acting is so phenomonally good that you may never figure out that your friends, girlfriend, etc are the biggest snakes in the world.

Iranian Girls

I felt that I should say a few words for our "beautiful" girls.  A couple of myths about iranian girls

1. "They are beautiful" - I have met very few Iranian girls that I would actually say are good looking - disproportionally less than any other culture.  It's funny how a lot of make up and the Western culture "allure" to dark skin/dark hair women can do for you. As a cheap shot, I have never met an iranian women who didn't have a ful mustache (try as they might, you have to let your shaving and picking rest for a few days for your skin's sake and that's when you notice that nice, thick shadow!!!)

2. "They are good girls" - the biggest whores (by far) compared to any other culture. An Iranian girl has a minimum of 10 guys on ice (or in Farsi, on salt!).  She goes out with her boyfriend (milking him for money and sex), comes home and chats with a few "good cases" she knows just to wet their appetite and not lose them (just in case this one doesn't find a good paying job), goes on facebook and chats with more good cases, sends off a few emails to the ones that are not online and asks for favours from the few guys that like her but she doesn't care much of!!!  The original definition of a whore.


Iranian Guys

- liars

- cheap

- dumb

- and can't dress themselves worth shit


Enough said.  Let the acting begin!



by AryamehrNYC on

This mong couldnt get nailed in wood shop.  Come out of the closet mate, you will be not as angry.


seeking wife 101

by Damavand on

This must be a "Watch" requirement for every man going to Iran to meet and possibly marry an Iranian woman. Under IRI's watch, Iranians have managed to raise the worst children of the world with possibly a few exceptions.

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

Girl... you are baaaad.  LOL


Dear "American Dream",

by MiNeum71 on

... I bet you won't! ... Paranoia or just 11 years old? Oh, had forgotten, just typically Iranian!

You want me to talk about Iranian men, let's go:

1. Claiming being a cool guy but acting the paranoid goat;
2. Acting the cosmopolitan but only knowing USA and Iran:
3. Playing the strong guy but showing off with expensive cars because feeling inadequate;
4. Acting the educated man but wanting to be right in every single discussion;
5. Claiming having the largest penis on the earth but mostly proving S;
6. Never shaving Mr. Dingeling and being hairy monkey but expecting her shaving Ms. Dingeling, legs and pits;
7. Wanting her to make love with him but eating onion and garlic before;
8. Wanting a virgin but expecting her knowing perfect technics;
9. Claiming being Mr. Casanova but showing lousy sex performances;
10. Doing his part of the sexual act as a high-speed rail but expecting her to suck his dick for hours.


Iranian for Aryans

Beauty is not the issue here, Emil

by Iranian for Aryans on

It simply has nothing to do with the facts that have been brought up. I might add that Iranian women, generally, are hairy and vulture-nosed. Thus, Iran is notorious for being the nose-job capital of the milky way galaxy. Don't deflect the criticism.

Iranian for Aryans


Look to the right...

by Emil on

Look to the right side of this page and see a beautifull Persian girl...oh mine...isn't she beautifull...

Iranian for Aryans

Seeking university degrees

by Iranian for Aryans on

and not plowing ahead into unchartered territories is what Iranians do.

Let me compare one immigrant group, the Chinese, with another, the Iranians.

Both groups have intelligent members, many being university degree holders. Both, however, are not at all renowned for being mavericks in their fields. Yet, the Chinese have a very large role in classical music, while Iranian involvement is pitifully miniscule and negligible.

Iranians have a negative view on involvement in the Arts while the Chinese do not. Why is this? Because the former group views anything that doesn't make gobs of money as being idiotic to pursue and thus, "unrespectable".

Making a career choice out of something novel, out of love for the subject, are foreign thoughts to Iranians. Almost all Iranians are TOLD what to due - and more importantly, therefore, TOLD what to BE.

Almost all degree-holding Iranians go either into engineering, medicine, or computers because of the money-issue. Though other non-White Third-Worlders (like Indians - who resemble Iranians quite a bit physically!) do the same, at least the Far Eastern Orientals go into music in large numbers.

Iranians, with their fetishistic worship of vanity, as seen through their Lexuses and Benzes, are the non plus ultra of the stereotypical Third World mentality: thank Heaven the dumb White Man let me into the country so that I can get a degree in his created field, make tons of money, screw his women (who are whores anyway), crap on his ways ("deez Americans have no culture!"), and then feel that they contribue to their neighbors by filling their wallets and raving on about how great "Persian" culture is.

Truly, Iranians are third-rate Jews. At least Jews have racial cohesion and they launder tens of millions of dollars and run the roost, while Iranians cheat customers at their grocery stores, their kabob restaurants, their used car dealerships, their rug dealerships, and sell opium under the counter at their businesses (usually used car dealerships in SoCal). 

If there is any ethnic group that needs a serious kick in the teeth and a massive rounding up and deportation, it is Pakistanti-look-alike Iranians.

Comically enough, Iranians excoriate Aryans (White Americans) while they themselves go to excessive degrees to bleach their skin, dye their hair blonde, and re-shape their noses to fit Germanic standards. They want to be real Aryans like Germans. Indeed, every one wants to be, from the lowly negress to the "dookhtar eeroonee". They all know beauty when they see it in all its blue-eyed blonde haired chiseled features.

Iranians are a puffed-up, self-centered, non-White, mongrel breed of Third Worlders without achievement, but with massive amounts of pretention.

Iran! Look in the mirror and heal thyself!

Iranian for Aryans


Iranians ARE Gold Diggers - Let's Face It

by JahanKhalili on

Look at how many stupid Iranians show off their good family name, here.

e.g. my family is rich, my family is educated, blah blah blah.

Where is an Iranian Beethoven, or an Iranian Edison?

There aren't any - because Iranians don't even understand the value of pursuing a field for its own sake.

All they understand, is titles and honors - not genuine interest.

Everything they do, is for the sake of self promotion - as this guy has pointed out.

American Dream


by American Dream on


John has a good woman.  

Face it, there are a lot of Iranian or Persian skank ass ho's out there.  There are good Iranian or Persian women too.  

Which reminds me:


Cuz nothing is Sacred!


Thank you, John

by yolanda on

Thank you, John, for all the beautiful adjectives and qualities in your azizam:

intelligent, generous, thoughtful, kind, warm, friendly, loving, considerate, perspicacious, insightful, family-oriented,

your post is really thought-provoking!




Half Irani?

by alirezag on

The other half must be puerto rican or black.

 and based on his impression of Iran it's clear the relatives he stayed with don't live in north Tehran. SORRY YOUR FAMILY IS POOR!


This is true

by alirezag on

Iranian women are by far some of the most superficial women on the planet, possibly the most superficial. They have gained this reputation after only a few decades of significant presence in America. Ironically, this has gained them a very high reputation among American yuppies, especially educated ones, who generally like this type of woman, especially when she is also relatively conservative.


I'm confused

by John on

Yes indeed, I'm confused because I read so many negative things about Iranian/Persian women on this web site, yet my azizam is perfect in every way.

Is it possible that I've found the only Iranian/Persian woman who is intelligent, sexy, generous, thoughtful, kind, warm, friendly, loving, considerate, perspicacious, insightful, family-oriented, etc (and also extremely super hot)?

Or is it possible that the spoiled, gold-digging, nasty, slutty British and Los Angeleno Iranian/Persian women that are described on this site are actually that way not because they are Iranian/Persian, but because they are British and American and have adopted the worst characteristics of those two societies, i.e. greed, vacuousness and materialism?

American Dream


by American Dream on

Be our guest.  Make your video.  Upload it to youtube like this dude.  I bet you won't!  And remember to put it on

Because nothing is sacred.


Dear John,

by MiNeum71 on

Be sure, I can make a vid of the same tenor about the Persian guys ;)



by Bianca1983 on

Aren't they, though?  If he thinks Iranian-British women are bad, he ought to come to Los Angeles.   Somehow, it seems like you have to tatto on your forehead how much dough you make and what kind of car you drive to even get these chicks to pay you any mind.   It's no wonder most Iranian men in Los Angeles date outside their race.  I have been in relationships with Iranian men beofre and they all said the same thing this bloke is saying....

American Dream

Cyrous is angry with Iranian women

by American Dream on

This guy is so pissed off.

He will do to Persia what the movie 300 could not do!

People who call it Persia be scared!



I'm a woman and I do agree

by vildemose on

I'm a woman and I do agree with this


A good workman never blames his tool

by John on

MiNeum71 wrote "Iranian girls... sex technics are just lousy".

On the other side of the argument there is a saying that "there is no such thing as a frigid woman - only incompetent / inept men".  Any man who claims to be a super lover should be able to easily turn his woman into a vixen, otherwise perhaps the fault lies with him, not with her.