London protest

In front of Islamic Center, where IRI employees & supporters gather

Friday September 4:


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dear Kharmagas

by Souri on

I read your question in that blog but didn't want to put any reply there. That blog isn't worthy of even one more comment from me.

No, I don't remember that story. Please do enlighten me if you can, either here or through an email.

Thanks a lot.

BTW: I liked your reply (to Q) that was awesome!


Arab religion and its products....

by Emil on

Hope for the day to get rid of this filthy Arab religion Islam and its filthy products akhonds,  akhond-zadeh in all forms and shapes form the proud land of Iran...


all for the khodies, forget the rest! (to Q)

by kharmagas on

Q, I am not against green movement ... but mixing up Fedaian with a movement that is dominated by Rafsanjani is not fair!
Fedaian stood for equality and fair distribution of wealth ... Rafsanjani is for khodies ... he is more than anyone else responsible for the appalling inequality, nepotism, and corruption in Iran



@Q Your song does not belong to Mousavi Campaign

by spatima on

The song was originally composed for the Cherik Fadaee movement in 60s after their Siahkal incident. So it has nothing to do with Mousavi's campaign. Your video is probably fan generated material.

As for your claims on how this whole Iran affair is not  about "  denouncing Islam" I believe you are correct however it is certainly have become a refrendum on  the extent of authority which religious institutions are currently performing in Iran. This is definately a democratization movement that has nothing to do with Mousavi anymore. 


I am sorry to say, the age of your masters is about to end.

In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran


Thank you Londoners for keeping world's attention on this issue.

by پیام on

Thank you very much for fighting these hypocrites.

American Dream

Q, 85%

by American Dream on

Q, 85%?

The Islamic Republic says 85% voted!

The Islamic Republic also says that Iranian President Ahmadinejad got over 60% of the vote!

Both statistics are wrong!

The video footage of the election day voting was made up.

No one with a mind voted in that rigged election.

The Iranian government has been a fraud since February 11, 1979.

We must abolish this idiocy called the Islamic Republic.  It is not Islamic and it is not a republic.

The reform movement is a joke.  The reform movement supporters are either stupid or they are involved in a conspiracy to keep this theocracy alive.

The theocracy is a joke, even ALLAH knows this!

In the Koran it states, "There is no compulsion in religion".

For over 30 years everything in Iran has been compulsary!

Even this protest is a lost cause.

You can't reform brain cancer and that is what the theocracy is.

If you want change you have to be for change.  

We must strive to make Iran a democratic republic with the social freedoms of the city of Amsterdam.



AD, your personal opinions are amusing

by Q on

Q, if it is a campaign song that is worse

First of all, what do you mean "IF" ? Play the video above at 1:45, and then play the one below in my last comment at 3:00.

Second, it is "worse" than what? Are you an Ahmadinejad's side denouncing an anti-Ahmadinejad protest? What is your point exactly?

As I said, your personal opinions are amusing, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with reality, neither to the 85% of Iranians who voted in the elections nor to Millions of Green Reformists demonstrators.

You can be "careful" all you want. No one cares.

American Dream

Q, if it is a campaign song that is worse

by American Dream on

the whole Islamic Republic has been one big joke to many Iranians.  A lot of educated Iranians in Iran and in the diaspora want to go back to the days when being Iranian was cool.  Everyone in the world knew the Iranian elections were rigged.  One has to back the theocracy 150% in order to become a candidate for President.  And if that candidate wins they still can't reform anything.  Iran needs to become a democratic republic like the U.S.A. and have social freedoms like they have in the city of Amsterdam.

They can remain Muslim or pro-islamic within that type of system.


American Dream,

by Q on

Did it occur to you that both sides might be drawing inspiration from Islam? This movement is not about denouncing Islam (to the disappointment of many shortsighted and out of touch people). It's about a disputed election and a coup. The song they are singing is Mousavi's campaign song.

American Dream

mahmoudg we must be careful

by American Dream on

mahmoudg, we must be careful not to alienate the religious Shia Muslim Iranians that visit these dens but are true Persians being given false information.  This is a peaceful movement.  We don't need fighting forces that are not Persians to get involved.  Long live Iran and Iranians.

American Dream

pan islamicist video clip

by American Dream on

they were all screaming "ALLAH AKBAR", Allah is great and they all had the fierce pan-islamic green banner.  What is the difference between them and the theocracy?  This is all bogus.  The reform movement just helps prop up the theocracy.


Islamic Centers are Den of Vermins

by mahmoudg on

Islamic Centers such as this and the many in the US are the dens whereby the vermins of Islam gather in.  Make no mistake in that the "infestation of the Arabs" we call "Islam" must be sidelined before we can reclaim our Persia, even if it means the freedom fighting forces of America have to get involved.