What causes amnesia?

According to Prophet Mohammad


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by bxyz on

It is absolutely unbelievable to see such a backward TV program is being broadcasted in our dear Iran...Thanks to the islamic invasion of 1979 and the criminal elements of the non-Iranian islamic repulic.

میرزا چغندر

To Iran_e_abad

by میرزا چغندر on

There is a relatively clandestine movement within Shia sect in order to clean  this sort of ubiquitous garbage off the institution.

Advocates of this movement seem to enjoy an enormous amount of flexiblity in their ideological school of thought.

Rafsanjani, for instance, in his haydays went as far as proposing to shift "friday" so that the weekend in Iran would coincide with the weekend in the industrial world in order to curtail the cut off period in financial transactions.

My remarks here shouldn't be interpreted as endorsing any mulla or, theocratic regime.



Souri Jaan

by kathmandu5 on

We Iranian men are very resourceful and creative when it comes to interpreting things.  Especially when it comes to matters of heart and romance.lol


I am speechless

by Yaasi on

LOL....is this guy for real???? Abeh Raaked???? meaning where? in the swimming pool perhaps???


Good observation Iran-e-abad, BUT

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Your observation about 9 things instead of 7 is right on!  Maybe the idiot reading them on TV didn't check how many there were.

But my friend, the Quran consist of 666 Surahs.  Much of it is pretty clear and cannot be used to oppress or divert attention.  Also, one cannot devote a life time studying only a couple hundred pages.

So, they had to come up with the idea of Hadis. In most Mosques though, Hadis plays a big role during the sermon.

I bet you that of Iranians over the age of 50 (23% of Iran's population) and many uneducated Iranians (probably 40% of Iran's population) do believe in the cherto perts of Hadises they hear.

Thats the problem. 



Any religion that gets institutionalized is subject to decay!

by Iran_e_abad on

When Shah-Ismail (Safavid) changed the official religion of Iran from
Sunni to Shiite overnight, other than the book of GHAVAEDOL-ESLAM
written by ALAMEH HELLI, there was absolutely no scholastic Shiite book
in entire Iran. (refer to the book "Roozegaran" by Dr. Abdol-Hossein
Zarrin Koub)

To create a scholastic foundation for Shi`ism in Iran, Shah-Ismail
sent an envoy and invites Sheikh-Nooredin-Karki from Jabalo-Amel of
Lebanon to establish a Shiite institution for education and propagation
of Shiite thoughts. This did not help. As a result, during
Shah-Soleiman Safavid, Molla Mohammad Bagher Majlessi was tasked to
write a series of book, equivalent of "Shiism for Dummies".

Majlessi wrote more than 100 books in his life of 73 years. He often
paid people for bringing HADIS related to prophet. The dominant
ignorance in the society, along with money provided by the monarchy to
develop Shi`ism, created a foundation for developing HADIS.

This is a typical HADIS scenario. The author has written this HADIS
in such a rush that he did not even check it after writing. It starts
by saying that there are 7 factors that cause amnesia, and then he
comes up with 9 reasons. 

What really bothers me the most is not the HADIS, as we all know
about them and how they were/are generated. What is most bothering me is the
attitude of this guy toward  Iranian peasants. When it comes to eating
mouse poop, he says, well this is not an issue for the civilized
people, however the peasants have to pay special attention,

as if our peasants eat mouse poops. Excuse me who are you to tell our peasants that they eat mouse poop.

Such as shame for the Iranian Broadcast system.



by Souri on

Lol, I laughed loud, so funny ;)

See? there's always a logic behind any old saying!


در مورد دین فرموده شده


دین باید مطابق علم و عقل باشد     بها الله  ۱۸۵۸  میلادی


The sadest part is that there are stil

by پیام on

people that really belive this crap. Even today, in 21st century.

javad agha esfahani

what a shame!!!

by javad agha esfahani on

   They are feeding the people of Iran all this nonsense in the 21st century .


Does sleeping between two women count?

by kathmandu5 on

I certainly agree with 1 of the 7 suggestions for sure.  Every time I sleep with two women, I forget to come home and tell my wife about it the next day. lol


so Mohamad ate Fazleye moosh!!

by mahmoudg on

Was it considered "nogh lo nabat" in those days.  I guess if Arabs eat lizzards, mooshes poop is considered candy.

Farah Rusta

Mirza beetroot

by Farah Rusta on

or shoud I say Afghan (LOL). Where were you darling? Have you come up with a new cocktail lately?




راه رفتن بین دو زن


این حضرت در کدام لابراتوار فهمیدن گشنیز فراموشی می آورد؟واگر راه رفتن بین دو زن فراموشی می آورد خود ایندحضرت والا و بقیه حضرات باید حتما دچار کس حواسی مفرت و حاد بوده باشند چون همه عمرشان  در بین زنان وبچه های بیگناه بودند و مشغول حال با آنان.خوب شد این مجری فیلسوف شاهدهای این روایت را نام برد همه آنها معروف و در سطح دنیا آشنا هستن.البته دنیای کسخولان.

میرزا چغندر

It is not funny any more

by میرزا چغندر on

شاه بی لیاقت میدان را به اینها باخت.رژیم دیکتاتوری و فاسد پهلوی از عهده یک مشت آخوند لچک به سر بر نیامد چون سر نخ حکومتش دست خارجیها بود . حالا هم دوستان اسرائلی ما روی پسر ش سرمایه گذاری کرده اند.
خانواده بی لیاقت پهلوی جائی در عرصه سیاسی و اجتماعی ایران ندارد.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خاک بر سر اینان کنند که این چنین مغز و دل ایرانی را به خاموشی و سیاهی عمیق فرو بردند و ایرانی را زیر توبره توبره گل و خاک نادانی‌ و بیسوادی دفن کردند.

هنوز وقت هست که از این گمراهی،راهی‌ یابیم و به خود و بچه‌های آینده ایران بی‌ اندیشیم.

ما احتیاج به آئین و قوانین عرب برای راهبردن زندگی‌ خودمان نداریم. هر کس که اینجور خرافات خواهد و بخواهد مزاحم دیگر ایرانی شود، تشریف ببرد در یمن و حجاز زندگی‌ کند.عرب پروری‌ ممنوع!

نفرین باد بر انانیکه اینجور بدی در حق ایرانی کردند و ملّا پروراند و نوکر مآب !

به ایران فکر کنیم و به آزادی ایرانی‌.



Medical community can hang it's gloves on Alzheimer.

by پیام on

It's all cleared now by TV peyghambar.


the WORTH thing

by amirkabear4u on

about IRI's islam is that they can link anything to this religion and no one is brave enough to argue with them.

Ari Siletz

makes sense, baba

by Ari Siletz on

چون اگر در حین اینکه موش در حال تغذیه است به طرف او رفته تا پس مانده‌اش را خوری، موش فرار میکنند و در نتیجه "فرار موشی" حاصل گردد.

Bee Deen

Organic NUTritionist

by Bee Deen on

You should know better....in Mohammad days they didn't have Whole Foods Market, so they searched for the wholest of the foods they could find.  Mooshe's poop was abundant and there thy find thy food.

Bee Deen

Aslan Khandeh Nadareh

by Bee Deen on

Az in cos o Shera too GhorAn ziadeh. 

Organic NUTritionist

pasmayendeh moosh

by Organic NUTritionist on

What is that? And who should pay special attention to that? I didn't get that!!!

Multiple Personality Disorder

excuse me, I peed in my pants laughing

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I'll go change now


I see how walking between 2 women causes amnesia :o)

by Khar on

just kidding Cost_of_Progress. Don't question me about this, just like the one you asked about "13th Imam" on the other blog :o)

bacheh irany


by bacheh irany on

So...i was eating a sour apple (seeb-torosh) and a cheese sandwich, while reading the writings on a grave stone and walking between my wife and her friend the other day!...WOW...now what was this about? lol...



7 or 9

by onlyinamrica on

I counted 7. Am I right? BTW, I ate too much cheese last night before I went to sleep.


Now I have to change ...

by sobh on

Now I have to change my peeing habit


very informative. thank you!

by benross on

very informative. thank you!

Jahanshah Javid

Badbakht Payambar

by Jahanshah Javid on

... aaberooee baraash nazaashteen.