Top Guards commanders killed

Iran suicide blast kills IRGC top brass

TEHRAN (AFP) – A suicide bomber blew himself up on Sunday at a meeting in southeastern Iran of the elite Revolutionary Guards, killing seven commanders and 28 other people in an attack Tehran blamed on Washington. Several tribal leaders at the meeting in Sistan-Baluchestan province -- a hotbed of Sunni insurgency -- also died in the blast which officials said additionally injured 28 people. The attacker set off his explosives belt as the meeting got underway around 8.00 am (0430 GMT) in front of a gymnasium in the city of Pisheen, near the border with Pakistan, the state broadcaster said. Fars news agency released the names of 35 people killed in the attack and said the bomber struck when Guards officers were meeting local leaders of the Shiite and Sunni communities, adding some tribal chiefs were among the dead. It said that among the dead were General Nur-Ali Shushtari, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards ground forces, General Mohammad-Zadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards in Sistan-Baluchestan province, the Guards' commander for the town of Iranshahr and the commander of the Amir al-Momenin unit.


Mola Nasredeen

"If it's hopeless you have nothing to worry about!"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.

"It's never hopeless, never!" I declared indignantly.

"then read some of the comments, you'll get what I mean" said he.

Darius Kadivar

parchame3rang Don't Worry about My Pills Go Take care of your

by Darius Kadivar on

Incestuous Mother who was Raped by Some Qajar Prince and put an end to Your Aristocratic Lineage. LOL

It's Not because you Lost Your Fortune and Status that that you need to insult me or feel ashamed of YOUR IRANIAN HERITAGE By Brandishing A Artificial FLAG with No Lion and Sun.




If you have a Sister is Just As Good !

Tell Her to Cum ...








ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

I have trouble feeling bad about suicide attacks on IRGC in Iran, considering IRGC has been training people to conduct suicide bombings in other countries for decades. So I'm not really sure how I feel about this, but I can't in good conscience praise a terror group. Even when it goes after the right targets.


DK Jon, don't be so frustrated Azizm.......

by parchame3rang on

take it from me, you need a date....and don't forget the blue pill.

 Believe me it will be good for you. All this time spending on the computer, doing these silly research and posting all these nonsense all over internet,  is bound to make a person lose their cool.

so, Chill out man and don't take youself so seriously.

Darius Kadivar

chogok Jaan But I AM Participating ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Did you even bother to read my lengthy response ? Who said I was advocating an Absolute Monarchy for my Country ? Or Ass Kissing for that matter ?

If Some like this fellow parchame3rang (who has never even written an article on this website or contributed to making it become what it has over the years into an Iranian Cyber Parliment) want's to shuv his parchame3rang Up the Arse of Every Monarchist because he has no sense of humor, that is HIS problem, not mine. Today he will do it with the monarchists, tomorrow with someone who may be a Right Wing and Not a Left Wing to his taste or vice versa.

He is no different than a KKK Coward who under ANONYMITY Shouts and Slanders People for their convictions or opinions but has no courage to do it in the light of the Day ...

I think I have always been clear as to what are the values I believe in as an individual. I have equally denounced the SAVAK or human rights violations in my country during the Pahlavi era or the Qajars as much as I have denounced the current SAVAMA and the violence of the current regime.

But the Republic has as Much Blood on its hands if not more than the  Pahlavi Monarchy.

I believe that a Restoration will allow the Iranians achieve democracy much faster and efficiently than those who advocate Reform of the current Political establishment into what they hope to be a secular Republic.

I also believe that a Republic can actually precipitate Iran into seperate geographical entities because the Kurds may ask for independance then the Balouthces then the Lores and so on or at worst a civil war like in Yougoslavia.

The Monarchy as an Institution and based on the arguments I gave you  is simply an Opportunity for Iranians to achieve two things:

1) Reconciliation and therefore Peace

2) National Unity around a Democratic Constitution.

Nothing stops you to do otherwise to achieve the same two goals. I just claim and offer my assessment of what I think is the best solution and NOT the Ideal Solution.

You want Both the Best and Ideal Solution. Well in the meantime people are dying and being arrested because you have not been able to rally EVERYONE around this proposition.

Maybe you will succeed but Time is Running ... And so will people's patience particularly the parents of those who are either in prisons or who already have lost family members.

I have nothing personal against Moussavi or Karroubi or Khatami other than I don't see what they have acheived to date ?

They may not have my Moral Support but Not my Political support bacause I don't share the same vision of democracy or Iran.

They believe in an Islamic Democracy, I don't.  

Got to go but feel free to comment. Maybe I will come back to this thread later on.







Darius Kadivar

parchame3rang Koocholoo "Shiro Khorsheed" Kooh ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Well You clearly have not read my thread since you are repeating the same Crap as usual.

I suppose SPAIN, THE UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are Totalitarian States ?

But The Republic of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria are Democracies ?

Where do You Live by the way ? The US, CANADA ?

YOU IRANICAN'S Need to Go and Travel outside Your Insular Continent and take a Look at the World as it Really is !

Not the Way YOU Want it to look !

It's Your Bed Time Baby ...




I asked why you do not participate for democracy Darius?

by choghok on

Of course I endorse what I think is right, but I am asking you why you want to change a turban with a crown, the Iranian mentality let Shah to become a tyrant like it made the Velayate vaghih to become a tyrant, do you think if you take in another Shah the problem is fixed? Don't you think it is the mentality of the people that is wrong and needs to be changed? For example the scandinavian mentality is not for ass kissing and party bazi so the king in scandinavian countries are with no political power and there is no bazar or darbar to corrupt his sorroundings. In Iran all people look for loop holes and parti bazi, and unfortunately most of our people are ass kissers and yes sayers, so even if your beloved reza pahlavi comes to power and is innocent as a baby his surroundings would be corrupted in no time and you will have the same mess.


Character assasination ? " Che harfa ye Ghondeh Ghondeh?"

by parchame3rang on

You see DK, I don't have to defend republicanism. It is already a proven form of government. It has its own flaws, but it is as perfect as you can get to a true representative democracy.  You and people like you who believe in "Inherited Leadership" whether it is ceremonial or otherwise need to explain and defend your backward thinking mentality!!!!!!I have no problem getting involved in an intelligent argument, what I have problem with is to argue over some DEAD IDEOLOGY. Didn't you  hear the chanting in Iran. Esteghlal, Azadi, Jomhouri Irani.

Go and research it on youtube. It seems you have plenty of time on your hand.


Darius Kadivar

choghok jaan Be My Guest ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Go Ahead, Who is Stopping you ? ...

Oh Right the same people who installed the Republic in the first place !

Well In that case I am afraid that was not my fault ! 

That's Your Job to convince your own constituency.

I have my own constituency to take care of :








what is wrong with you parchame2rang?

by kharmagas on

DK, was having a very civilized debate with that guy ... what is wrong with you?

BTW, I am not a monarchist ....  


why not solve the problem instead?

by choghok on

instead of changing the turban with a crown why not fixing the main issue and try to educate people in the democratic way of being.

Darius Kadivar

parchame3rang Koocholoo "Shiro Khorsheed" Kooh ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank You for confirming Your Own IDIOTIC Stance by Resorting to Character Assassination rather than arguments to defend your views .

Koocholloo Go Back to Your Mom's It's time to go to bed and leave the table :


No One asked Your Opinion !

Leave the Adult conversation to your parents. LOL

Chogok Was Asking me the Question Politely and I answered him with the same courtesy and as accurately that I could. If you have nothing to say or add to this debate other than personal acrimony towards me I suggest you to Scram Baby !


Darius Kadivar

choghok Jaan Don't Distort My Comments ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Where did you see me criticizing the US or EU political systems ? They are Fit for the countries in Question.

However you seem to wrongly boil down all the EU to Republican States ... 

Also Unlike THE US the EU is NOT a STATE nor FEDERAL STATE for that matter  but a Combination of INDEPENDANT States that co-exist within a common economic entity ( Common Money, Freedom of Circulation of Goods and merchandize BUT Separate Passports) .

There is No Real European Common Policy or Foreign Policy to date even if they are working on it and that there is a Rotating President of Europe which only the parlimentarians vote for not the European Citizens.  The Majority of the European States are as a matter of fact Constitutional Monarchies and also happen to be the most stable political institutions in the European Union. Even the Eastern European Republics born after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union which wish to join the European Community are particularly in bad shape after more than 70 years of an Iron Curtain that crushed their nationalistic and democratic aspirations.


I reiterate my assessment however as far as Iran is concerned ... Calling for the Fall of the Monarchy back in 1979 was a Major Error that befalls on the shoulders of not only the Revolutionaries but also Iranian Republicans ( Secular or Not) and their respective intelligenstias.

To begin with one of the Greatest misconceptions of the Republican movement that thrived in Iran prior and after the Revolution of 1979 was their confusion of two VERY Separate notions: Nationalism on One Hand and Democracy on the other.

If one can credit Mohamed Mossadegh and the National Front of being largely responsible for the Nationalistic sentiments of Iranians at Large, one cannot truly credit him for being an architect of democratic thought or demands. The NAtional Front's major goal was to see Iran be economically independant. It failed however to offer a transparent platform that would guarantee the transition towards democracy in Iran.

This Gap was filled in by Constitutionalist some of whome like the late Chahpour Bakhtiar were also Nationalists and members of the National Party of IRan (which was founded or built upon Mossadegh's intellectual and political legacy).

Unfortunately what enhanced this confusion was the fact that most members of the the National Front ( Forouhars, Sanjabi, etc ) publically joined the Revolution by demanding the end of Imperial Rule in Iran regardless of seeing their own political mouvement be absorbed by the Religious factions and their claims to Power.

Bakhtiar on the contrary was far more pragmatic than most of his fellow National Front colleagues because he was aware of the vacuum that would be created if the monarchy was to be abolished under the circumstances demanded by Khomeiny and other Republican forces ( be them secularist, religious, socialists, left wing or moderate right wing parties ).

From this point of view it is an error to think or try to sell us the idea that the Revolution of 1979 was highjacked by the Mullah's. This was a Highly Popular Revolution to which the Majority of Iranians participated by demanding the departure of the Shah ( Marg Bar Shah) and therefore questioning the Constitution for which their peers had fought and died in order to put an end to arbitrary rule.

The Question here is not to say that the Constitution was a piece of paper that was overlooked by both Pahlavi Kings or the last Qajar Kings. However the drafting of that very Constitution was an achievement in a country where the Shah was a DIVINE RULER. Fom this perspective the Constitutional Revolution of 1906 was a victory in disguise despite the fact that it was crushed by Foreign British and Russian forces with the endorsement of the Qajar Ruler. Yet despite this bloody turnout, the Qajar Shah could no more Rule without justifying its actions upon the Constitution rather than by simply refering to GOD as his Only Judge.

What the Democratic and Revolutionary Forces prior to the Revolution of 1979 in Iran failed to understand was that their very best ally was the Constitution itself. What they should have critically targeted was the biaised interpretation by the successive Shah's of this Constitution ( drafted on the Belgian Model) rather than the King himself.

The Key criticism JUSTLY made against the Shah's policies was the centralization of power in his hands and reducing the Parliament to a useless and merely symbolic entity. The Creation of the Unique Rastakhiz Party by the Shah being the culmination of Power Abuse by an Absolute Ruler.

OUR ERROR as Democrats was to Refuse ANY compromise with the Shah when he was setting back and accepting the people's demands for more freedom and democracy.

Shah Acknowledges the Revolution:


At this Stage had Secular Republicans Remained SECULAR and Not whole heartingly Cheered "Death to the Shah" (like the rest of the population and Religious or Left Wing factions united under the cloak of religion) they would have been in a position to impose their will on the Imperial Regime to Reform Itself, very much like today in regard to the Islamic Republic where the Green Movement is first and foremost demanding its Rights to be respected ( aka "Where is My Vote").

I would even argue that we were in a much more favorable position than the British Monarchy during the Reign of Charles Ist. The latter closed the Parliament and Arrested the elected deputies for questioning his divine Rule:

Scene from Movie CROMWELL : James the First enters Parliment by issueing a Warrant for the Arrest of the members of Parliment who continue to oppose him:

Charles I enters the House of Commons:


The consenquence of this irresponsible action by Charles the Ist led to the bloody Civil War in Great Britian with the Victory of the Republicans who in turn were also tricked into a coalition with Cromwell who then VERY MUCH LIKE KHOMEINY Imposed a Theocratic Republic after Beheading their King.

CROMWELL IN IRELAND Commited Crimes in Ireland which today would be assimilated to Crimes Against Humanity:

BBC A History Of Britain (Cromwell and the Godly Revolution):


Very Much like the Islamic Republic has done with the Kurds or Baloutchis or religious minorities such as the Bahai's or Political Massacres like of Left Wing opposition groups in 1988:

IRI Crimes of 1988


In the Case of Iran and the Last Shah however, the Intelligenstia failed to understand that it takes time to educate people to the notions of democracy and that history has shown regularly that countries that go through a revolution often become victimes of a bloody aftermath imposed by the Revolutionaries themselves towards their own people. The expression the Revolution eats its own people is not exagerated.

How Come all these Intellectuals of 79 who claimed to understand democracy and the sophitistication of implementing it in their country failed to acknowledge the radicalism of the revolutionary movements in history ? 

The Green Movement today in contrast to the Revolutionaries of 1979 have witnessed the "VELVET REVOLUTIONS" in Eastern Europe and as such they now know that an IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC is probably the solution to achieving Democracy by counting on the Civil Movements of peaceful dissobedience that have proved successful in such countries like Poland or Tchekoslovakia or South Africa also faced by tyranical dictatorships like Iran.

Not surprising that they are now finally reaching the same conclusion as the one which Iran's Former Crown Prince has been advocating for years :

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by Darius KADIVAR ( published before the elections in Iran )

What Iranian "Jomhurykhah's" need to understand is that democracy is not the monopoly of a given political institution.

You People Advocate a Republican State. That's Fine with me but then accept your share of responsability and errors of judgment before claiming that you are democrats and others are not.

The Most advanced and progressive Democracies in Europe during the 20th century have been Constitutional Monarchies like Spain, Sweden, Norway or the Netherlands all of which have had Socialist and Left Wing governments which have transformed their societies into much more flexible and tolerant nations.

This is all the more admirable that these monarchies have had an old history of tradition but also a cruel colonial past.

The Belgian Monarchy as we see it today was haunted by a bloody colonial past in Congo and other African countries. So was the Netherlands or Denmark and yet they were able to adapt themselves to democratic change often AFTER A RESTORATION like for Great Britian after Cromwells Death or Spain in recent history with King Juan Carlos.

EACH Country has it's own IDENTITY and EVOLUTION which needs to be taken into account not merely based on the experiences of ONE Generation but Often in the light of A Century as has been the case for Iran in the past 100 years.

That is Why I am an Advocate of a Restoration of the Monarchy and not a Revolution so to speak. I don't claim I am right or that it is the ONLY solution, But given my arguments above I believe it is ONE of the Solutions that we have in hand. To Overlook it only based on political prejudice or misunderstanding of what a Constitutional Monarchy is would be an Error in my opinion.

The Other Option which is just as repectable if argued logically and by taking into account the realities and specificities of our country would be a Secular Republic. But to see it as a long lasting experience You Republicans ( aka Jomhurykhah's) have to display much more coherence and less emotions in your arguments in defense of your system of government than you do today.

You Also need to do what the French call YOUR "Examens de Conscience" in the same way we Constitutional Monarchists have by taking Responsability for your failures and highlight your success' HONESTLY when they occur.

Why ?

Because The Republican Experience ( whether you believe the Revolution was highjacked or Not by the Religious forces) has been a DREADFUL FAILURE on ALL ACCOUNTS  and in nearly EVER AREA in the Past 30 years up to the recent crisis.

That is Why HISTORY MATTERS ! And Why I take an interest at the expense of being accused of living in the Past. Look at the Kids of all these Revolutionaries who are fleeing Iran and asking assylum in the West ... Why are they doing so ? Its because they have realized that their own parents have lied to them. Look at Golshifteh Farahani or Kalhor's Daughter. They are the Future of Iran and DEMAND ANSWERS Not EXCUSES !

WATCH VIDEO ( Golshifteh in an interview about her latest film "About Elly" speaks about the theme of "Lying" both in relation to her role and the situation in Iran)

More Here

So blaming all your problems on the Monarchy, The West, Israel or on Constitutional Monarchists for instance when people at NIAC/AIC claim that We should Not carry the SUN AND LION FLAG is Pure HYPOCRISY and to put it straight Indecent in the face of their own record and failure to predict the current bloodbath in IRan by doing everything to maintain the clerics in Power in the name of a socalled Reformable Theocracy.

My Final Argument is that the Civil Society needs to focus its energy around a common goal: A A DEMAND FOR A DEMOCRATIC PARLIMENTARY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT !

Irrelevant of whether it will be a Secular Democratic Republic or an Equally Democratic Constitutional Monarchy.

Sokhanrani Dr. Bakhtiar be monasebat Mashrutiat :


But to continue claiming that Constitutional Monarchies are Not Democracies and therefore Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi have No Right to express themselves is a Totally Irrational and biaised opinion. Its as if I would reduce the Republican Systems to Pinochet in Chili or Quaddaffi in Lybia ...

I simply criticized the Iranian Republican ( Jomhurykhah's) Movement's Shortsightedness and Responsability in their Failure and NOT the Republican Political System which in itself when practiced and implemented Democratically is respectable.


You Need to Understand that WE HAVE CHANGED and WE need to Undestand that YOU HAVE CHANGED in the past 30 years. And that there should be room for both views to be heard and respected in their own right !

Otherwise We will All be wasting our energies at the expense of the Iranian People we hope to help one way or another in achieving their dreams of Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy. 

My Humble But Firm Opinion,




Dariush so according to you

by choghok on

A union cannot survive without monarchy? So EU or USA does not work and need a Monarchy a la Pahlavi style? No I think that Iranian mentality that needs a leader either as a Shah or az velayate vaghih has to be erased from Iranian mind. The problem started really from the Reza khan when removing feodals he also removed the provinvial ruling and moved every power to Tehran.

Darius Kadivar

And then Some Complain About our GENUINE "SHIRO KHORSHEED FLAG ?

by Darius Kadivar on

And Some people have the Nerve to complain when Iranians display their Identity and Pride for their Ancestoral Flag :


Darius Kadivar

on récolte ce que l'on sème ...

by Darius Kadivar on

revolutionary guard slaps father of martyr


No Comment ...

Darius Kadivar

Taghseer Az Khodeh Shoma "Jomhury" Khahan Ast ....

by Darius Kadivar on

This is What Happens when You Replace the Monarchical institution that served as  the Symbol of Iranian Unity for more than two milleniums by an Irresponsible Republic that imposes its religious doctrine on other ethnic groups ...

What is 30 years of Republican Incompetance in the face of 25 centuries of a Monarchical Institution that for better or worse defined the very nature of the Iranian Identity that this regime and its "Jomhury Khah' ANN TELLECTUALS have been trying to overlook not to say downplay.

Jomhuirykhahee has been the Worst Enemy of Democratic evolution in Iran.  

Thinking they can replace the importance of the Crown and 1906 Constitution in the Iranian Psyche overnight regardless of the consenquneces. HOW NAIVE !

DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Shah of Iran visits Baloutch In Pakistan :

DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Shah of Iran visits Baloutch Minority in Pakistan (1960)


Googoosh & Mehrdad Shenasname Man :


Shah's Last Will :



My Humble BUT FIRM Opinion,




by anonymous111.2 on

I share your sentiments.  Perfectly put.

Mola Nasredeen

The Repeat of Rafsanjani's words when Mojahedins were killing

by Mola Nasredeen on

Hezbollahis and government officials (circa 1360's), this is what he said in his Friday prayer:

"Praise the lord for creating our opponents stupid!" These are his exact words. Many in opposition didn't get the meaning of these words at the time.

Killing pasdars and government officials will not serve the cause of opposition. The ones who are jumping up and down now are reacting emotionally and not wisely. A bunch of "fools" or "Posers", that's what I think.


IRGC had it coming.

by پیام on

My deepest condolences to the families of those who were killed and did not deserved to be killed this way, I mean the innocent ones.


This will not weaken them a bit!

by payamshahfari on

It is nonsensical to think that the government will lose any power as a result of these terrorist acts. In fact they will have the justification to escalate their atrocious attacks on ethnic and religious minorities. Violence IS their game. Wake up and smell the coffee. 


Guess those died

by MRX1 on

are on their way of meeting 72 virgins! It's about time some body blowing away some of these pasdars and bsiijis.


Sepah is Iranian People's

by azadi5 on

Sepah is Iranian People's enemy therefor, I am glad some of their top commanders are killed.


Do not support Jundullah or any other extremist organization!

by choghok on

But did not grieve because of the death of Sepah people, they deserved their faith, and I pray that more Speah leaders follow the same path.